When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Ten~


After I left my Grace with Azreal —I really didn't fucking want too though— in the ballroom and instructed them not to leave until I return. I make my way back into my throne room and summon my higher demons. Azazel, Cain, Valrik and the other six sins and princes' of hell; Asmodeus (lust), Mammon (greed), Beelzebub (gluttony), Belphegor (sloth), Sathanas (wrath), Leviathan (envy). Some of them are standing, some leaning against the wall and, of course, Sloth is laid out on steps.

"As you are all now are aware, I have found Grace. She is here and with Azreal in the ballroom. I trust Azazel has filled you in on what needs to be done?" I question.

"He has, we already have demons on the case, a few on the fallen are already in contact with some of the angels that hate Micheal and are keeping an eye on him. He hasn't found out yet." Cain informs me.

"Good, I'm not sure what he is going to do yet but I know for certain that I will be having another visit for my piece of shit brother very soon. We shall see what happens from there."

I cross my ankle over my knee and imagine the rage that is going to fill him when he finds out she's here, with me and all fucking mine.

"When do we finally get to meet our queen?" Asmodues asks with a gleam in his eyes. Oh, of course he would be the first to ask that. Dickhead.

"Do you think you can keep your dirty fucking paws to yourself?"

He smirks "of course my lord, I just want to introduce myself."

Oh I bet you fucking do.

"Azazel go and bring Grace in, Azreal can come too." The ball shall be ended soon and I need her back by my side where I know she's safe.

He smiles and leaves.

"Why is Azreal with her?" Envy asks.

"Because Grace is his sister, of all fucking people."

"Wowser! I'm not even going to ask." Valrik laughs. I glare at him.

Laid out waiting Sloth pipes up, "well I, for one am just so fucking glad that she's been found, maybe now I can go and take a much needed long nap."

"I'm starving too, maybe we should have a celebration feast. Now that's sounds like a great fucking idea if I do say so myself." Gluttony chimes in with a smug smile.

I sighed. I need her back in my arms. Now.

"How can you fucking think about food and naps at time like this!" Wrath snarls. "Our Queen has just arrived and could be in danger and taken away from us by those arsehole little fairy fuckers and all you two think about is naps and fucking food!" A deep angry scowl marring his face.

They both look at each other confused, eyebrows Furrowed.

"Of course, what else would we think about? The last several decades have been thoroughly exhausting, sleep deprivation does not work for me." Sloth says with a yawn.

"I am looking forward to heading back upstairs for a bit fun times, there's this new strip club that's opened in New York, high class, fills everyone's fantasies no matter how twisted they are." Lust grins.

The doors open and in walks Azazel, Azreal and my beautiful little kitten. Finally. She's trying hard to put a brave face on but I can see the fear in her eyes. It's going to take some getting used too but she'll be fine soon enough, it's a big change for her after all.

I quickly stand and walk down the stone steps over to her, and pull her into my arms. I nuzzle into her neck, breathing in her exquisite sent. "Hi," she whispers.

I pull away and kiss her forehead. "Come, I need to introduce you to my most trusted demons. If ever you need anything and I am not there, you can call on any of them but there will always be one of them with you anyway should I not be here." We walk back to my throne.

I introduce her to everyone they all bow. Well sloth just bows his head and that's as good as it's going to get with the lazy fuck, I'm just surprised he's still awake.

"Please there's really no need to do that," Grace tells them.

"My Queen, You are more beautiful than I could of ever imagined. Such a shame you are stuck with that fucker but if you ever need anything, then please don't hesitate to call on me." He says with a wink.

Snickers fills the room.

I growl and peaches turns to me. A beautiful pink has tinged her cheeks, only I'm allowed to make her fucking blush! This is completely unacceptable.

"I don't fucking think so Asmodeus!" I warn. Then turn to peaches "Don't call on him unless you are in physical danger."

She laughs and it makes my knees weak, she turns turns back to everyone. "Thank you," she smiles. "It's nice to meet you all and please just call me Grace."

They all have shit eating grins stuck to their faces especially Asmodeus, but wrath just scowls, it's his way of smiling.

"Right, you've all met her. You can introduce yourselves properly another time - except for you Asmodeus, stay a-fucking-way. You can all leave and I want updates when you have them."

They turn and leave after giving another bow. And Asmodeus blows a fucking kiss at her and winks at me. I growl in response. I'm going to flay him so fucking hard!

"Stay away from Asmodeus, he is the prince of lust. I do not want him near you unless there's no other choice, okay peaches?"

"Okay, but he seems nice and I will not be rude and ignore him should he wish to speak to me." She replies.

Too fucking nice.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."

"So, what's going to to happen now, Lucifer?" Azreal asks.

"Well, I will wait for Michael to pop by and we will take it from there. But you may go and do what you do, if you wish, otherwise should you want to stay I will get someone to show you to a room. I want to spend some time getting to know my soulmate." I turn to her a smile.

"Gracie, are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine Azreal, I am a little terrified though, so much has happened and so fast I just need a little time for everything to sink in. But I'm also angry that my entire life I have been lied too and kept locked away. I just can't understand why Michael would do that, why does he want me so badly? Is it because of Lucifer or something else. If there's a chance to bring peace, why wouldn't anyone want that?"

"I'm not sure but Michael will answer for his actions," Azreal growls. "He lied to me too, all I want is for you to be happy and safe and now you have your chance, I am here for you whenever you need me, okay? I love you Gracie. I'm going to stay for a little while just to make sure you are settled and safe."

"She will be safe, she won't be leaving my side for a while." I snap.

Azreal rolls his eyes at smirks.

"Mara!" I bellow.

"Mara will show you to a room," I tell him.

She arrives moments later and takes Azreal. I sit down on my throne and pull Grace onto my lap, her warmth and sent engulfs me.

"Thank you." I whisper to her.

"What for?"

"For coming tonight and finally putting me out of my never-ending misery. I know this is all so strange to you and a shit load to take in, but you have no idea how happy I am right now, I honestly never new what happiness felt like until you walked through those doors tonight. I'm like a love-sick puppy and can't get enough of you. You have me completely wrapped around that pretty little finger of yours," I lean in a whisper in her ear, wrapping my arms tightly round her waist. "And tonight Peaches, I'm going to show you exactly how grateful I am to you that you stayed with me."

I brush my lips over her ear and she quivers in my arms, then slowly move and sweep gentle kisses along her jaw, her breathing has picked up and I can feel her pulse sky rocket. I move my lips down to lay an open mouth kiss on her neck tasting her soft warm skin, once, twice and she gasps wrapping her arms around my neck when I gently bite on the third kiss.

"Lucifer." She breaths. "I've...I've never done anything like this before." I smile kiss my way down to her bare shoulder and feel her tightening her arms around me whilst a small moan seeps from a lips once I finally land on her soft spot.

"I know," I whisper, "I'm going to show you everything you have missed and how much I've yearned for you these past sixty years. You've consumed my every thought and dream since I've found out about you."

I pull away and star into her heavy mesmerising eyes. Her breathing is shallow and quick and it brings a smirk to my lips. She's dazed and swaying lightly, oh I'm going to have so so much fun with you my little kitten.

"Tell me everything about your life, about you." I ask.

"There's not really much to tell." She looks around the room nervously, "I like to keep to myself, I don't really have any friends apart from Azreal and Micheal. I have a small little cottage up in heaven, my own slice of paradise — which I would love for you see one day. It's so beautiful and peaceful. I don't really venture into the city much unless my brother takes me. Him and Michael usually bring me everything I need and I feel out of place there so instead I stay at home and read —romance and thriller novels mostly. I go for walks and swim in the small lagoon at the bottom of the mountains. That's about it really, oh and I make the best chocolate brownies. And that's it the boring life of Grace." A small smile adorns her face.

"I really wish that I was able to help people sooner. It's been so lonely there all by myself and maybe that's why I wished to fall in love, to have someone by my side, which in turn has made me into an outcast as angels aren't supposed to want that or be different. If I do tend to leave my home then I get quite a lot of angels staring with a lot of disdainful looks and unwelcoming glances." She looks down and fidgets with her hands and the lace of her dress. "So that's why I stay in. I'm a nice person so I don't know why they treat me like. so I avoid it and it's lonely.

"Oh peaches, you will never have to worry about anything like that again, you will never be lonely and you will always be loved, by me. You have my heart and soul now grace and I will love you until my last breathe and beyond. But If I'm honest I think Michael has something to do with it, try to separate you from everyone else to push you closer to him and you won't have a choice."

She looks up to me with tears filling her eyes, one escapes and I wipe it away with my thumb and kiss her nose. She smiles, "it feels so strange and surreal, I've only known you for a few hours and now I can't imagine my life without you, I'm scared though." She's whispers the last part.

"Please Peaches, don't be scared. I will never hurt you in anyway and I will never let anyone else hurt you. I promise." Another tear falls.

"I just...I just have never felt like this before, I'm not used to being around people, I've always longed for it but never actually thought it would happen."

"Everything will be fine sweetheart, you'll see."

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