When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Fifteen~


I felt her hand slip out of mine. The warmth I had just held in the palm of my hand
dissipated. I turn around and there's no one there.

She's gone.

Panic sets in and my heart starts to race. "Grace?!" I call out looking all around. Where the fuck has she gone? "Peaches!" A growl loud enough to shake the vicinity bursts from deep inside. I can sense her, I can feel her. I can feel immense power circulating through the air but can't pin point anything out.

I move to look around the corner. I don't want to leave this spot but I need to find her. I can't just stay here. "GRACE!"

She's gone, she can't be gone, she wouldn't just fucking disappear like that! A monstrous roar escapes me. Whoever has taken her will pay dearly for this.

"Azazel!" I bellow, He appears before me instantly.

"Well this is a surpr— what the fucks happened?" He asks. Clearly panicked by the rage rolling off of me uncontrollably.

I know what he's feeling and seeing. I've not felt this amount of fury since the day I fell. The sky is already darkening as the thick black clouds block out the sun, between the clouds the sky is blood red, ash starts to fall as the thunder starts to roar, lightening strikes and fire erupts from everything it touches. The screams of humans running for their lives fills the thick Smokey air.

"Grace is gone." I snarl.

"What?! Where's she gone? You need to try and calm the fuck down, Lucifer. Look what you're doing!" He yells over the noise.

"Someone has fucking taken her! How the fuck can I calm down! I will shred their flesh from their fucking bones layer by fucking layer. Every muscle, every vain, every bone and organ and cell, so very fucking slowly over and over again for the rest of fucking time."

"Right, okay, okay.” He’s blows out a deep breath and puts both of his hands to his head. “Who do you think took her?" He asks as calmly as he possibly can, pacing back and forth.

"That's why I've called you, you fucking imbecile!" I roared. "Can you feel it? Someone has taken her, someone powerful but I don't know who. Get some demons, as many as you need. Find her! Find out who's taken her and find anyone who knows anything! Do whatever you need to do, same goes for the demons. Stop at nothing. I'm going to search Paris and then find Micheal."

"Yes brother, as soon as I know anything I’ll let you know. We'll find her, don't worry, she has to be somewhere." He replies right before he vanishes.


I slowly awaken to the melodic sound of chanting, not yet awake enough to hear their haunting words but the muffled sounds send icy tendrils of fear shooting through my entire body. The cold, hard surface I'm lying upon grazes my skin each time I try to move a little. My arms and legs are tied and a freezing cold breeze sweeps over my body. Everything is blurred, I can't make anything out, it's all a mash of dark colours swirling around. The smell of smoke and incense permeates the air making it thick and difficult to breath.

"It's no use trying to escape, my dear. But do not worry, we aren't going to kill you, not unless you give us reason too, anyway." Comes a voice that cuts sharply through the haze surrounding me.

“Who are are? What do you want with me?” I ask, trying to make my croaky scratchy voice sound unwavering.

“I am Evanora, high priestess of the ashes of Phoenix coven and the most powerful witch in this universe.”

I can’t quite make her out through through the blurriness. A black cloak engulfs her but I can see wavy red hair pooling from beneath her hood as she stands a few feet away.

“Well, aren't I the luckily one? you'll forgive me if I don't bow down as I'm a little tied up right now.” I cough to try and clear my throat. What do you want from me?”

“You, Grace, are Lucifers queen, his soulmate, one half of most important Angels to ever live. You and Lucifer are destined to unite heaven and hell through the spawn you will produce, he will become the strongest and most powerful creature in existence. So, as you can probably tell by now, we can't let that abomination fulfil the prophecy. You have already caused too much damage.”

“Lucifer will find me. There’s no way you’d be able to hide me from him forever.” I reply with a shaking voice.

My senses seem to be getting worse, my vision more blurred and hearing more distorted. I can’t feel the cold or the hard stone beneath me anymore.

Evanora comes to stand at my side, her face shadowed in darkness. Something shiny comes into my field of vision and I hear her laugh.

“This shouldn’t hurt too much, beautiful Angel,” she tells me.

I see her moving the silver knife over to my stomach and can feel the sharp blade pierce and drag along my skin and I let out and earth shattering scream and feel the warmth of my blood trickling down my sides.

Her words fill my ears.

“tolle tuum, qui uno sensu (take thy senses, one by one)
obruat tenebris, non concurri (smothered in darkness, unable to run)
nobis futura filio tuo dabo tibi (give thee to us thy future son).”

“No.” I whisper as my world starts to darken. I see Lucifers face staring back at me in the darkness that engulfs me.

“Somnum (sleep).” Evanora chants into my ear.

“Lucifer-” I cry.

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