When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Nine~


Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now, never in my entire life have I felt so content, happy.

Grace. My Grace. Here with me. In my arms, her lips upon mine.

Her lips feel like feathers. So soft, so warm. I press a little harder deepening the kiss and she lets out a little moan.

Oh hell fire! My cock stiffens, my heart is pounding. My thoughts have left me and I'm completely consumed by her. I fist her hair and drag my tongue across her lips and she gasps. Her mouth opens and I seize the chance and slip my tongue in to find hers. She tastes so good, peaches. Sweet succulent peaches. Our tongues entwine gently caressing. Now it's my turn to moan. Holy hell I need her.

Fuck! I need to stop before I reach the point of no return. I cannot rush this, rush her. I pull away. Searching her heavy lidded eyes. I smile, and gently lift off her mask.

My breathe stills. "So fucking beautiful." I whisper. The blush on her cheeks from our kiss makes her skin glow. She's intoxicating. "I need to speak to someone quickly and then we can see brother and explain everything to him, is that okay?"

She's still dazed staring at me which makes me smile once again. She finally nods and I gently lay a kiss on her nose and lift her up with me. I hold her waist to steady her and let out a small chuckle.

"Azazel!" I shout.

Within seconds he appears and I hold onto graces hand tightly.

"Lucifer, are you rea—" he stops when he sees Grace and then he smiles a huge shit-eating grin spreads across his face "I take it we don't need to go on our little trip to Heaven now?"

"No we don't, but Micheal will come looking for her so I want to to make sure everyone is on high alert. I want to be informed of everything. I want you to send some demons —competent demons— to keep an eye on those bastards, I want to know their every movement, their every conversation, call in some of your favours and with the vamps wolves and whoever else. Are we clear?"

He looks at grace and bows "anything for my queen, it's good to finally meet you, you have no idea how fucking happy this makes me."

Grace gives him a nervous smile but says nothing.

"One more thing before you go, please go to the ballroom and bring Azreal, I shall meet with you later."

"Right away, my friend," with a two finger solute and another shit-eating grin he's gone.

Grace turns to me and asks "do you really think he's going to come down here and take me away? Surely he wouldn't do such a thing, would he?"

"He would, he told me himself that he plans to make you his and I will not take the risk." I stroke her cheek and she leans into it. "You are mine Peaches and I will not let anyone take away from me." I lean in and kiss her once again, fuck she's addictive.

The doors fly open and Azreal strides in in all his glory. Confusion and curiosity etched even more on his face as he sees our hands together.

"Grace? Are you ok?" He asks.

"Yes Azreal, I've never been better, I have a lot to tell you and I want you listen and understand, can you do that?" He glances at me and then back to her.

Together we explain everything to him, he doesn't speak he just listens, face blank and giving away no signs of what's he's thinking or feeling.

When we finish he blows out a long deep breath, "I really don't know what to say. Wow! That's a lot to take in. Is this really what you want Grace?"

"Yes brother, it is. It's my destiny and now I don't have to be alone anymore. I have what no other angel has, a chance to love and be loved. How could I deny myself that. If there's a chance at bringing peace on top of that all that, I have to take it. I'm not going to lie and say I'm not afraid because right now I am terrified but I trust Lucifer completely and know that he will do everything he can to keep me safe."

Damnation this women is perfect. I pull her close to me and kiss her forehead. Wild Jasmine. Utterly delicious.

"Azeal, friend. Why didn't you tell me you had a sister?" I enquire.

He looks up at me, "it never came up. I had no reason to mention it, had you told me all this before then I might of mentioned it." Hmm, maybe I shouldn't of but it's done now, I have my queen.

"Touché." I nod.

"So, How are you going to keep this from Michael?" He asks. "He visits her often and will find out, very soon, in fact."

"I'm not. It doesn't matter whether he finds out she's finally with me or not, he won't be able to get his filthy fucking paws on her ever again. She won't be leaving my side unless it's with you or one of the higher demons watching her. I have demons watching their every move and will know if they try to do anything before they get chance." I shrug. I clap my hands, "right now that that's sorted, let's make an announcement, shall we?"

I hold my arm out for my Grace. "Peaches?" She takes it without hesitation and smiles. I lead the way back to the ballroom.

Sweet fire pits I don't think I have ever smiled this much before.

"Lucifer?" Azreal calls out

"Yes?" I respond, turning around to face him.

"Don't let anything happen to her. Don't let her see anything. Remember where we are and where she's come from. Don't corrupt her and change who she is, she is far too pure for this place but I won't stand in the way of either of you. She is my sister and I would do anything to keep her safe and happy."

I nod and walk away. Shit, I didn't even think about that, no matter she won't be seeing me at work. The torture stuff anyway, I have better things to be doing for the time being.

Fuck. She's here.

We enter the ballroom and make our way to the stage. I hold peaches close me. And she looks up at me and with a nervous shy smile and asks, "what if they don't want me here?"

I laugh, oh my sweet innocent queen. "It doesn't matter what they think or want, do you really think their opinion matters to me? Or they have a choice and can do anything about it? I'm Lucifer, this is my kingdom, no one would dare interfere."

I nod to the orchestra and the music stops

"Everyone quiet! I have a little announcement to make. I have finally found your Queen of Hell. This Grace, my soulmate." Gasps and muttering echo throughout the room. "You will give her the same respect as you give me. If anyone and I mean anyone tries to harm her or upset her in anyway, if I find out that one person has dared lay a finger on her they will face my wrath. And I promise, you will instantly regret it. Are we clear?" I look around at each of their faces, there's a mixture of expressions but the main one is fear -perfect- that's what I want. Delightful.

They all bow. I look at Grace and smile, she looks back at me with a small nervous smile.

I nod to the orchestra and the music starts up again, I lead the way to the dance floor. Everyone parts and make their way to the edge of the floor.

"Peaches, may I have this dance?" I bow and hold my hand out for her, I look up at the exquisite sight in front of me. She smiles and takes my hand with a curtsy.

I pull her in to me, her hand in mine, her soft warm body against mine, my arm wrapped tightly around her waist, her hand on my shoulder and a blush to her cheeks. We start to dance. Nothing has ever felt more right.

"This doesn't seem real," she whispers and looks around nervously. "It feels like a dream and I'm about to wake up at any moment."

"I can't assure you that this is very real." I lean down and whisper in her ear, "I just hope I can make you as happy as you make me, I will be everything in my power to make that happen. Whatever you want, need, desire I will give it to you." The sweetest smile adorns face. That smile is now my favourite thing in the world. As long as I can keep that smile on her face, that's all the matters.

"All I ever wanted was love, I've always been different to the other angels which made me an outcast and was why I stayed away from people. I have no desire for material things...apart from books, that is. I just want to help people and love." She says.

"I'm not a loving a man, I never have been. All I have know and am, is hate and evil. I'm not a good man peaches." Her smile falls. "But fuck, I'd be lying if I said I couldn't love you. I already do and I've only met you an hour ago but I've searched for you for sixty years. You've made my cold dead evil heart beat again. Made me feel things I've never felt before. You have my heart and my soul in the palm of little hand already." With that being my lips land on hers, a soft tender but passionate kiss. She kisses me back, everyone in the room disappears, there's only us and the music, gliding across the floor and lips locked together.

Who could of guessed that the devil could be so gentle? I chuckle to myself.

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