Eternal Academy

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Chapter 5

Over the next few days Mateo and I fall into a sort of routine. Every morning he meets me outside of my dorm so we can walk to class together. We’d eat lunch in the library, occasionally going over homework assignments, or he’d read while I ate. The only problem is the more I hung out with him the more drawn I felt to him. I’ve even had a very R rated dream involving him and rope.

There was something about him that called to a part of me. A deep connection that wanted to be close to him all the time. I’m not sure how he felt though, he treated me like any other person would a friend. But I wanted to be more than friends, and now that today was Friday I planned to discover his true feelings for me.

Right now I was at the arena to meet Lucien. The arena where the War games are being held was easy to find. It was the size of a schools football field with a high stadium. Not to mention all the cheers and growls that could be heard. I shivered, it was like walking into a zoo.

I can’t believe the school was ok with this. Shaking my head I entered the dome like structure. The stands were filled with people, more than I was expecting to see on a school day. It didn’t take long to notice the fans were mostly girls though. I rolled my eyes, typical.

Standing near the steps it was then I realized I had no idea who I was looking for. I didn’t know what this Lucien guy looked like. Maybe I should’ve taken Mateo up on his offer. My spirits brightened just thinking about him. “Are you lost baby girl?” I did my best to hold in a groan.

“Are you a cliche, baby boy?” I ask, turning around. My head cocks to the side, eyes widening. This male was sexy. Forest green eyes stared back at me. With medium length black hair, strong jaw line, a slight five o’clock shadow, and very kissable lips. Lips I was now envisioning doing very inappropriate things to me. Was he a student or a teacher? Whoever he was, I wanted to climb him like a tree.

A low rumble fills his chest as he circles me. “Ahh, you must be the new girl.”

My face scrunches in confusion, then horror. Oh God, don’t tell me this sex on legs was Lucien!? “Lucien?”

He spreads his arms out wide. “The one and only.” Stepping closer he grabs a lock of my hair. “This is different.” I step back, making my hair fall from his grasp. So far he’s the only one to point my hair out. Maybe everyone else just assumed I dyed it. How else would I have pink and purple pastel hair? No one would believe I was born with it.

I cross my arms, glaring at the man whore. “I was told to meet you here.”

He nods, “I need you to get in uniform.” It was now I noticed the tight wife beater and black shorts he was wearing. Adding more to his sex appeal. The man oozed confidence and gave off an alluring scent. Pine and lemons. But underneath that sexy you can sense the predator, warning you to stay away. Only it was begging me to get closer.

I exhale, “For what?”

“You’re on my team of course.” He winks. Without another word he starts heading down the stairs. I stumbled after him, confused as hell.

“I wasn’t planning to play.” I mumble.

Sparing a glance over his shoulder, his nostrils flare. “You smell...” He shakes his head. “Never mind, if you plan to sleep in the werewolf dorms then you’ll be joining this game.” Ahh, this was the Knighting thing Abigail mentioned.

I shift my neck from side to side, shaking out my hands. “Alright, let’s do this.” The next time he looked back his eyes were full of pride.

The ‘uniform’ he mentioned was merely a piece of cloth they tried passing for shorts, and a sports bra.

I got dressed in the women’s locker room along with Amber, Piper, and the red headed fae from lunch along with two others. The entire time they glared at each other. Damn, these bitches came to play. I haven’t seen Piper since my first day here.

“Good luck out there pinky, Nick is going to eat you alive.” One of the fae girls smirked, shoving pass me and out the door. I shrugged, hell he might not be the only one, considering I don’t know how to shift and playing with a bunch of animals.

Amber walked up to me, patting my back. “You’ll do fine, just don’t touch the ball.” Ok then.

I shuffled out behind her, praying my face makes it out in one piece. I can survive losing a leg or an arm, but my face is my money maker.

We made our way out to the field to stand with the boys. Lucien watched me with a curious look, giving me a once over. His eyes lingering on my legs. I could feel the heat from his stare doing things to my body. I tugged my shorts down more. He snorted, facing the front as the fae walked out.

My eyes zeroed in on the guy in front, a gasp leaving me. If I thought Lucien was sex on legs, this guy was a meal on wheels.

Long silver grey hair pulled back into a neat ponytail at the nape of his neck, piercing grey eyes, and oh my God! Is that a lip ring. I could almost feel my excitement dripping down my legs. His eyes snapped from his glaring contest with Lucien to me. He inhaled deeply, then smirked. What was with these guys and sniffing? Unlike Lucien, he was wearing a light pink shirt and white basketball shorts.

"Hi little wolf.” My eyes widened, I didn’t see his lips move. Did he just speak in my head?

“Nick,” Lucien growls. Nick ever so slowly, drags his eyes from me. “We going to play or you rather eye my teammate all day?” I narrow my eyes at him. He didn’t have to put me on blast like that. But that growl was sexy.

Nick laughs, cracking his fingers. “Let the games begin mutt.”

Someone blew a whistle, and a ball came out of nowhere. Lucien sprang for it, shifting into a large black wolf. At the same time Nick shifted into a golden lion.

I stared, mesmerized at the two. They were huge! And almost as gorgeous as their human form.

The rest of the teammates shifted as well, while I stood there awkwardly. This is great Catalina, what have you gotten yourself into now? The sound of growls and snarls surrounded me. God, where’s a bench when you need one? How many points until the game ends?

From the corner of my eye a golden streak zoomed pass me. Nick was running full speed to the other end of the field, ball latched between his powerful jaws. I watched, fascinated by both the strength and beauty of his beast.

Something slammed into me from behind. I hit the ground with an oof. A rather large red fox looked back at me, a snarl on her face. Without a doubt I knew it was the fae from the lockers. Oh that bitch was going to get it.

I jumped up, running full speed after the red tailed bitch. My legs carried me with a speed that surprised me. I’ve never ran this fast in my life, though I also never run.

Within seconds I was a few inches from the fox, I grinned. Extending my hand I reached out for her tail, hoping to grab it and toss her to kingdom come.

My hand brushed her fur, when something slammed into me. It tackled me, causing us to flip several times due to my speed. I winced when my head smacked against the ground. A heavy weight laid on my chest. Strong paws pinning me down by my shoulders. My eyes opened, coming face to face with Nick the lion.

His hungry gaze scanned my body, as if checking for injuries. Then he cocked his head, letting his tongue flap out. ”I like having you under me little wolf.”

I growl, shoving at his chest. “Get off me pervert!” He grins, or snarls, it was hard to tell with all the sharp teeth. Leaning down he drags his tongue from my chin to my forehead, with me squirming the whole time.

Then the weight was lifted off me when something black tackled him from the side. Lucien. They rolled across the ground, snapping and growling at each other.

Using my shirt I wiped the lion DNA off my face. Damn fae.

The game continued for another twenty minutes, with me trying to avoid the whole thing. In the end it was another tie, much to the crowds annoyance.

I sprinted to the locker room. Changing so fast you’d think it was a competition. The other girls were coming in as I was heading out. Lucien was waiting outside the locker room, a frown on his face. “What?”

He blinked, then sighed. “Just came to welcome you to the pack pup.” I had a feeling he wanted to say more, but he simply turned and left. I shrugged, heading to the dorms. My eyes scanned the parting crowd for Nick, but he was nowhere to be found. Why was I even looking for him? The guy was clearly missing a few screws.

I shook him out of my head. I needed a long bath. Or a cold shower.

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