The Court of Love

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Bonus #3

A/N: This chapter will contain information about miscarriages. I have never experienced a miscarriage neither have I ever been pregnant. If any of the information in this chapter is incorrect please let me know, but don't write hateful comments about it. I did my research and found as much information as I could.


Zoilo's POV

It had been a week since Arabella and I told our families and friends about Arabella's pregnancy. We were both glad we didn't have to keep it from them any longer. It felt like weight had lifted off our shoulders once we received their congratulations and blessings.

We celebrated and while we did, the women in the house had already picked sides on the gender. The men later joined. If I had to be honest, I was on the boy side. Having a little me with traits from his mother as well.

He'd take over the business if he wanted to. I'd get to teach him just how my father taught me and about the things I didn't learn from my father that I learned on my own. No matter how much a parent says they don't have a preference on what they would like the gender of their child to be they always will pick a side.

But it didn't mean that I wouldn't be happy with having a daughter. I could imagine her being just like Arabella. Beautiful, smart, and cheerful. They'd be my two most favorite girls, alongside my mother.

I'd allow her to take over the business as well if she wanted to. I'd have to watch any boy that tried to get close to her. But no matter what the gender was, I'd love them just as much.

I stared at myself in the mirror as I fixed my tie. Suddenly, I felt hands caress my back and shoulders. I felt relaxed whenever she was with me, no matter what she did.

I turned to look over my shoulder and smiled at her. She brought her hands down to her sides and I turned to face her. "Good morning Bella," I placed a kiss on her lips.

"Good morning," she smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "You seem very happy this morning." She arched an eyebrow.

I placed my hands on her waist and grinned, "so do you."

"Very," she whispered inches from my lips before pecking my lips. She pulled her arms away my neck and brought her hands to my chest. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"Are you on the menu?"

She lightly slapped my chest, "Zoilo! I'm serious."

"I'm serious as well."

Arabella narrowed her eyes at me and frowned, but quickly laughed. "I can never stay mad at you..." She sighs. "Pancakes it is then. I'll get started on the food while you finish getting ready."

She quickly ran a hand over my tie and allowed her hands to fall on her sides. I let her go, allowing her to leave the room.

• • •

After stepping out of the driver's seat, I helped Arabella step out of the passengers seat. We walked into the building hand in hand. Upon reaching our floor, I wrapped an arm around her waist and held her near me.

I opened the door to her office and allowed her inside. I walked in right after her. She placed her bag on her desk as I stood by the door watching her. "Do you need anything? Are you hungry? I could get you some food," I said.

Arabella smiled, "I'm fine. I brought some food with me." She walked towards me. Once she stood in front of me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down, pecking my lips with hers. "Thank you though."

"I love you Bella," I placed a hand on each side of her waist.

"And I love you."

Suddenly, a knock made me turn to look in the direction of the door. Sefora stood there smiling.

"Sorry for interrupting, but I have some files to hand to Arabella."

Arabella and I let go of each other. Arabella smiled at Sefora. "Thank you Sef," she said and hugged her friend.

"I guess I'll get going. Call me if anything happens." Arabella nodded before turning to look back at Sefora.

I stood out of her office and turned to look at Arabella once more.

My wife.

My beautiful pregnant wife.

I smiled to myself and closed the door behind me. As I made my way to my office I wondered how I had gotten so lucky at finding a woman like Arabella. I snapped out of my thoughts when my personal assistant spoke.

"Good Morning Zoilo," she gave me a toothless smile.

"Morning Ms. Foster," I smiled back.

About a month ago, I had requested to do job interviews for my personal assistant. Ms. Brooks, my previous personal assistant, had recently gotten engaged and was planning on moving in with her fiancé. I wasn't going to stop her, even if she was a big help with handling my business needs. She deserved to be happy and I was glad she was, with all honesty. I just asked that she'd find a suitable replacement before she left.

Three days after the party, Ms. Brooks had finally found a suitable person to take up her spot. To my surprise it was Veronica.

"Do I have anything pending today?" I asked her.

"Three potential deals. I placed the files on your desk."

I nodded my head and stepped into my office.

• • •

Arabella's POV

I sat in my office reading through my emails when I suddenly felt a sting in my lower back. I slightly pushed my chair away from my desk and arched my back. I rubbed my lower back, but it didn't help. It somehow made the pain worse.

I groaned at the pain and began to breathe heavily. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

I took slow deep breaths but the pain was still there. I felt tears well up in my eyes and I immediately grabbed my office phone. I dialed Sefora's desk number and hoped that she would answer.

One ring...

Two rings...

Three rings...

"Everything okay Arabella?"

"Sef- oh god," I groaned and leaned forward. "Please come here... please."

I hung the call, not being able to talk much longer and balled my hands into fists. I felt my heart beat race. The baby...

Suddenly, I heard the door of my office open and hurried footsteps making their way towards me.

"Arabella! What's wrong?" Sefora asks frantically.

"It hurts," I sniffled. I hadn't realized I was crying. "My back..."

"Breathe Arabella breathe. Can you walk? We need to get you to a hospital."

I shook my head. I knew that if I tried standing I would just fall down to the ground. Then I remembered I had placed a heating pad in my bag. I told Sefora and she found it within seconds. She helped me place the pad on my lower back and held my hands as I tried to focus on taking slow breaths.

Within minutes, the pain lessened.

I sighed and continued taking slow breaths.

"Do you feel better?" Sefora asked.

"Yeah... thank you," I gave her a weak smile.

"You scared me there for a second Arabella. Are you sure you're okay? I still think you should go to the hospital."

"I need to calm the clinic first. I don't want to show up and have it be something that's normal."

"That didn't seem like normal. What was that anyways?" She asked.

"I honestly have no idea. It felt like one of those cramps where you feel like you can't move but you're dying of pain."

"Those are the worst."

I laugh, "yeah tell me about it."

"I'll call Zoilo while you call the clinic," Sefora stood and began to make her way to the door.

"Wait Sef." She stopped and turned to look at me. "Don't tell him about what just happened. You can tell him I don't feel good but don't tell him about how bad it was. He's got a lot on his plate and I don't want to add onto it."

Zoilo can't know. He has way too much to worry with the business itself and on top of that the baby. I know he'd put our baby and I first, but this is something I can handle. I will tell him later, but not now... Right now I have to worry about the baby.

"But Arabella he's your husband and the child's father..."

"Please I'll tell him later just not now. I'll go see the doctor tomorrow. Just please don't tell him," I beg her.

She gives me a worried look before slightly nodding her head. She turns around and walks out of my office. I sigh and lean back against my chair as I dial the clinic.

After two rings, a nurse answers the phone. I ask her to transfer me to my doctor and thankfully she isn't busy at the moment. I thank the nurse before she transfers me. I wait for her to answer and finally she does.

"Mrs. Venditti what can I do for you?"

I explained to her what had just happened a few moments ago. She explains to me that during pregnancy ligaments loosen from pregnancy hormones. This then causes core muscles to work harder to protect the spine and pelvis.

"That could be one of the reasons why. How did you lessen the pain?" She asks.

"I used a heating pad... will it affect the babies health? Will the baby be okay?" I ask worriedly.

"Well based on my knowledge its normal for this to happen so your baby should be fine. I suggest you make an appointment as soon as possible to make sure."

"I will, thank you doctor."

We said our goodbyes and she transferred me to another nurse so that I could schedule my next appointment. Thankfully they had a slot open for tomorrow. I set up the appointment and hung the call.

• • •

Zoilo’s POV

The hours went by fast and before I knew it, I was making my way to my car. Arabella decided to leave early since she wasn't feeling well. I offered to take her home, but she said it'd be best if I stayed so I told Sefora to take her home and have the rest of the day off.

I was worried about her all day. During our last visit at the clinic, I learned it was common for pregnant women to feel nauseous in the morning. Even if it was common, it didn't lessen the fact that I worried about Arabella.

I felt bad that she'd have to go through this for nine months. Nine months.

I sat in my car and turned the ignition on. I grabbed my phone and sent Arabella a text letting her know I was on my way home. I placed my phone back down and drove home.

I missed her.

• • •

I stepped into the kitchen and placed my keys on the kitchen island. I heard the television from the living room was on and called Arabella, but there was no answer. I removed my suit jacket and undid my tie before placing them on a nearby stool.

I walked into the living room and saw that she was in her pajamas with several different types of food laid in front of her in the table.

As if sending my presence, she turns and looks in my direction. Her eyes widened, "I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in!"

I smiled, "it's okay. I'm just glad you're okay. How are you feeling?" I sat next to her and rubbed up and down her back.

"I felt nauseous this morning which is normal. Then while I was working I suddenly felt pain in my lower back. That's why I wanted to go home. When I did, I called the clinic in case it was something serious, but they said that lower back pain is a normal thing during pregnancy." I frowned and placed the arm that rubbed her back around her shoulder. I pulled her towards me.

"I'm sorry you have to go through this Bella," I kissed the top of her head.

"But I feel better now that you're here," she smiled and leaned onto my chest.

"Do you want to make an appointment for tomorrow?" I asked.

"I made one before I my office."

I nodded. Even if she would have told me she was fine I would've made the appointment. I had already made one before stepping out of my car.

Arabella wrapped an arm around the front of my torso and I placed her legs on my lap. I stared at the bags and containers of food that laid on the table in front of us.

I chuckled, "how much did you eat?"

When I didn't hear her reply, I looked down and saw that her face was bright red. "Just a bit," she bit her lower lip as she stared at the bags and containers of food. I could tell she felt embarrassed which was something she didn't have to feel.

"I'm not judging Bella. Eat all you need to eat. Are you still hungry?"

She took a second before nodding. I smiled and kissed her cheek. "What do you want? I'll feed you."

"I'm not a baby," she frowned.

"Of course you aren't, but you're carrying our baby and I want to make sure that both of you are well taken care of."

She sighed, "I know. I'm sorry... it's the hormones."

"Don't apologize, ever. Now what do you want to eat?" I asked.

"Uhm... I still haven't finished my ice cream."

I grabbed the tub of ice cream and began to feed her. We spent the rest of the evening watching Netflix movies Arabella picked as I continued to feed her.

By the time ten o'clock hit, Arabella had fallen asleep. She sat on me with her head buried on the crook of my neck. I secured my hold on her and slowly stood up, making sure not to wake her up before making my way to our room.

I laid her gently on our bed and tucked her in. I went back downstairs to clean and went back upstairs once I had finished. I showered and dressed myself in only my boxers. I got into bed and pulled Arabella into my arms.

I kissed her forehead and gently rubbed stomach. I smiled to myself at the feel of her slow growing belly. I wanted to watch him or her grow. I wanted to meet him or her.

I wanted to see Arabella smile every morning at the thought of our child. For her to rub her stomach and whisper loving words to our child. For us to finally hold our child in our arms.

But no matter how much I wanted that future for us, I didn't know...

She didn't know...

We didn't know...

That after tonight our world would slowly begin to fall apart.

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