Eternal Academy

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Chapter 4

I thought waking up the next day would come easy to me. But apparently, it took getting drenched in a bucket of water.

I sprang up from the bed, gasping. “What the hell!?” My eyes narrow on the hunched figure laughing. “Matt?”

He held his pointer finger up, clutching his stomach. I waited, shivering slightly until he stopped laughing. Why the heck was the water so cold? “I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.” Then he straightens, eyes widening as he take me in. “Well aren’t I lucky?”

I frown, then realize why I was so cold. I had no clothes on! A squeak leaves me, snatching up the cover I made sure nothing else was on display. Oh gosh, my second day here and I already flashed a roommate. “Why are you in my room pervert?”

He held his hands up, backing up slowly. “I only came to wake you so you won’t be late. I didn’t know you slept in the nude.” He winked. I chucked my pillow at him as he slipped out the door.

“Damn wolves.” I made sure to lock the door before dropping my towel. What time was it anyways? Searching the desk for my schedule my face scrunched up when I found it.

Magic and Mayhem 7:00

Seven o’clock? What kind of prison is this? My last school didn’t start till nine!

I quickly got dressed skipping on the shower. My phone clock said it was 6:48. Rushing down the steps I made a beeline for the front door. The common area was empty so I had to assume everyone was gone. Stepping out the front door, I smacked right into a solid wall of muscles.

“Shit! Sorry.” I look up into the blushing face of Mateo.

I grin. “Mateo? What are you doing here?”

His eyes shift around, hand clutching the strap of his backpack. “We have first period together, I figured...” My smile widens. He figured he'd walk me to class? Oh my heart. Is it still beating?

My eyes rove over his outfit for the day. Light blue shirt with dark jeans. Someone likes the color blue. He looked yummy. For a second, I wondered what he’d do if I dragged him upstairs to my room. The idea was tempting, and had me clenching my legs closed. Get a grip Catalina!

“How nice of you.” I walk down a step, pulling the door closed behind me. “Let’s go shall we?” His nostrils flares, and I watch his cheeks turn a deep red.

He mumbled something, walking quickly down the steps. I was almost in a jog trying to keep up with him.

Magic and Mayhem was located in the main building just like every other class, except gym. We made it just as the bell rang. Mateo moved to take a seat up front, but I guided him to the back. Our professor, a short stubby woman, came in and got straight into the pros and cons of untamed magic.

I zoned out almost immediately, trying not to react to the body heat coming from Mateo. Not to mention he smelled amazing, like new books and mango’s. I don't remember him smelling this good yesterday.

I find myself unconsciously leaning closer to him. Wishing very much I would’ve dragged him to my room. Despite him being kind of nerdy, he was fit. Muscles everywhere, filling out his clothes nicely.

“Ms. Cortez, can you tell me the strongest magic element there is?” I growled in frustration. Can’t she tell I’m checking out this perfect specimen next to me?

Facing the front, I plastered a smile on my face. “Fire?” Mateo choked out something next to me, that sounded strangely like air. “And air?” I added.

Her eyes narrowed to the seat next to mine. “Partially correct, the answer is air. Mr. Beckham maybe next time you should keep your answers to yourself or spend a day in detention.” He shrinks into his seat, embarrassment clear as day on his face. I waited until kill joy turned around and smiled at him.


His gaze flicked over to me, face softening. “Stop spacing out and pay attention.” His demanding tone shocked me, but I nodded. For him I’ll try to stay focused. For the next thirty minutes anyways.


“God, paying attention is so much work.” I leaned dramatically on Mateo who laughed. We were heading to lunch to get our trays. I decided until I was fully in the pack, I’ll eat in the library. And maybe after that I can convince Mateo to eat with the wolves. I still wasn’t sure what group he belonged with and he made no indication that he planned to tell me.

“You only have three more years of paying attention every single day, no pressure.” He joked, smiling at me in amusement. This was his first year here just like me. But unlike me he started with everyone else and not in the middle of the school year.

Sometime between first and second period he started to relax more around me, which I was glad for. Though the blushing still came. It’s like he can’t help it.

I throw my hands up. “I might not make it!” Our laughter was cut short when we entered the cafeteria, Abigail calling my name from their table. “I’ll be back.” He nodded, I jogged over to her. “What’s up?”

Her eyes were glued to Mateo, lust in them. I snapped my fingers in her face, she smirked. “Lucien texted me, he wants to meet you after school when he gets here Friday. He wants to meet at the war games.” Her look was full of pity. The war games? Why would I meet him there? I nodded anyways, making my way back to Mateo.

I didn’t speak again until we were in the library at our table. “What do you know about the War games?” I ask, taking a bite of my fry.

He was hunched over a book that strangely looked like twilight. Pausing on grabbing his next fry, he turned to me. “Mostly only the fae and werewolves play them, why?”

“I’m supposed to meet Lucien there Friday.” I shrug, biting my burger. Mateo watched me, a glint in his eyes.

He shook his head, as if trying to get rid of his thoughts. “That’s not good, do you know how to shift on command?”

My brows furrowed. “I don’t know how to shift at all.”

He paused, putting his book down. “Your parents never taught you?” I shake my head.

“I’m an orphan, never met them.” He clears his throat awkwardly. “Why only the fae and wolves play?”

“The war games were created so the werewolves could release a lot of the aggression they tend to have, but in a more supervised way. Only the fae join because most of them can shift into animals as well.”

I curse, “Why the hell does he want me to meet him there?” What was his game plan? Is that how he planned to knight me in? Throw me to the wolves, literally. The more I hear about Lucien, the more I dislike him.

He shrugs. “The games are pretty pointless though, no team ever wins. Lucien is the team captain for the wolves and Nick is captain for the fae. They’re both evenly matched in skills, neither one ever gets the upper hand. They’ve been going at it for two years now I heard.”

“Maybe he hopes to use me as a distraction.” A new girl could possibly throw off his opponent.

“Maybe.” The bell signaled and we packed our trash. “I can walk you there if you want. When the time comes.” He offered, the tip of his ears tinting.

I loved how easily he blushed. “Thanks, but I got it.” He nodded, but didn’t look happy about my decision. I silently promised I’d make it up to him another time, I hated seeing such a look on his face, it didn’t belong.

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