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+ Chapter Four

The next morning, a fleet of military vehicles pulled up to their home. Along with the governor of the fourth faction and his personal guards. There was a knock at the door. Liam opened it and found the governor outside smiling disturbingly. As if Liam and Megan leaving was the best thing that had ever happened since the fraction was created. Like he was enjoying their suffering. The man’s name was Kyle. He held out his hand and said, “It’s time Rodríguez. Hand over your keys. Time’s a-wastin’!”

Liam was fuming.

Of course, Kyle was going to be a jackass today.

Megan was already in a fragile emotional state as it was. He didn’t need Kyle to provoke her. Who was Liam kidding, he was also in a fragile emotional state. But while Megan was on the verge of tears, Liam was on the verge of attacking the next person that looked at him the wrong way. Liam refrained from handing Kyle the keys. “I will give you the keys when everything is packed.”

Megan started walking down the stairs with a couple of her bags. Liam turned and grabbed them from her. Kyle whistled at Megan and said to her, “you must be excited.” Megan ignored him and grabbed a couple of other things by the door and started to walk out with Liam, walking past Kyle.

Kyle wasn’t happy that he was being ignored. He muttered something in a grumble. Then suddenly Kyle reached out, grabbing Megan’s arm, and throwing her back into the wall next to the door. Shocked, she screamed out and hit the wall with a resounding thud that seemed to echo in Liam’s ears. She looked at Liam in fear.

This was the straw that was going to break his control.

Liam dropped the bags he was holding and pushed himself between Kyle and Megan, putting his hand on Kyle’s chest, pushing him back. He was furious that Kyle put hands on her, let alone threw her into a wall. Liam knew his face was emitting a deadly glare and he hoped to everything in the universe that Kyle took the daggers coming from his eyes as a threat and wouldn’t take it further.

Kyle sneered at Liam and mocked, “I wouldn’t do that. Look what happened the last time you let your girl ignore a superior, and you got involved.” Liam scowled at Kyle in a threatening way. Apparently Kyle wanted to test how far he could push him until he snapped his neck. His threatening gaze was not enough to back him off of Megan. This wasn’t a game that Liam had time for.

Kyle chuckled and said “Didn’t think that through did you? Thought since you were able to sneak into the 4th fraction you would have it made. Huh…... Just know this Rodríguez……. I didn’t like you from the start. And I’m fucking glad you both showed up to my party the other night, or else I would have bever gotten the pleasure of seeing you leave.”

Liam digested what Kyle said quickly.

He was the one that poisoned Megan with the manmade virus. He was the one that made her sick.

The rage Liam was already feeling grew. He was about to snap. Liam yelled, “The fucked did you just say?” Liam pushed back against Kyle, shaking him a bit and making him release Megan from being pinned to the wall.

Kyle said “You heard me. But don’t be a stupid heathen now. I know it’s hard to use your brain but If you hit me, I can kill you right now. And I can’t tell you how much I want to do that.” Kyle smirked at Liam as he said the last words as if he was laying a honey trap.

Liam held him by his shirt collar. He stared him down in a threatening way, clenching his jaw in rage. It took every ounce of his control to not kill the bag of human waste in his hands. He wanted to see him scream out for mercy. He had poisoned Megan. He was the whole reason this all happened. He was the reason that Megan died. He killed his girlfriend, and now it took everything he had to not do the same to him. He wanted to kill him slowly, tear him limb by limb for making Liam feel like his world was shattering… to take Megan’s life away literally in both senses of the word. His arms shook... Losing control. He knew if he swung he wouldn’t stop.

“Liam! Stop! Please!” Meagan pleaded from behind him. She sounded desperate and terrified.

Liam heard her but could only see this disgusting excuse for a human in his hands smiling at him as if he was mocking him.

“Liam! Please! I cant… I can’t lose you. Please let him go.” Megan’s voice was cracking. Liam could tell she was on the verge of tears, panicking. He could hear the fear in her voice.

He shook his head and dropped Kyle into the rocks. He turned to Megan. She was shaking. Her eyes looked huge. Massive terrified, desperate orbs, brimming with tears looking at him as if he was about to disappear. He looked over her body quickly looking for any injuries. Satisfied that he didn’t see anything pressing or a clear injury, he moved to her side, moving his arm around her and pulling him with him past Kyle. He reached down and grabbed the bags that they had both dropped and started to usher her to the car. He knew she needed more. She needed comfort. But Liam was not in the right headspace to calm her down. He needed to keep his entire focus on keeping his anger in check and getting them into those damn vehicles.

As they approached the large, black vehicles, Liam looked at a man dressed in military attire and asked, “Which one?” The man opened the door to the middle vehicle, moving his arm as if ushering them into the seats. Liam said, “Pop the trunk?”

The man nodded and the back trunk opened. Liam left Megan’s side and walked around the back and put their bags in. The man that opened the door walked around and watched Liam. He said, “Need some help?”

Liam looked at the man. He was white, with dirty blonde hair cut down short in a square shape buzz cut. He had dark blue eyes and was built like he lived at the gym. He was the same height as Liam was and despite the man’s obvious bulk, Liam did not feel threatened. Liam sighed and said, “ I think I can handle loading these bags in. Thanks.”

The man didn’t leave. He nodded and put out his hand for Liam to shake. “I’m Scott. I’m the head of your security.” Liam looked down at his hand. Pissed as hell. Not at this man, but at the one standing in his doorway. Right now Liam couldn’t keep his anger for Kyle separated from any other aspect of what was currently going on. Scott saw Liam’s line of sight and said “I get it….. I do. We can save introductions for later.”

Liam nodded, shaking himself realizing how rude he was being. “I’m sorry man… I’m just …… seconds away from my breaking point…... And I still have more shit in the house to get.”

Scott nodded saying, “I can have my men help you.” He nodded to the men around the vehicles. Then motioned with his hand towards the house and a group of them started to move towards the front door.

Liam watched the men move and looked back at Scott and said, “Appreciate it.” Scott nodded in response. Liam then looked at Megan who was visibly, still shaken up. He said to her “I’m going to get the rest.”

Megan looked around at the men and vehicles panicked. Then looked at the house as if it was on fire. She stuttered, “W...wait… I ...I...I want to go too… just to sure I don’t miss anything.”

Liam sighed, losing his patience. Again, he wasn’t mad at her. He was mad at how close he was to breaking. That he let Kyle get under his skin. And that the fuck threw Megan into a wall. Just thinking about it reignited the little bit of control that Liam had gained back. He knew Kyle was still standing at the door. He wasn’t going to let Megan walk past him again. He wasn’t going to willingly walk her within grabbing distance of

Kyle so she could be assaulted again.

However, she looked distressed. He also knew that he didn’t know which boxes to take. She had done all the packing while he was trying to deal with his anger the night before. He needed her to tell him what he needed to grab. Scott must have noticed Liam struggling with what to do. He said “I can put a security team on her if you’d like. They will keep the governor away. They are legally allowed to intervene.”

Liam sighed and smiled looking back at scott. “Well shit. How do I get their job?”

Scott chuckled at Liams remarks and smiled back at him. “You seem like you’d make a good soldier. I’m sure you will make a good governor as well.”

Liam’s smile faded back into his angry scowl and said “We will see…. In the meantime, yes. Put a team on her….. If that fuck tries to put hands on her again…. I won’t hesitate to snap his neck.”

Scott looked at Liam, unfazed at what he had just said. “Well, my job is to get you to the Sorrows alive, so we can’t let you kill the governor. We will keep her safe.” Scott called over two of the guys standing by the driver’s doors of two of the vehicles in the front. They both walked over to his side and waited for him to speak. “You guys have the sparrow. Don’t let four touch her.” The men both said copy and moved next to Megan’s side. She looked at them as if they were giants. Terrified. She looked back at Liam in shock. She looked like she was trying to ask him if he had gone mad with her eyes.

Liam looked at her and said sternly, “You’re ok. Let’s go.”

The four of them walked in. The guards that had walked in before were blocking Kyle from Liam by creating a human fence between them. But that didn’t stop Kyle from mocking them from the other side. Liam tried his best to ignore him. Tried to tune him out.

They walked into the main entryway. The five men that had been sent in previously, and created a human fence between Liam and Kyle walked in behind, looking around as if waiting for a command. One of them said, “Which ones are going?”

Liam pointed out the big bags that were by the door. “These are going… I think there are a couple more. I will put them here by the stairs.” The men nodded and reached down to grab the bags and boxes Liam had pointed to.

Meanwhile, Megan walked the house with the other men. She was running around the house as if she was in a race, and the two guards were trying to chase her down. Eventually she sighed, stopping in the loft, looking at the guards. Liam watched the interaction from the downstairs living area. She muttered, “You guys are really attached… do you have to be so close?”

One of the men said, “We are just trying to keep you safe.”

She said, “In my own home?”

The other man said, “Just from the governor. One of us could monitor him if you would like. Run interference.”

She nodded, “I think I would prefer that…. I…. I don’t think you mean me harm…. But I don’t know you.. I … you… are making me nervous.”

The first man that spoke said, “Sorry governess. That was not our intention. We will try to give you some space.” He nodded to the other, who turned and went down the stairs to stand at the door to watch Kyle. The other put his hands up and backed up two large paces. He said, “Is this a better distance?”

Megan nodded and hesitantly said “Yes, I think… I think so.” The man smiled at her. Usually that would make Liam a bit irked. But for whatever reason, he liked this man. His smile to Megan seemed genuine. Like he was really trying to make her feel better and understood she was flustered. She started to walk around the room at a slower pace. Liam took that as a sign that he could start moving things outside.

After Liam took a box out the door, he noticed that Kyle pushed his way in. The guard that had been watching Megan instantly blocked Kyle’s path. Liam chuckled, grinning. He was going to like this.

When he returned back to the house, he watched the guard. Kyle was trying desperately to follow Megan around the house, calling out to her. Even daring to catcall her. Liam snarled, sending daggers in his direction. The guard that was keeping Kyle from Megan looked bored and annoyed. Kyle kept trying to pass him and he was quick to stand in his way, pushing him back. Liam stood in the doorway and watched the interaction. It was amusing to see Kyle so flustered. Desperately trying to to get to Megan, trying to get her attention but didn’t have the power to move past the guard. The expression on the guards face made Liam chuckle. He could watch this all day and be thoroughly entertained.

But what shocked him the most was that Megan seemed to feel safe enough that she was ignoring him too. She walked around the house as if Kyle wasn’t even there. It stunned Liam.

This might not be so bad after all.

He should have gotten a bodyguard for Megan sooner.


When Megan was done going through the house she walked up to Liam in tears. She said “I never thought… a house would mean so much to me.”

Liam pulled her into him and kissed her forehead. “We will make new memories where we go next. What did you say to me last night? This is a new chapter in our book?” She nodded into his chest.

She sighed and seemed to compose herself. And then stood up tall. “A new beginning.”

Liam nodded at her, in love with her for being able to go from tears to strength and confidence so quickly. She should be the governor not him. He had the strength to lead people. He had so much anger, he would make a better dictator. Liam sighed, at least he had her. He knew that she would help him.

This could work, if they worked together.

He looked down at her. “Ready to start that new beginning then?”

She nodded. “Let’s go.”

They walked out to the vehicles. They saw their neighbors watching from the front yard. Some looked shocked, others looked disgusted, some looked scared. Overall, the reaction was negative. It was so disheartening to see the neighborhood flip on them so fast. Neighbors that they used to celebrate with, laugh with, talk with, help each other out with things, now looked at them as if they deserved what was happening. That they were lower than dirt. Like they were happy they were leaving. How could people treat others like this? Switch their opinions so quickly without talking to the people in question? It was sorta terrifying really. Liam didn’t have time to think it through. He was still angry from before, their looks kept him mad.

They could rot in hell for all he cared. If they flipped so easily, then they were never good people to begin with.

Liam handed the key for the house to Scott “I trust you can give this to Kyle without drop kicking him. I… cannot trust myself to do that.”

Scott smiled and said “I think we are going to get along very well.”

Liam and Megan got into the armored vehicle, into the middle row. The doors around them shut and then they drove off, leaving their home, their family, and their lives they knew behind them.

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