When Heaven and Hell collide

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This is a story about love and death. A love greater than Romeo & Juliet. A love stronger than Tristan & Isolde. More forbidden than both. When the embodiment of love and hate collide there is only one outcome. War. When those two worlds meet, the end shall begin. Heaven will fall. Hell will crumble. The earth will burn.

Romance / Fantasy
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Up until sixty years ago, I had become so very bored. Same old thing day after day, Millennia after millennia. Tempting, tormenting and torturing became tiresome and I was in desperate need of something new. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, I just needed a something new in my life.

But I didn't know what.

So, I headed up to earth to see what I could

Come across. During my first week searching in was in France —Versailles to be more exact— my path crossed with a gypsy witch.

Her name was Isobel.

The witch came to me begging me to retrieve her daughters soul from Hell and give her back. Usually I wouldn't even entertain such a preposterous idea and would have slaughtered the witch then and there. Just for shits and giggles. After I laughed in her face and was about slit her throat, she made me an offer I just couldn't refuse.


Information on a prophecy about myself. The prophecy stated that the fallen angel Lucifer and his soulmate, will bare a miracle child. The child will bring about an end to the bloodshed between Heaven and Hell and peace will be bestowed.

At first I didn't believe her, it's such a preposterous claim to make. Angels do not have soulmates, certainly not me. But as I am looking for a new challenge, I went and done some digging, calling in some favours here and there. Then eventually, it was confirmed that the prophecy is actually true.

Now, I don't care for stopping the war between Heaven and Hell, I quite enjoy all the bloodshed and all those parasitic rats need to be brought down a peg or two. But I do care that I may have a soulmate, and that I could have a child.

I, the Devil —evil personified, King of Hell— actually has a soulmate. Shocking I know. But oddly enough, this feels like what I've been missing for eons. I didn't even think I was capable of feeling anything remotely like 'love' for another person. Sex is one thing, love is completely different.

So, with that knowledge in hand and instead of doing the right thing and keeping her daughters soul, I gave her back to Isobel and that's when she told me my told me soulmates' name, Grace. Just hearing her name makes my cold dead heart flicker to life and that is how I came about knowing this prophecy.

She also told me that the people who know about us are people that will try and keep us apart. Will do anything and everything in their power to make sure that the prophecy is never fulfilled, as she will make me stronger and more powerful than ever with her at my side. It's obvious that Michael is involved but Im not going to let on that I know about it to him, only my most trusted Demons know about it, the rest just so as they are told, no questions asked.

I've hosted a ball every year since that day, one where everyone is invited —Humans, demons, vamps, wolves, angels etc.— in hope that I will find her. My demons are also out looking for her. Every girl time they find a Grace they bring her to me. So far I still haven't found her. I personally have scoured the entire earth and every supernatural place in existence several times over —along with the my demons—and I am yet to fucking find her. I'm loosing my patience, more and more by the day, along with my temper.

I have to find her soon. If I don't then I will undoubtably burn the entire universe to the ground. There will be nothing but ash left when I am through.

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