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+ Chapter Six

“The eagle has been hit.”

Megan’s stomach dropped. Her blood ran cold.

Hit? What did he mean hit? Was Liam dead?

She started to panic.

She held the button back with shaking hands, yelling in a panicked tone, “Is he dead?”

It felt like eons went by before the man responded. Megan could was counting the seconds with the rapid tempo of her heart.

He couldn’t be dead. He couldn’t be.

“Negative. He will survive his wounds”

Relief filled Megan. She felt like she had been floating into space, and his words had brought her back down. Grounded her. She didn’t know what would happen if Liam died. She didn’t know if she would survive, literally and figuratively. The idea of him dying made her heartbreak and made her fear rise at the same time. It was a weird mix of emotions. But now she didn’t need to worry about them. He was fine. He was hurt but ok. That’s all that mattered.

The SUV suddenly flew forward, sending Megan flying into the steering wheel and the walkie talker out of her hand. She screamed at the movement in shock. Startled, and a bit whiplashed, she looked behind her to see what had caused the movement. A beaten-up red truck had hit the back of the SUV and was pushing them into the mountain.

*How was this possible? They were in an armored vehicle. It should be crazy heavy! It would bend that truck in half! And the brakes should be on! This didn’t make sense! *

She realized that these people could have been the ones that shot at them at the compound. They could have come to finish the job. She had to call someone. She needed help. She looked around the vehicle for the walkie talkie, trying to find where it landed when they were hit. After some searching, she found it on the floor and picked it up. She hit the button and yelled, “My location has been compromised. There is a red truck pushing the vehicle. Need backup. Send help. Please!”

The man responded back. “What’s your 20 sparrow”

How the fuck am I supposed to know where I am?

Megan looked at the dash and saw there was a GPS, but when she clicked on the button it was deactivated. She kept pressing it thinking that it just didn’t register her finger the first time. No matter how many times she pushed it and restarted the vehicle, it did not turn on. She quickly thought it through and figured that they didn’t want the vehicles to be tracked. But that did not help her now. She held down the button and said, “Instruct me on how to determine my location without a GPS.”

The man didn’t respond.

“Fuck it. I’m not dying today.” Megan put the SUV in drive and hit the gas, driving it away from the red truck and the mountain. She didn’t know exactly where she was going, but she figured as long as she didn’t go towards those two things, she would be fine. As she turned away from the mountain she saw three more trucks approaching the SUV. She drifted, turning in the opposite direction quickly and hitting the gas again to getaway. She thought the situation through. The whole thing did not seem right.

It was a setup. I knew it. So I wasn’t going to die in that house. I was going to die out here. SO much fun.

She tried to outdrive them, drifting around trying to cause enough dust to create a distraction and make a u-turn and get out of there. Her heart beat was racing. Not only was she illegally driving, but she was also being presued by people that probably wanted her dead. She felt her hands shaking with every action she made and willed them to stop so she could focus. Despite her efforts, the trucks surrounded the SUV. Two more trucks had come in the other direction, trapping her from going anywhere.

Men started exiting the vehicles around her. Some of the men visibly were holding guns and other weapons. She looked around. There had to be a way out of this, there had to be gap between them that she could drive out of. As she looked at the men holding guns, knives and other items as makeshift wepons she realized that even if she did drive, they were close enough to shoot out the tires or throw a knife through the window.

This was bad. This was really bad.

They approached the SUV, surrounding it, and started to yell out to her, tapping on the windows. “Open up! Or we shoot!”

Megan started to panic. What was she going to do? The man on the radio never responded back. They had probably abandoned her. She looked at the guardsman. He was still passed out but breathing in the passenger seat. He wasn’t going to help her. She was running out of options. The men started to get louder and rowdier. If they shot the SUV she would for sure die. Maybe if she talked to them she could negotiate her life. She had been doing a lot of that recently and figured that she should try again. A man started to tap on the window of the driver’s door with the tip of his gun.

Megan’s heart felt like it was going to fly out of her chest. She had never had a gun pointed so close to her before. In her panic and the fear of the gun, she forgot about the fact that the vehicle was armored and opened the door.

“Get on your knees and put your hands up!”

On shaking limbs, Megan got out of the vehilce and down onto the dirt on to her knees, putting her shaking arms up. She looked down at the dirt. She was too afraid to look at these men in the eyes. She could already imagine the hell they could put her through… if they let her live. Out of nowhere, someone took off the baseball cap she was wearing. A bag was placed over her head quickly, and her hands were aggressively pushed down and zip-tied behind her. The person who zip-tied her pulled her up onto her feet and pushed her forward. She hesitantly walked in the direction the person pushed her towards.

She heard voices all around her, they were getting closer, mocking her. Someone grabbed on to the belt around the bulletproof vest and yelled, “What the hell is this? Did the dynasty stop funding your protection? They didn’t make you a vest that would fit? Had to use a belt like a child?”

The man laughed and a few others joined in his laughter. Megan was shaking. Terrified. She didn’t know what to think at this point, just survive. The belt left her body and then they started grabbing at the vest. She felt like she was pulled in multiple directions. That meant that multiple men were grabbing onto the vest.

This wasn’t going to end well.

“You won’t need this anymore… there’s no fun in threatening to shoot you if you are wearing a vest is there?” Another man said. He sounded different than the first man and seemed like he was talking from the right side of her while the other man sounded like he was in front of her. They took the vest off of her and then she heard snickering. She just realized that she was not wearing a bra. And the shirt that she had stolen from the other man was thin white cotton. She was mortified. She waited for someone to touch her. She knew that was what would happen next. She was going to be assaulted. She was kicking herself in her mind for being so stupid. If she had the vest on, why did it matter if she had a bra on? Why didn’t she think this through? Granted she didn’t think that she would be stripped down by a bunch of dangerous men. But still… that was not the smartest thing she could have done.

Suddenly someone from behind her started to push her forward. She hesitantly took a couple of steps. No one was touching her besides the person pushing her by her shoulder.

What was happening?

She kept walking forward until her shins banged into metal. She yelled out in pain. The man behind her snickered, “Should have listened to me. You deserve whatever pain happens to you.”

Megan’s blood went cold. He said those words as a threat.

What had he said that she missed? What was she supposed to listen to? She didn’t remember him saying anything to her. What was he talking about?

A shiver went down her spine. Did it matter what he said? No. What mattered was the way this man was talking to her. In a threatening tone. Leading her somewhere she couldn’t see. Without anyone to help her. His voice dripped with venom. Whatever he had planned for her, she knew death would be better. She had to get away from him.

But before she could take action to run, hands grabbed on to her and lifted her into something, throwing her on to something soft. Like a pillow wrapped in a short carpet… like a… a…. Car seat. She was in a car.

Before she could act she heard voices from all around her and car doors closing. Suddenly she was pulled up by the collar of her shirt and pushed into a sitting position. The vehicle accelerated and she flew into the back of the seat.

“You are ours now governess. Just wait until we get there. We have lots of plans in store for you” a man that sounded like he was in front of her said. A few of the men around her chuckled. She suddenly felt something sharp trailing down her neck, reflexively, she pushed her head up to avoid the blade.

“Are you afraid? What happens if we go over a bump...hmm?...” The man holding the knife pushed it into her skin causing her to squeal in pain. “Maybe I don’t need a bump to carve you like a pumpkin.” The man threatened in a malicious tone. The pressure released from the knife. It started to trail down her neck, lower, to her collar bone. He traced her collar bone with the blade, cutting little lines in her skin as if he was making a pattern.

Megan clenched her teeth. The cuts hurt but she didn’t want to show how much. She feared that they would do worse if they enjoyed her response. She had to start acting stronger. Start thinking about her survival. She took a deep breath, changing her mindset, and tried to focus on a way to plan. Suddenly the collar of the shirt she was wearing was pulled and she flew toward the hand holding it. Someone yelled “hold her back” and then she started hearing the ripping of fabric and felt the shirt release pressure as the cold air around her started to cover her skin. Someone was cutting the shirt off of her.

Then a hand grabbed on to her breast and squeezed painfully. She didn’t speak. She didn’t beg. She did not plead. She stayed quiet.

Let them have my body. As long as I survive with my life, it will be ok. I just have to survive long enough to escape.

She bit her lip, thanking the universe that she had a bag over her face so they couldn’t see the tears or her scared expression.

“Oh yeah… we’re going to have a fun time with you, aren’t we?”


“And don’t get any ideas, even if you escape, we will find you.”

“Notice how easy it was for us to get into your fancy walls? We can do it again. Whenever we feel like it.”


“How do you think the other governors died?”

“Oh, and did they beg and plead and cry like the pathetic rats they were. I wish I tortured the last one longer. He got off too easy.”


“You may think those walls will keep you safe princess, but all they do is keep you trapped. Ready for us to play with you when we want. Just jump the walls, grab you, and take you for a joy ride.”

Megan swore her breasts were going to be covered in bruises if they weren’t already. She knew her body was covered in cuts too. She felt each squeeze, each cut as if they were embedding their words into her skin. Empathizing their points physically. Their threats got worse as they got more confident with her body but never once did they take off the bag over her head or try to go lower than her waistline. She found it odd. If they were going to torture her, why leave limits?

They drove around for what seemed like at least 30 minutes before they suddenly stopped, making her fly forward. A wave of terror shook her. The chances of getting impaled by the knife that was who knows where was high. She quickly tried to internally search for any new sources of pain but didn’t feel anything.

As the relief of not being impaled coursed through her body, she was suddenly grabbed by her right arm and pulled out of the vehicle. Not knowing where the ground was, she had nowhere to put her feet. They threw her out of the car and she landed painfully on her side on the ground. She was pushed onto her knees and then pulled up to her feet. Then was pushed forward by her arms.

Everything hurt. Her legs felt numb. She didn’t want to walk but she complied with the person pushing her forward anyway. The person stopped, pulling her back into their body. They then pushed her down to her knees by her shoulders. She heard the laughter, she heard the mumbling and crass remarks. She knew the cut in the shirt made her fully exposed.

Once on her knees, the bag was pulled off her head. She blinked trying to open her eyes. Everything was so bright it was painful to see. When Megan’s eyes adjusted to the light she looked around. She was in the middle of nowhere still. Dirt and mountains surrounded them. Desert plants were scattered throughout the area. She was surrounded by at least 20 dangerous-looking men who were mocking her. Laughing at her. Making lewd remarks.

She looked around the circle to try to find a gap that she could run to and try to escape. As she looked around she noticed, the black-armored SUV that she had abandoned was to her left. She was back where they had taken her. Had they just driven in circles around the vehicle? Or did they grow sick of her and decided to return her? What was going on? And how could she get to the SUV….

A large man crouched down in front of her, blocking the SUV from her vision. She jumped, startled. He put his hand under her chin lifting her head to look up at him. His eyes were wide. He had his mouth twisted in a psychotic smile. He looked absolutely crazy. Like loony bin crazy. Megan jerked her head away, trying to get out of his grasp but he did not relent. He grabbed on tighter to her chin and smiled in a deranged manner.

He is insane. He has to be. And he treated me like a cat does a mouse. He played with me, terrified me, and now he is going to kill me...

Megan tried to back away from him. He just smiled more. Then sighed and said, “scared?” She didn’t respond. He laughed loudly in a terrifying tone as though his laugh alone was the worst threat she had ever heard. He let go of her chin, looking around at the men around them.

Suddenly, he looked down at Megan, seriously and made a face at her as if he was a snarling beast. “We could have easily killed you… but we didn’t. we could have easily tortured you... but we didn’t. Hell… we could have all had our turn with you… but we didn’t do that either…. Maybe we will save those things for next time huh?”

He looked around at the men chuckling at what he had said. Megan froze. This man already seemed crazy by the way he was looking. But what really shook Megan, was the threatening tone he was using. The way he was hesitating and pausing at particular words. He was doing it on purpose for effect. To make his words seep into her bones. This man knew what he was doing. He knew the right strings to pluck to make her feel like she was living in her worst nightmares. This man might be crazy, might be insane, but what scared her was how intelligent he was. You could see in his eyes past the crazy look, everything was calculated. She feared this was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to his abilities that came from the deadly mix of genius and insanity.

The man sneered at her in question, as if he knew that she was just realizing that he wasn’t just some thug that thought it would be fun to kidnap her. That he had this all planned to a T. That here was more to him then his appearance warranted. That she could see through this stupid thug disguise and see that he truly was a mastermind. He raised an eyebrow and approached her again. He looked her in her eyes in a threatening way. She couldn’t help but grow cold in terror. He smiled at her response then continued his speech.

“Think about how easy it was for us to kidnap you…. I want you to think about everything We said to you while we took you on our little joy ride… we might not have done anything to you now…... but if you don’t do what we ask you to....or you do something that hurts the Sorrows….”

He moved his hand back to her chin, grabbing it and pulling it forward. He looked at her down his nose, running his dirty thumb over her bottom lip. “Remember how easy it was to take you away from your safe house....”

He grabbed on to her chin aggressively again, pulling her head up far enough it felt like he was going to snap her head off her neck. He looked down directly into her eyes and said, “This was a warning. You’d be wise if you take it to heart.”

The man released Megan, throwing her to the ground. She laid there in shock, spiraled out in the dirt with her hands still tied behind her. She heard a whistle and then the men around her started to move away. She heard cars accelerate and felt the dirt hitting her skin as they drove off, leaving her in clouds of dust. Tears streamed down Megan’s dirt covered face, leaving trails. She didn’t know what to make of all this. She already knew the Sorrows was not a safe or happy place. But this…. This was far worse than she ever expected.

The man’s words echoed in her ears like a broken record.

His face was all she could see.

She shook.


She had never been more scared of someone in her life.

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