When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Twelve~


We reach Lucifers chambers a lot quicker than I would of liked. The heavy wooden doors open and he carries me in, gently lowering me to my feet and stares into my eyes.

He removes his jacket.

Hunger burning deep in those obsidian orbs of his. It’s frightening but I’m utterly lost in them, I’m completely at his mercy and will gladly lose my soul for him.

He spins me around and presses his chest and hips into my back wrapping one arm around my waist. I can feel his arousal digging in, I gasp. My breathing is hard and my heart is pounding ferociously against my rib cage trying to break free.

“Shh, just relax,” he whispers in my ear. “We are going to go nice and slow. I want to take my time devouring this beautiful body of yours. I want kiss and lick and taste every...Single...Inch of you.” He breathes. My breath hitches at his words. He gently places feather light kisses behind my ear whilst softly, ever so softly, brushing his fingertips down my neck along my shoulder and down my arm then slowly moving back up.

My head is swimming and cannot think straight. Heat is spreading through me pooling in my stomach and between my legs. His kisses move slowly down my neck and shoulder, along my already tingling skin leaving goosebumps in their wake.

His hand moves excruciatingly slowly over my collarbone and down the valley of my breasts and onto my stomach. My breathing is rugged at all these new sensations raging through me like a stampede of wild horses. Lava flowing through my veins. A soft moan escapes my lips and his arm around me tightens.

“I love you, Grace.” He breathes.

I can’t reply, too lost in this feeling to form words. His hand continues its way down. Brushing over the place I so desperately want him to touch. To relieve the pressure. Instead it moves to my thigh and stops. His fingers curl grabbing my dress and dragging it up slowly, inch by brutal inch. A draft sweeps up my legs and cools my burning core whilst he bunches up my dress. His fingers draw light patterns up my thigh slowly travelling to my centre. Then he stops and I whimper.

I hear him chuckling in my ear whilst he lets go of my dress and it falls back down to the floor. He releases his hold on my waist and moves his hands to the buttons at the back, undoing them one by one. Freeing me from the confines of the corset.

Tenderly, he hooks his fingers under the fabric of the sleeves and pushes it down. The dress falls to the floor leaving me in only my satin underwear.

No one has ever seen me like this. I try to cover my breasts with my arms but he stops me.

“Don’t ever cover yourself with me. You are perfect and I want to see and touch and feel every inch of you.” He growls. “You are breathtaking, my love.”

He spins me around and his gaze travels down my body and back up slowly. My the look on his face is of pure desire. His smirk is too wickedly sinful and I want him so badly to corrupt me hurts.

He cups my face and leans in pressing his forehead on mine. “Get on the bed,” he growls.

I make my way over nervously to the huge four poster bed. I lay myself down on the black sheets and it soothes my scorching skin.

Lucifer stands there staring at my exposed body. Suddenly, he grabs hold of my ankles and drags me down the bed towards him. I let out a small squeak and giggle.

His rough hands lazily travel over my feet and ankles, up over my shins and knees then finally down over my thighs. My chest is heaving as he hooks his fingers over the fabric of my underwear and pulls them down taking his time, once they removed he puts his hands on my knees and gently spreads my legs open exposing my soaked core.

He’s let’s out a deep groan and picks up my leg and places open mouthed kisses up towards my core. He takes a deep breath, “fuck me, you smell delicious,” my cheeks heat up and he places my leg back down sliding his body up and over mine. His lips brush mine and seconds later his tongue is attacking mine, I let out a loud moan and wrap my arms around his neck and my hands tug on his thick hair. He groans again and releases my swollen mouth and smiles down at me. “My queen.” he whispers.

Peppered kisses are pressed down my throat as he makes his way to my breasts. Taking a nipple between his lips he gently sucks on it making my writhe underneath him. His tongue swirls around it and then he sucks harder, a gasp escapes me when I feel his teeth bite down, then soothed with his tongue, he repeats the same on the other nipple whilst massaging the one he just left.

“Lucifer, please,” I beg, whilst trying to grind my hips against his still fully clothed body.

“Patience, my love.” He smiles. “This is your first time and I want you to remember this moment for the rest of your life. I’m so thirsty for you, my love. I want your sweet sweet juices pouring out of that delectable cunt of yours to quench it.” I moan and writhe at his blasphemous words in his deep, husky voice.


His hand travels down to my forbidden and throbbing core. The pressure is in unbearable.

Once his fingers make contact groan and moan and grind myself against his hand. “So greedy, so wet.” He whispers.

He touches the bundle of nerves and presses down rubbing small circles over it. The pressure builds and builds until I can’t take it anymore. I let out a scream and grab hold of the sheets either side of me as the pressure releases and takes me to a place of euphoria. My eyes squeeze closed as my visions blurs and stars appear behind my eyes. I’m gasping for breath when I come back down from that place of pure sin.

When I open my eyes look back up at him, his clothes are gone and I take in his beautiful body. Hard, smooth and bulging with muscle, my eyes travel down further and I gasp. He chuckles as I try to hide my panic at the size of his member. It’s hard and long and oh so thick.

He’s going to break me.

I can’t dwell on that thought for long as the next thing I know, his head is between my legs and his tongue flicks out lapping between my folds, he lets a ferocious growl that resonates through my body. “You taste even better than I ever imagined.” My hips buck as his tongue sweeps over my dripping core. “That’s it’s my love, feel the pleasure.” Another scream leaves me as his finger enters me followed by a second one. Slowly pumping in and out while he curls them and rubs and presses on a spot that sends me spiralling out of control, while his lips suck on my sensitive clit and sends me soaring back to that magical place that I have never known before tonight. I can hear his deep groan as I let go. “You look so magnificent when you come over my face.”

This man might actually be the death of me.

“I’m going to make love to you now my queen, it’s going to hurt for a little bit but I promise you it won’t be for very long and then you will feel pleasure like you couldn’t imagine.

Words have failed me again and all I can do it nod. He stokes my hair and places his lips on mine. His tongue enters my mouth and I can taste myself, I am definitely going to fall after this, but it will be worth it.

He moves his hand to guide himself to my entrance. “I’m going to make this part quick, okay my love?” I nod again, Feeling him slowly entering me, stretching me painfully, but it’s delicious, I want more. Then all of a sudden he thrusts himself in fully, I scream as he pushes past the barrier impales me. He stays as still as he can when he’s in as far as he can go. It’s painful, so painful. I feel as though I’ve spilt in two and consumed by fire. “Shhh, my sweet, I’ve got you, deep breaths.” I do as he says. “That’s it, good girl,” he coos placing soft kisses over my face.

After a minute or two the pain starts to ease and he slowly starts to move, grinding against me at first drawing another moan from my lips. Pleasure takes over as the pain slowly fades. He starts rock himself in and out slowly, agonisingly slowly, a moan is pulled from deep inside Lucifers chest as he starts to pick up his pace. “Grace you feel better than Heaven, you are more intoxicating than any drug, AHHH.” He groans “I can feel your tight cunt squeeze the life out of my cock. I’m sorry, I can’t go slow much longer.”

He starts to speed up drawing more and more moans out of me and I start to rock back into him, I have never even dreamed of such pleasure. The pressure is starting to build again as he keeps increasing his thrusts.

“Lucifer.” I whimper.

“Grace, I’m not going to last much longer.” His jaw is clenched as he grits out his words. He’s rock hard cock slamming into me at a relentless paces. His mouth then crashes down onto mine muffling my scream as my soul leave my body and I’m taken to a whole new dimension. Moments later he finds his own release deep inside me. “Fuck!” He roars and then collapses on top of me, sweat glistening off of his beautiful body. “I love you.” He whispers, nuzzling into my neck.

“I love you.” Finally finding my words to reply to him. Trying to calm down harsh breathing I run my hands gently through his hair bringing his face back up to mine and kiss him slowly with all the love I have. I don’t think I could ever get enough of this man or this feeling.

We lay in each other’s arms for a while longer, he’s still inside me and I’m in no rush for him to leave. His head is on my chest whilst I run my hands over his back.

“You need to get some rest my love. It’s been a very long day for you.” He then gently pulls himself out of me leaving me feeling empty. I don’t like this feeling, I want him back inside. I let out a whimper and he chuckles, “don’t worry my queen. We have the rest of eternity for that. I will be right back.” He gets up and strolls over to the bathroom. I hear the sound of running water and moments later he walks back into the room with a cloth and gently cleans me sore and aching centre. “You are amazing.” He tells me.

I’m smile. I’m so overwhelmed by everything that has happened today that my words have failed me once again. Lucifer doesn’t seem to mind and gives me a gentle smile as my eyes start to close, I feel him move next to me and wrap me tightly in his arms. “You are mine Peaches and I will never let you go. Sleep now, my love.” Is the last this I hear before I feel him place a kiss on my temple and darkness takes over.

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