Eternal Academy

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Chapter 7

When I came to, I was still on top of him. His hand stroking my hair. I bit my lip, I must’ve passed out after that mind blowing sex. Then my head snapped up, remembering the red cord. “What the hell was that?”

He sighs, not needing me to explain what I was referring to. “You wanted to know what I was...” I nodded, encouraging him to continue. “I’m a dragon, the only one of my kind here.” My eyes widen, no wonder he didn’t eat in the cafeteria.

He reached up, rubbing the back of his hand on my cheek. “And you’re my fated mate.” I tried to ignore the feeling of him hardening inside of me. I will give him what he wants, but first I needed answers.

“Fated mate?”

He nods, “A dragon's other half. It's rare we ever find our mated, but when we do we never let them go. They're our favorite treasure.” He watched me with so much intensity in his eyes.

“How long have you known?”

A look of guilt cross his face. “Since that first day in class, when you weren’t paying attention. I smelled you the moment you walked in and knew.” I bit my lip, thinking back to that day. “I would’ve told you sooner but, you don’t seem to know much about the supernatural.” His grin was teasing.

I scoff, “Damn right I don’t.” He laughs, flipping us over. Pulling out long enough to kick his pants and boxers off. He lines up at my entrance then thrust lazily into me. My breath hitches at the feeling,

“It feels so good to tell you, and even better to pleasure you. I’ve been holding out for this moment for so long. It’s better than I dreamed.” He thrust hard into me, making me cry out. Then his words register through my cloud of lust.

“You was a virgin?” He nods, leaning forward to hide his blushing cheeks in my neck. My walls squeezed him in excitement and he grunted. I was this sexy dragon's first? My heart swelled at the thought. Then I smirked, good. No one else got to experience his monster dick.

A sharp bite to my neck make me moan. “I can feel the smugness coming off you.” He says, pulling my leg up and around his waist. Giving him room to go deeper. I moan in ecstasy. He may be a shy blushing nerd, but my dragon was confident in bed and knew how to make my body sing.

No more words were spoken between us as he brought me to several orgasms. The sound of flesh slapping and our moans filling the quiet room.

Four rounds later and we were both getting dressed heading to the common area. Mateo heard my stomach growl and insisted he got something else into me besides his dick. I protested, but in the end he practically forced my clothes onto me.

I scowl at his back as he leads us through the halls. I was a little sore and tried not to show it. But I couldn’t help the slight limp I was now sporting. The twins were going to have a field day.

Mercifully, they weren’t in the common area or the kitchen. Only Abigail sat at the table eating noodles. She raised an eyebrow at the two of us. “I didn’t know you had company.” Mateo ignores her, moving around the kitchen looking for God knows what. I hop in the chair closest to me, wincing slightly. Abigail notices and smirks. “So tell me, are the rumors true? Do dragons have the biggest dick of all supernaturals?” The sound of clutter hitting the floor has us watching a red faced Mateo pick up a bowl. From his ears to his neck he was red.

“Well,” I started, watching my shy dragon. “I certainly didn’t wake up with a limp this morning.” We both laugh. He made some lame excuse about homework he needed to finish. Kissing my cheek and demanding I ate something before rushing out the room. I watch him, amusement on my face.

“How the hell did you get him into your bed?” Abigail demands once we hear the front door slam. “Even the succubus couldn’t get his attention.”

I get up from the table going to stand where Mateo once was. Realizing he had planned to make me cereal. I smile, pouring the cereal into the bowl. “He says I’m his fated mate.”

She whistles, “Damn so he really is off the market. I had planned to shoot my shot eventually.”

I shrug, “Where is everyone? The twins were here earlier.”

“Most likely at the war games, where I thought you’d be.” My thoughts flashed to Nick. Was he playing right now?

I shudder, “I’m never going back to that arena.”

She laughs. “I doubt it was that bad.”

“I was tackled by a lion and a fox.” I whine, making her laugh harder.


Later that night I sit at my desk, doing some last minute homework. I had planned to get Mateo to help me, but other things happened. I blush, wishing we could pick up where we left off.

A crashing sound drew me out of my thoughts. I frown looking at my door. The crashing sounded again, right outside of it.

Walking over to it I yank it open, just in time to see a bloody Lucien stumbling into his room. My eyes widen, I rush over. “Oh my gosh! What happened to you?” I ask, throwing my arms around his waist to help him into the room.

Sparks lit up along my arm, and I tried not to moan at the feeling. What the hell? Lucien flinch away from me, trying to move out of my grasp. “Stop! I’m here to help you.”

“I don’t need your help.” He growls. I snort in reply.

“Too bad, you’re getting it.” Carrying him to his bed, I toss him not so gently on it. Trying not to smirk. Serves him right for making me participate in the War Games. He groans. I take in the multiple cuts across his stomach, frowning.

“Are these from the war games? ” How many did they have a day? When I left earlier half the crowd left with me. Was it just an intermission for them? He nodded slowly. “Do you have a first aid kit?” He just stared, I growl in warning.

“Bottom draw.” He grunts. I rush to his desk, digging in the bottom draw for it. I finally find it buried underneath almost a hundred condoms. Why does he need so many?

“Lay down.” He sighs, but does as he's told, kicking his legs up on the bed. My eyes take in the wounds, trying to ignore how toned his stomach was. Using a spray bottle full of water, I spray the first cut. It starts to sizzle.

“What the fuck!” He roars, sitting up. I frown, turning the bottle around to read the label. Alcohol.

“Oops.” I squeak. He glares at me, laying back down. Mumbling something about bitches trying to kill him. I make sure to press down on his wounds.

By the time I'm done cleaning and bandaging his wounds, he's fallen asleep snoring lightly. I watch, drawn in by the peaceful look on his face. Yawning, I no longer feel like walking across the hall. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sharing his bed, he was a man whore after all.

Slipping next to him quietly, I settle against him. My back pressed against his side. Those sparks returning with a vengeance. I sigh in content, eyes closing as sleep take over.

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