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Adolescence, A time of awakening, the young book worm Sasha realizes this when seeing Smokie, her brothers friend and a neighborhood boy who frequently hangs out at her house, stirs up something with in her that shes only read about in her romance novles

Romance / Thriller
I.K Scott
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Chapter 1

…As ten year old tilly came bounding through the house door, she was greeted with the scent of marijuana and home made pizza, the whole house was alive with movement, the mandem, the guys from the Block we where they usually were spread like flies throughout her house none of them lived there but they might as well have., as she bounds through the front entrance she tosses her backpack on to the spiral at the bottom of the stair case,

she skipps forward and turns left into the kitchen, whapp! tilly stumbles back ready to let who ever walked into her have it, did they not hear her when she came in but, as she raises her head and opens her mouth to say what the fuck,

she locks eye with him his deep brown iris reflecting splashes of amber and gold in the sun light shining in from the open front door, she walks right into him! THE ONE SHE CANT KEEP OUT OF HER DREAMS!

she bites her lip and can feel the heat rising from her gut into her chest and lungs, tighting restricting her air flow causing her to feel light headed the goosebumps forming on her skin from excitement as she tries to play off her stupor,

she tries to slow her breathing as she mutters a quick sorry she can feel her cheeks getting hot.

soft shordy don't worry about it yo mums put up some pizza for me i gotta deal wit something quick"’

’ohh god she thought as her hear race quickened he sounds so sexy, his deep voice vibrating through the air, made the hair on the back of her neck stand up and make her want to vomit at the same time , As she looked up and down at this perfect specimen her heart skipped a beat or maybe played an extra,

her eyes fell on the bulge in his grey track pants, and stayed there until her mother Michelle asked her if she was hungry. "Sure mum what did you make"

″ ya na weddy weddy”

oh my god momm stopp

" ohh shut up you love it” she sings as she does a off key little booty shake, while cutting the pizza.

Mom stop,that is so embarrassing,

" shut the fuck up im a sexy fucking bitch!" she wines down to the floor and back up"

" oh my god mom your not wearing underwear"

"so fuck off"

tilly quickly glances at silo

SILO chuckled, and tilley quickly shot to large of a smile back at him before whipping her head away from his direction so he couldnt see her stupid expression he made her so giddy she was pushing her lips together to stop the smile but the smirk was peaking through, he put his arm around her and

" yo mums can i come back tonight"

"shit lil nigga if your coming back you better bring me some weed"

and this guy this neighborhood this kid who spent all his time in my house, who found joy in my mother like she was his own started cracking up

"no problem mums"

and he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a big bag of weed and leaves a handful on the table for my mom, tilly thought to her self that he must love her mom to.

and that made her feel closer to him, though in reality tillys mom would ride out for the mandem like they were all her kids. He smiled and laughed as he left the nuggs on the table

"that good mum?"

" yess you dun know haha"

"Godd she was so much! he smirked at that and looked at tilly, and his smile could kill, his teeth were white straight and perfect he has the two bigger front teeth like people with spaces have, only he has no space in between his, he had heart shaped lip thick and juicy a perfect match to his full suck able bottom lip, he had a scar on the left side of his mouth she wondered what from, though not for long, because she was distracted by glide of his hand across his chin, i would lick him she thought, she giggled out loud at the absurdity of her thoughts he made eye contact and laughed with her and his laugh, ugh his laugh had the base of a baritone with such a melodic sound she could easily daze off listening to it.

The mandem would spend a lot of time in her house. they all loved mom, she was one of those down with it white lady’s you know, kinda like the den mother of the block.

he pulled out the kitchen table chair and sat wide legged while slightly leaning back he extended one leg further than the other .

it brought tillys attention back to him from her thoughts, as he reached down to slightly pull up his baggy pants, not to get them around his waist, more so to get them from under his foot,

as he did he came to rest his forearms on his knees and was now leaning forward

she watched him lick his lips and slide his hand into his pocket while leaning back and pulling out his phone and as he lifted it to his ear, he flipped it open his strong jawline moved tightening as if he was mad,


"look away she thought hes going to know your staring at him"

so tilly glanced at her mother whos eyes mether own a feeling of embarrassment washed over her mother looked at he knowingly mother knew, she was no dummy.

tilly's attention was again drawn back to silo as he was on the phone

"what do you mean guy get punchline and oz were riding"

" the twins did what?, okok nuff said faward"

Tilly's eyes landed on where his shirt fell against his chest, revealing the chiseled shape of his pecs that came from fighting, his muscles bulging, her eyes followed his muscles traveling to his shoulders, wide and sturdy they were shaped like a football players with his gear on" fuck she thought what would it feel like to jump into his arms, and again she was off in another day dream about him,

him walking towards her the way his voice sounds as he calls her shorddy, telling her come here his presence would be thick and draw her in his movements would be on point a arm behind the base of her back griping her pear shaped ass as he pulled her into him she would release a small moan parting her lips to open up to him.he had every thing she wanted and everything on him sexy,

he had the veins in his neck and for-arms running up and getting thicker when he moves. His strong jawline defined more so when he was irritated or mad, he was the perfect type muscular t with veins running the length of his arms,

strong jaw and muscular chest. and i just wanted to trace each vein up to his shoulder across to the nape of his neck sliding up toward his scar before gliding my thumb across his lips, and biting softly on them, him grabing my wrists slideing down my arms to my waist line pulling me into him, a grunt escapeing accidently because he wanted me so bad.

her mother leans in and whispers "i do not want no grandchildren"" tilly gasps aloud, and silo glances up from the floor, shit! did he hear her? fuck shes so embarrassing i wish she would shut up sometimes.

my mom had a big mouth, she was also inappropriate, but like i said she is a rider.

she saunted back over to the stove, and i looked away to see if silo had heard.

but he was in his conversation and it looked heated, he touched her waist as he walked behind her to grab his stuff from the couch,she got chills looking at him as he licked at his lips,

she imagined closing the distance between him and her swiftly crossing the kitchen, wrapping her arms around his neck stepping on her tip toes, tilting her chin up to meet his, and pulling him into her,

she imagined the softness of his lips as she would press into him warm enveloping her own, she imagined he would kiss her hungrily, pulling her into him as she jumped and he lifted her off the kitchen floor

griping her ass sliding his hands aggressively up her spine to the base of her neck stopping to push me into him more my breath was shallow and my mother threw a dish towel at me. INTURRUPTING MY FANTASY ABOUT HIM walking her to the couch, , she wanted him, but she was only 13 well 14 soon, he was 16, AND DIDN’T GIVE HER THE TIME OF DAY, even on the nights he crashes in her living room. The first time she had awoken to find him sleeping and she had been thirsty and went down stairs to the kitchen for a water bottle, when she saw him she crawled up on the the couch with him and wrapped his arms around her torso that night she slept deeply, that was the first time she crept down to sleep with him i was sad to awaken the next morning to find him gone.

I was so excited then it began to happen frequently, the mandem as usual would be over drinking smoking chillin and most would leave other found places to crash.

silo did not always fall asleep there if he did it was usually because they drank to much or just got tired. and everytime I seen him sleeping I would slip down stairs after mom fell asleep, and lay with him, a few minutes some times others i doze off while rubing my arm with his fingers, one time i lightly kissed his cheek. this would happen a few times a month since the first time after my 14 birthday and with summer around the corner,

i thought less of him and more of boys who actually paid me mind but i still caved his attention. one day after about 2 months of not seeing him my mom has a party underage overage everyone was there and of course silo came drank danced with older girls and passed out after the party died down i went to him and i picked up his arm and like usual wrapped it around me

but when he wakes up he quickly jumps up off the couch and leaves through the back door, the last time she opens her eyes as he was walking out and he made eye contact with her ,and says your to young, as he slid the back door closed and left, maybe that why Kali felt so nervous seeing him now, she had to figure out how to make him notice her as more than the young clingy girl.

For now she was saving one of many mental pictures she had of him, while wondering if she would ever get a chance to be with him. When he sucked his teeth and swore into the phone ′yo fuck that lets body him i have the machine its at half’s ima grab it and meet you″, yep she thought hes a thug he has to see her every other guy notices her she has short curly hair enough to get the attention of all the boys she came across,

he is to sexy as she moved her eyes down again she stopped to admire the strong veins in his neck, they were not bad,

not like old white woman legs, no

its more like hes so sexy it has to come out in other ways so instead of blood pumping those veins they just hold his sexyness, could she be in love, she had dreams about him ever since the second time when she cuddled up to him and he wrapped up around her before he woke up and took off apologizeing as he tucked hi dick into the waist band of his pants. He was walking towards the door before he hung up as he got to the door he called out i gotta deal with some thing mum ill be back. ′ okay baby boo’

nows her chance to catch him before he meets up with his friends but by the time kalli got out of the front door he had disappear must have been picked up she will see him tonight if he sleeps here though she thought.. and she grabbed some pizza and headed over to he cousins next door.

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