Eternal Academy

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Chapter 8

I woke in my own bed, the alarm going off on my phone. I stretch, loosening up my aching muscles.

Getting out of bed, I feel lighter than usual. I shrug, getting dressed quickly. When I pull my shirt over my head I hiss, feeling a stinging sensation on my neck.

Pulling the camera up on my phone, I aim it at the left side of my neck. There was a huge bite mark between my neck and shoulder. My hands fly up to touch it, shuddering when a jolt of pleasure went through me.

For a second I worry how it got there, then remember Mateo biting me. He must’ve bit harder than I realized. Shrugging, I pull my shirt the rest of the way on. Grateful it covered the bite. Slipping out my room my eyes slide to the door across the hall. I thought about checking in on Lucien, but something told me he wasn’t in there.

In record time I made it to the common area, once again the last one to leave. Mateo was waiting outside the door for me, a pop tart in his hand. I kissed him quickly on the mouth, snatching it from him. “You’re a life saver.” I mumble, tearing into the pop tart. He smiles warmly at me. “Why do we have school on a Saturday?”

“It’s every other week, I’m not sure why though.” We walk to first period together like normal, his hand occasionally brushing my mine. After the fifth time I roll my eyes, lacing our fingers together.

Many students, mostly females, zeroed in our hands. But I ignored them. I wonder if he considers me his girlfriend? Does being mates automatically mean we’re together?

“Yes.” My head snaps in his direction.

“What?” Did he just read my mind?

His eyes shift around. “Yes I read your mind.”

“What?” I hiss. “How long have you been able to do that?”

He smirks. ”Damn he looks sexy.” He quotes, my eyes widen.

“I knew you were reading my mind! How?”

He shrugs casually, “It’s part of our bond.” We reach the classroom and I pull him to a stop, he frowns at me.

“Why can’t I read yours?”

“You need to practice.” He answers, pulling me in the class. My nerd refuses to be even a minute late.

Most of the class I was able to focus and take notes, stealing glances at Mateo. The other half I tried not to fall asleep. Magical classes are boring when you have no magic, who knew? Mateo, like always, gave the teacher his full attention. I was almost a little jealous. “Our next project requires us to work in groups. I also invited a few second years to help with it.” Our assignment was to find a way to combine our magic and work together. For example, a witch will have to work with a shifter. Being able to float and guide him during an attack without crushing him.

He separated us by last names, meaning Mateo and I didn’t get grouped together. I pout at him from the other side of the room, he winks.

I was grouped with a female fae and a male demigod. Unfortunately for them I have zero magic so there’s a chance we might fail. “Meet your mentors.” Four second years walk into the class with the confidence of a teacher. Great a bunch of. Superior assholes. I was surprised to see Nick among them.

He split the second years up, Nick was added to my group. The fae flocked to his side like a magnet. “We’re meant to work with him, not fuck him.”

She snarls at me and he laughs. ”Are you jealous little wolf?” I frown.

“Don’t do that.”

“Do what little wolf?” He asks, arching an eyebrow. I didn’t respond. He knows exactly what I'm talking about, I'm not going to play his little games. “What have you guys gotten so far?”

“Nothing.” The demigod responds. I should really learn their names. I think his was Edward?

Clapping his hands together, he slides into the seat next to me. “Let’s get started then, shall we?”

For the next ten minutes we brainstorm ways to showcase our powers. By the end of class we still had no ideas. Nick sighs heavily, like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. "I’m going to work with you all individually to get a feel of your powers. Ethan, meet me in the library after school, you’ll go first.” Ethan didn’t look too happy about the set up, but he really didn’t have a choice.

The bell rings and everyone packs to leave, the second years leaving first. “Bye little wolf.” I watch Nick go, glaring at his back. How the hell is he able to get in my head? Was that some type of fae power?

Mateo waits for me by the door, grabbing my hand the moment I was within reach. He starts leading us the opposite direction we usually go to our next class. “Where are you going?”

He frowns. “You don’t remember your schedule? We have gym today. Every other Saturday.” He looked thoughtful. “Maybe that’s why they give us classes today.” I groan, I absolutely hated gym. Well any physical activity. Besides the ones that involve Mateo naked of course. I gave him a heated stare, remembering how good it felt to have him inside me. His nostrils flare, eyes roaming my body. I step closer to him, laying a hand on his chest.

“Maybe we can just skip?” My voice was husky.

He shakes his head, pulling me once again. “There’s time for that later.” I should’ve known he wouldn’t be down to skip class. Nerd.

The gym was located in a separate building. We split going to the locker rooms. My gaze found Abigail with a group of girls. I made my way over, stopping when I was close enough for her to notice me. “Catalina!” She grins, pulling me in for a hug.

“I’m so glad you have this class too.” I tell her grinning.

“Guys this is my roommate, and Mateo’s girlfriend.” She pulls me to the center of the group.

One girl gasped, putting a hand to her chest. “Mateo has a girlfriend?” Abigail nods in excitement. “Wow, you must be one lucky girl.” My thoughts drift to Mateo and I’s relationship. Was I considered his girlfriend? Technically he never asked me. But I was his fated mate.

Someone in the group scoffs. It was then I noticed Claire. “She probably bewitched him.”

My laugh comes out short and fast. “You mean what you tried to do and failed?” She glares, stomping away from the group.

The locker room door slams open, a huge lady with muscles stood in the doorway, large horns protruding from the top of her head. Was she a demon? I thought they weren't allowed on Earth? “Hustle ladies, this isn’t social hour.” Many of the girls scrambled around the room quickly.

Abigail grabbed my hand. “I have an extra set of gym clothes you can wear.” I give her a grateful smile.

Since I was a little more curvy than her. Her shorts were extremely short and the shirt was cutting off my circulation. Hopefully nothing involved bending today, or my cheeks were going to be on full display. As it was, the bottom of them were poking out a little.

With no other choice I went through the door the rest of the girls went through. Everyone was standing in a group in the back of the gym. I jogged over spotting Mateo. He grins when he sees me, then frowns when he sees what I'm wearing. With a huff he tugs his shirt off, slipping it over my head, leaving him in just basketball shorts. The shirt reached to my knees, considering how big he was.

“Alright since it’s your first day here I’ll take it easy on you. A hundred laps around the track, meet back here when you’re done.” Groans could be heard as people started jogging off. I took a step forward, when the bite on my neck heated. I clasped my hand around it in surprise. What the hell?

A low growl sounds and I look up, eyes connecting with Lucien’s. His penetrating stare causes a shiver of pleasure to go through me. The bite on my neck throbbing with the pulse of my awakened vagina. Those forest green eyes was doing something to me. I wanted to get closer to him. Throw him down on the floor and ride him like a pony. I took a step forward and he lifted an arm, stretching his hand out to me.

Someone grabbed my arm breaking our connection. I locked gazes with Mateo. “Come on before you get in trouble.” He pulled me along with him. I looked back to where Lucien was standing, only to find the space empty.

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