When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Fourteen~


"I will keep this meeting short as we all have much better things to be getting on with. Now, I have heard some very disturbing rumours circulating through the pits hell fire, that some of you filthy fuckers, aren't happy about what happened last night? About the king of hell's decision making? Hmm, well, I have some news for you all, I have finally found my soulmate, your queen. You will all accept her and treat her as such—." Lucifers glorious and commanding voice that radiates through the massive throne room is interrupted, even though it's so captivating that everyone should have no choice but to hang on every word he says.

He is just simply delicious and I just can't get enough of him, it feels like we've known each other forever, not just a day. How can I feel this way about someone I've only just met? Gosh, how I have longed for this, to have someone to love and be loved in return, for centuries I have craved it. A deep forbidden desire for all that comes with having someone like this in my life. And now I have it, it's all mine and I'm never letting go.

"And what if we don't? I don't want to have a filthy Angel tell me what to do, I don't care who she is!" A loud high-pitched voice screeches through the crowed room.

I can't quite tell what type of being she is but she is certainly very brave, there are a few echos of agreement but most have given her a wide birth. The silence and tension that follows is stiflingly and thick, choking and suffocating even in the expansive room.

"Obviously, you do have a choice in the matter; you can either accept Grace or spend an eternity in purgatory, it's completely up to you, I will happily place you all there if needs be. Or the void, depending on what type of mood I'm in." He shrugs. His tone calm, even and confident.

You can hear a pin drop it's so quiet, I don't think anyone is actually breathing right now. Even though he seems to be acting all nonchalant, you can sense the power and the anger radiating off of him in waves.

"I will never take orders from her! How can you choose her? An disgusting Angel?" She spits out with venom.

Suddenly, through the asphyxiating air in the room a roaring laugh fills it. A loud humourless laugh that sends chills up and down my spine.

"Are you forgetting Kali, that I was once an Angel myself? A filthy disgusting Angel!" With his temper now flaring, The torches and lava pits around the room erupt, huge flames shoots up and I find myself not being able to catch my breath. I turn back to Lucifer who's eyes are deep dark pools of obsidian, fire engulfing him, all the demons bow down keeping as low as possible with the exception of Kali who is visibly trembling but still stands with her head held high. Then, all of a sudden, within a blink of an eye she erupts in to flames, her screams of agony now piercing the air. No one looks up or moves a muscle.

"Anyone else want to join her in the void? Hmm? What happened to all those who agreed with her not a few minutes ago?" He leans back in his throne and crosses his ankle over his knee and rubs his chin. "Okay, so you all agree that you will respect and protect your queen with your pathetic little lives?

A chorus of my lords, and yes, my king rings out around us.

"Good, but if I hear one more fucking thing, then I swear to you, I will make each and every fucking one of you suffer...severely. LEAVE! NOW!" Lucifers growls.

He turns to me and all the anger leaves him immediately.

"Are you okay Lucifer?" I ask.

He smiles, a full knee weakening smile. "Yes Peaches. I've never been more okay in my entire existence." He replies, taking my hand and bringing it to his lips, ever so tenderly leaving a kiss on each of my knuckles. "I'm so okay right now that we are going to take a little trip," he smirks kissing his way up my arm.

"A trip? A trip to where?" I ask slightly breathless, trying to contain myself from this sinful desire that's quickly taking over me.

"You'll see." Lucifer whispers and pulls me by my arm and onto his lap, his lips quickly attacking my neck and slowly making his way to my lips. The heat in his kiss burns me in the most delicious way. And then, as quick as it started it stops. When I turn to look at him, another smirk is smeared across his face.

One second we are sitting in on his throne and the next we standing on top of a very high metal tower. I look all around me and suddenly it starts to sink in where I actually am, "are we...are we in Paris right now? Is this...Are on top of the actual Eiffel Tower?" I ask in awe, as my eyes wander all round me.

"We are indeed, my queen. This is where you wanted to come, is it not?"

"It is, it's so beautiful, but why are we here?isn't it dangerous to be out in the open right now?"

"I wanted to spend some uninterrupted time with you. Get to know each other properly and where better to do that than in the place where you most wanted to visit in the city of love and we can stay for as long as we want." He says while he wraps his arms around my waste and gentles kissed behind my ear. "Whatever you want, it's yours, where ever you want to go, I will take you. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy."

"I've never been more happy in my entire life, I still feel as though I might wake up In my own bed in my own little home and this has all just been a dream. I can't believe you would do this for me, Lucifer, thank you." My reply from him is a kiss that's so passionate, the way he spins me around and pulls me into him, if it wasn't for him actually holding me up I'd be a puddle on the floor.

"I would and will do anything for you Grace, you are mine, you are my everything.” He whispers against my lips, so quiet that I barely hear him over the pounding of my own heart blaring in my ears. "Come on." He says, as he takes hold of my hand and walks us over to the stairs.

"But, where are we going? We've only just got here."

"Don't worry, We'll be coming back tonight, when it's all lit up it's even more spectacular." Lucifer looks back and winks at me. "Okay, but, where are we going now?" I wondered.

He doesn't reply, instead pulls me to the metal stairs and we start our decent down the Eiffel Tower. I take in the views all around me as we make our way to the bottom. I can see for miles and it's just beautiful.

Once we make it to the bottom he stops and turns around. "Two choices: Louvre Museum or love lock bridge? Which one first?" His dazzling smile stuns me and I forget for a second that he actually asked me a question.


"Hmm? Oh yes, um, the Louvre then the bridge?" I answer once i regain my senses.

He places a kiss on the tip of my nose. “Whatever you want."

In the blink of a eye we were standing outside of the enormous glass structure with hundreds of people walking around and queuing to get inside. “Come, there’s a side entrance that we will use.” When we stopped at the side entrance, a strange tingling sensation spread all over my body, goosebumps broke out and chill swept up spine. I turned to look at Lucifer to tell him but he was chatting to one of the guards at the door, still holding my hand.

In the next moment, I hear the faint sound of chanting. My heart rate starts to speed up and and the tingling increases, I turn to look to see where it's coming from but everything still looks exactly the same. I turn back to Lucifer to tell him when I’m suddenly pulled back and my hand slips from his hold, a gasp escapes me and I try to reach out to grab a hold of him again but I'm blocked from reaching him by an invisible barrier. I scream and call out to him, "Lucifer! Lucifer! Help, please, help me."

Lucifer has already turned around the second my hand leaves his hold but it's like he can't see or hear me. He looks around, panic seeping from him. "Grace?! Peaches!" A gut churning growl leaves him and sends shockwaves rippling through the air and ground. I smash my hands and fists again on the invisible wall but he still can't hear me no matter how loud I shout and scream. He's moving further away trying to find me and there's nothing I can do to stop him. "I'm here, Lucifer! I'm here! Please, turn aro—!"

"He can't hear you, my dear, no one can. He won't be able help you or save you from what's about to happen." A harsh, sharp and unfamiliar voice interrupted to my pleas for Lucifer. I slowly turn around and met with the sight of eight black cloaked figures standing around me in a half circle, an old women in the same cloak stands before me. Her hood is down and her long, scraggly grey hair cascades over her shoulders and down her chest, her long, slim face with hard sharp features is all I can make out, thin tight lips part and chant leaves her mouth. The others join in with her and before I can even speak, my head starts to cloud, my body feels heavy and weak. My knees give out and I fall to the floor, dizziness starts to consume me as my eyes start to close. I look around once more to see if I can see my beloved once last time but he's gone, I can hear his angry panicked stricken voice and thunderous roar.

I try to call out to him one last desperate time."Lucifer." I was supposed to scream it, shout from the top of my lungs, but all that came out was nothing but a whisper before everything went dark.

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