A True Love Story

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It was supposed to be just a temporary relationship of convenience. He knew that when he entered into it. But he quickly fell in love with her. A true love that he wanted to last, even though he knew it likely would not. This is his love story, and also his ghost story. She used him to make her feel happy, and then she felt she didn't need him anymore, and left him wondering what he did wrong. Share in his feelings of joy, then witness the chronic pain he endures after she suddenly tells he did nothing wrong, but the relationship is over.

Romance / Drama
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The Match

How difficult is it to turn away from true love? How much did it hurt you to leave him? And did you ever consider what your text message would do to him?

You met him, what, about 3 years ago? Perhaps at first you just thought he was a cute, nice American guy that you could have fun with for a while. But it became much more than that, didn’t it? You weren’t supposed to start caring about him, and he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you.

But this was a match made in heaven. An alignment of the stars at just the right time….

He was drawn to you immediately. You checked all the usual boxes:

you were nice…polite ☒
you were intelligent ☒
you were independent ☒
(which had added importance because many of his previous matches were #girlsgottaeat)

you were beautiful on the outside ☒
and you were beautiful in your heart ☒

He compared himself to the characters in #BigBangTheory put into a blender. But you found him interesting, funny, intelligent, and you saw how good a person he was. He could feel that, and he was willing to let down his guard with you. And you knew to be careful with a heart like his….that’s why you asked him if he was okay with entering a relationship that he knew would end someday. You both had your reasons for not wanting to get remarried then, but why not try to enjoy the time you would have together #tothemax? You were honest with him up front: you were willing to love him so long as he understood that the love would stop someday.

And he said #yes! Because a few years before you met him, he rose up from an emotional crisis feeling sick and tired of being afraid to take chances…tired of making decisions out of fear. “Hey, I’ve been #heartbroken before, and I #survived. I’m not afraid of that anymore. Let’s see where this goes,” he thought. #nofear

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