When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter One~


"Azazel!" I bellow.

"Azazel!" I shout even louder. My voice echoing off of the walls of my throne room.

The room is huge and hot, three stone walls with flame torches protruding from human and animal skulls spaced intermittently along them stand in front and to the sides of me. Heavy, carved wooden double doors sit in the middle of the centre wall. Ornate stone carvings run along the top and give way to the blackness of the high ceiling. Stone steps lead up to my throne of bronze, embedded with the skulls and bones of Kings and Saints. Blood red velvet lines the padded cushions. Fire pits sit each side of me. Blue flames flicker and twist in the corners of my eyes. Behind me the wall is curved with nine stone pillars, lava seeping through like veins bleeding down into valleys running across the stone floors.

Where the fuck is he!

"Azaz—!" I'm cut off by the doors swinging open.

"I'm here, I'm here, what's got your knickers in such a twist?" He announces sarcastically. His large tall frame marches into the room.

His dark jeans torn, white t-shirt ripped and splattered with blood stretches over his barrelled chest. His leather jacket hangs over his broad shoulders and stretching around muscular arms is covered in mud and dirt along with his boots. His navy blue eyes filled with mischief. His shoulder length dirty blonde hair is tied back with loose tendril framing his square shaped face. A long scar that starts above his left eyebrow passing over his eye and down over his cheek to the corner of his mouth replaces his boyish good looks it with a rugged, air of danger look. Women flock to him like vultures to a carcass.

"Good day?" I ask. Raising my brow and crossing my ankle of over my leg, my arms resting on the arm rests.

"Fantastic. Got into a little scuffle with vamp, he's been taken care of. Tried to cheat in a game of Monopoly, first, the bastard stole my Sleeping Beauty playing piece —he new I wanted that one— so I had to use Snow fucking White instead. And then... the fucker only went and stole Alice in wonderland, Cinderella and Mulan!" He seethed. "Well, I wasn't going to stand for that bollocks so I cut him up then ripped out his throat." He shrugged nonchalantly.

I blink, once then twice.

"Come again?" I can't have heard that correctly.

"We were playing Monopoly, the Disney version to be precise and he tried to cheat me." He repeats.

A loud roar of laughter escapes me. Azazel just stars back at me with a blank expressionless face letting me have my moment. It takes a good few minutes of howling before I finally come back down to hell.

"What's so funny? It's a good game." He rolls his eyes irritated.

"Sorry, sorry... " I burst out laughing once more.

Huffing, he asks "Anyway, what did you want me for?"

"How the fuck have I not ripped your spine out yet?" I muse. Squeezing the bridge of my nose trying desperately to contain myself.

"Why, that would be because I brighten up your miserable day and you need me. Who else is going to call you out on your shit? Make sure the important shit gets dealt with? Plus, I am your best friend and friends don't kill friends." He smiles merrily away.

I shake my head.

"Any news on the search yet?" I question.

"Yes, Asmodeus has found one and Valrik is still looking along with Cain." He replies.

"Good, when will they be here?"

"Asmondeus is here already. But, well... he's had to lock the girl away. She's taken quite a shine to him and has already tried to rape him. She stripped off and pounced on him when he turned his back so ended up getting locked away. Let's hope she's not the Grace you're looking for. She's a little handsy." He grimaced.

"Asmodeus!" I roar. Fury replaces the amusement I felt moments ago now burning through my veins. I can feel my eyes blacken as the rage takes hold. Flames erupt in my palms.

"Whoa! Luce! Calm the fuck down for Hells sake! He's not touched her." Azazel proclaims.

"Asmodeus! Why the fuck doesn't anyone come when I call the first fucking time!" I snarl.

"You called, my lord?" Asmodeus finally arrives in a blink of an eye. "Whoa! What's with the fire?" He questions holding his hands up in front of him. Eyes wide and mouth slack.

Azazel sniggers and takes up a relaxed position lounging on the stone steps.

"Where is the girl? I swear on everything unholy, If you have stuck your fucking cock in her before you've brought her to me, I will flay you alive, rip off your dick and feed it Cerberus in front of you, then send your arse to purgatory!" My temper is hanging by a thread.

Asmodeus gulps, lowers his arms and cups his hands around his most precious part.

"Lucifer!" He feigns offence. "How could you think so little of poor old moi? I would never commit such a heinous crime. You know very well that I cannot be held responsible for my affect on the ladies... and men. These knicker-dropping good looks are the whole reason I am the prince of Lust. It's both a blessing and a curse." He chuckles and winks. "Next time, maybe send Someone who isn't a sex demon."

He runs a hand through his thick black hair pushing back the longer strands that falls across his forehead. Wrinkles playing in the corners of his moss green eyes from the wicked grin on his face, making his dimples visible on each side of his cheeks. The a ring through his nose glints from the flickering light of the torches. The light dusting of stubble along his sharp jaw reaching the middle of his neck gives way to an intricate tattoo on the right side running down underneath his black untucked shirt with two buttons undone exposing more of his tanned skin and more of the tattoo.It falls loosely over his stomach and over his light blue jeans, black boots loosely tired up on feet.

I extinguish the flames in my palms feeling slightly more calm. "Go fetch the girl." I command, scowling.

"As you wish, my lord." He bows and disappears into thin air.

So fucking smug.

"Why does everyone around me continue to test my patience? It's like they all have a purgatory wish." I mutter to myself. Rubbing my hand across my forehead and squeezing my eyes closed.

Fully pissed I turn my attention back towards Azazel and ask "how is the preparations going for the masquerade ball tomorrow night?"

"Smoothly as always" he replies. "The ballroom is fully decorated, the announcements went out last month, the orchestra is all set up and ready to go. The food, blood, women, souls and prisoners will arrive tomorrow afternoon and your suit and mask will be in your room within the hour."

"Perfect. I have a good feeling about this ball" I inform him.

Asmodeus returns seconds later, annoyance marring his face.

A short, slim girl in her early twenties wearing in little black dress clasps on tightly to his large arms staggering barefoot behind his tall body as he walks across the room. Her wavy blonde hair falls just past her shoulders, swaying as she tries to keep up with him. Her hazel eyes are locked onto him with a lust-struck look etched into them. She's pretty but she's not my Grace.

They finally reach the bottom of the steps.

"Lucifer, this is Grace Thompson." He announces. "Is this the girl you're looking for?"

Taking a relieved breath but sighing with disappointment, "No, do with her as you wish." I dismiss miss them both with the flick of my hand.

Asmodeus bows and takes his leave. The girl still trailing after him, eyes still locked on him.

I heard her whispering on the way out "does this mean we get to do it? Will you ravish me now?" To which he growls "No." the last thing we hear is her begging him before the door slams shut behind them.

"Need me for anything else, Luce?" Asks Azazel.


"Good, good" with the clap of his hands, he jumps up "Now, if my lord will excuse me, I have an appointment with a succubus who I would hate to keep waiting. You know how touchy they can get." He says with a wink and smirk. He then waltzes off hands in his pockets with a spring in his step, whistling a cheery tune as he heads towards the door.

"Au revoir, my liege" he calls out opening the door and walking through it.

If I don't find my Grace tomorrow night, I will be paying the little a witch a very unpleasant visit. She will tell me more.

With that last thought, I stand up and make my way down to one of the torture chambers to try and take my mind off of things.

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