When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Eleven~


"Are you ready to go?" Lucifer asks me. Nuzzling on my neck. I can't help but smile. His touch feels so sinful but so good. I can't wrap my head around any of it right now and I don't want to, it can wait until tomorrow.

"Where are we going?" I can feel the smile playing on his lips and when looks up my breath halts, his eyes have turned obsidian and the pure wicked smile adorning his brutally beautiful face sends flames pulsating throughout my body. My chest constricted like serpent wrapping itself around me.

He is the predator and I am his prey. I'm trapped in his gaze while he's devouring me. And I want to be devoured. Oh goodness, I want nothing more than that right now.

Sweet kittens, What's gotten into me?

"Our chambers," he growls.

My head is spinning my heart is racing. "O-okay," I breath.

He slams his lips onto mine in a quick intense kiss whilst he wraps my legs around his waist and my arms wrap around his neck on their own accord. He stands up effortlessly taking me with him. His hands are on my thighs, fingers digging in but not hurting.

"My lord!" Asmodeus and Azazel appear in front of us looks of apprehension on their handsome faces.

Lucifer growls at the interruption "What?!" He snarls.

"We have news. It appears the angels have found out. Heaven is currently in uproar and so is half of Hell, along with the witches."

"Oh lovely, looks like we'll be having a company very shortly then. Tell the fucking witches that if they have a problem, they can come and see me and air out their grievances that way," he says in the most sinister way. "As for the rest of hell I will pay them all a visit shortly. Who the fuck do they think they are to question me!" He roars, he gently lowers me down and takes hold of my hand

"Lucifer, most of Hell have no idea about the prophecy or who she is. All they know is that you have taken an angel as your queen. Same with the witches. The rest of the supernaturals are not too bothered give or take a few individuals. Would you like us to inform everyone?" Azazel asks. "They think that you have weak and will not be ruled by angel, he looks at me and then casts his eyes down. "I apologise my queen we do not think that at all and will gladly serve you." I smile back at him

"Yes, Spread the word and in the morning call as many demons together as you can and I will let them know what is going to happen and see if they questions my decisions then. I will show them just how weak I am."

"Lucifer!" Wrath appears "Incoming!" He snarls.

"Oh goodie," Lucifer replies. "Looks like my brother is coming," he says to me smiling.

He leads me up to his throne and sits me on his lap while we wait for Michael. He wraps an arm around my waist brushed his thumb over my cheek and whispers "so fucking beautiful."

Moments later Micheal, Raphael and Uriel appear before us and I squeeze Lucifers hand tightly. They all glare at Lucifer and the demons. I've never seen that look on Michaels face before, it's murderous. It's terrifying. He then looks at me and his face softens.

"Grace." Michael sighs with a look of relief. "Are you ok? Come on, let me take you home."

Lucifer laughs, a full on laugh "oh no no no dear brother, I don't think so. She is not going anywhere, so why don't you and your little fairy followers fuck back off to the rest of your cock fiddling family." Michael sneers at him.

"How dare you!" Michael roars. "Grace? Come, your don't belong here, you belong in Heaven with us."

When he sees that I don't move, he tries to take a step towards me. Asmodeus, wrath and Azazel step in front of them smirking.

"I'm not going. I'm staying here." I tell him with as much confidence as I can muster, but this only infuriates him more.

"I'm not taking no for an answer Grace! You will come back with us. It's forbidden for angels and demons to be together! You will fall, do you really want that?" He yells.

I go to stand up but Lucifer grips onto me tighter and pulls me back, "no," he whispers. His eyebrows furrowing.

I smile at him "it's ok, I'm not leaving you." He hesitates but let's go of my hand and waist so I can stand up. I take a step forward and straighten to back and push back my shoulders. "I am not leaving with you Michael. How dare you try and force me to go back with you. You have kept me prisoner long enough! You tried to keep me away from my soulmate! What gives you the right to do that? We have a chance to stop the bloodshed and you chose to ignore it and keep me locked away!" I yell, I don't think I have ever been this angry and hurt.

"I did it for your own good Grace, you can't be with him, he's Lucifer, you do not know what he is capable of, he will destroy you. You belong with me in heaven!" Sadness and anger lace his features.

"I do not belong with you!" I scream. The walls and floors around us quake and lava boils up. Everyone stares back at me in shock. Lucifer smiles and his whole face lights up. He stands up and takes my hand staring at me in awe.

Did I just do that?

"Peaches, you are breathtaking, my queen." His eyes darken and he pulls me into him crushing my body against his and whispers in my ear "I should take you right here, right now, in front of everyone."

Oh goodness, does this man have no shame? I need to sit down before my legs give out. I hold on to his arms to steady myself and try regain my composure while he chuckles brushing his lips against my ear.

I turn towards Michael and see the shocked look on his face as well as the other archangels behind him. "How did you do that?" He breathes.

Lucifer laughs "do you not know how powerful this beauty right here is? Can you not sense it? Together, our powers are amplified. So, if I was you brother, I would run, right now. She's made herself perfectly clear that she's not going back with you. She is fucking mine and will always be mine! so take your minions and get the fuck out!" He bellows.

"No" Michael growls. "I am not leaving without her."

"Michael, I don't think you understand me, I will not go back with you. Tell me Michael, why did you keep me locked away?" I ask.

He doesn't answer, just purses his lips and stares at me. "Why!" I shout.

He turns to Lucifer, "what have you done to her?" He seethes.

"Nothing." He chuckles.

"I asked you a question Michael, why did you keep me locked away and hidden from Lucifer?"

"Because you're mine! You are mine Grace and I will not leave him have you! I love and care for you! You are special Grace and you can do so much good up in heaven. What good can you do down here?"

I ball my hands up into fists and shriek "I am not yours!" I take a deep breath and close my eyes, then open them and say "I will never be yours even if I were to go back, I will never be with you. If I wanted to be with you then I wouldn't of spent so long trying to get you to leave me alone! I belong with Lucifer, he is my home now and I can do a lot of good by being with him, I will bare his child and hope that he or she will bring us all peace. What good can I do in Heaven? you've never let me leave to do any good until today."

"I couldn't let you leave and risk having him find yo-."

"You lied to me! You isolated me! Made me believe that someone was trying to kill me and do worse! All the things you told me they would do... how could you even say those to me, why would you do that if you loved and cared for me? That is not love Michael, no matter which way you look at it." I interrupted. "Leave now, I will not go back there and I will not be a prisoner any longer." I whisper.

Where didn't all that come from? I've spoken or felt like that before but I will not go back there again. I feel so empowered but mixed with sadness and anger.

Michael tries to step forward again but once more he's blocked by the demons.

"Grace, please." He begs "I'm so sorry I said those things and I'm so sorry I kept you hidden but I couldn't lose you, you are an angel and you can't stay down here, you can't be with a demon, the first fallen angel, he is the ultimate evil and he will be the death of you." He tries again sounded defeated.

I turn my back. "Enough! Leave. Now!" Lucifer replies to him and wraps his arms around me and softly kisses the top of my head. His breathing is fast and harsh, his body is shaking I can tell he's trying to hold back himself back.

"This is not over, You will come back one way or another!" And then they all disappear.

I take a deep breath and slump into Lucifers body. He curls a finger under my chin and gently lifts my head to look at him. "It's okay, Peaches. He won't take you away. You are mine and mine alone and would happily destroy anyone who tries to get in our way or take you away from me. I will burn everything and everyone to ash for you. You're mine Grace."

Burning, Ash, smoke. Suddenly my dream pops into my head. Oh no! Is that what's going to happen? I can't let anyone die because of me. Everyone must of seen my expression change because wrath interrupts my thoughts.

"My queen. We will glad give our lives for you. We will protect you until our last breaths, please do not fret about anything." Wrath announces.

I turn and smile. "Thank you, Wrath. I am so grateful to you all but I would not expect or want anyone to give their lives for me. He won't hurt me — physically anyway."

"Nonsense!" Asmodeus says. "We are here to protect our most beautiful queen. We are also here to serve you in whatever way you wis-"

He's cut of by a very loud growl and I place my hand on Lucifers chest "stop it. He's only joking." I giggle.

"Am I?" He laughs.

"Leave! Before I rip your throat out." Lucifer roars.

"Wow, so possessive." he chuckles and disappears before Lucifer can lash out.

"Fucking prick." Lucifer growls.

"Are you part dog? I've only known you a few hours and I swear that's all you've done is growl." I giggle and then hear Azazel and Wrath laughing behind us.

"Go." Lucifer sends them a deadly glare and they leave laughing, I never thought Wrath could laugh.

Lucifer stills and I look up to him "are you okay?" I ask.

"Was...was Wrath... laughing?" He enquires, then looks back down at me with a puzzled expression.

"Yes, i think he was."

"Wow, you really are one spectacularly special woman. I have never even seen him even smile let alone laugh. No one has, I didn't even think he could." He growls again and his eyes darken. He grips onto my waist "right you, I'm not waiting any longer for you." He picks me back up in lightening speed and marches out of the room.

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