When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Two~


Silence. Chaos encompasses me but all I can hear is...nothing. Silent as a forgotten melody. As the deepest darkest sea.

Blood. Ash. Flames. Smoke. Surrounding me. Suffocating me. Drowning me.

Angels and demons are lying dead as far as the eye can see. Flames and fire engulfs some of the dead, ravaging their bodies and stealing the oxygen from the already thick air, mixing the smell of burning flesh to the already putrid scent of death and blood and smoke as it envelopes me completely and fills my heart with sorrow and dread.

The gates of the city of angels are blacked and bent, no longer are the strong and mighty golden gates, blood drips down from an angel who laying unmoving on top. The walls are destroyed and crumbling adding dust into the smokey asphyxiating atmosphere.

Tears fill my eyes blurring my vision as I take in my surroundings. I try to blink them away but it releases them on a slow path down my face.

Angels and demons are continuing to battle. It's brutal. Swords are smashing into each other. Other weapons are slicing and dismembering. Smashing and crushing. Flashes and dust as spells and magic course through the air. Some are fighting with just their bare hands. Scarlett covers every one, dripping and mixing with the sweat and mud that cover them, anguish and anger, exhaustion but determination etched into each and every face that I can see. There's a flash of lightening every time someone dies striking them down one by one.

What is happening?

Silence. Everything is silent.

Misty rain mixed with ash of the dead fall like snowflakes and smother me in its cold embrace. I wrap my arms around myself to try and create the slightest bit of heat whilst the cold breeze sweeps around my body. I look down and find that I'm in a torn white satin dress. It's bearly held together and covering my breasts. Its covered in mud and the there's a tear that ripped almost from the bottom to the top up the side, along with smaller rips everywhere else.

What happened to me? Bruises marr the skin on my legs and arms. Along with cuts and wounds in intricate patterns.

I try to cry out. Nothing. No sound escapes my lips. I try to scream. Nothing. There's a name I'm trying to call but cannot get out. I look around for him. I cannot see him. Fear bubbles up stronger and stronger as the seconds tick by and panic is rampaging through my body. Where are you?

Why are they fighting? Why can't I move or hear or scream? I'm so confused and cannot fathom what is happening. How did I get here?

I turn my head back to the side and then I see then, I see him. He has his back to me, I try to call his name but I can't speak, I can't get it out. He can't hear me. I use every ounce of strength left in my broken body and pull myself to my feet. But fall back down, I move to my hands and knees and crawl and drag myself to him. He needs me, I need him. I try with everything I have left to get to him in time. I fight and fight with my trembling body to move faster, dragging myself through the mud and blood and ash, over the lifeless bodies and over to him.

I'm almost there. Just a few more feet...

I wake up with a start sweating and shaking, every time it's the same dream or nightmare is probably a more accurate way to describe it. It feels so real that I can never go back to sleep. I lie back down and stare up at the ceiling and take long deep breaths to calm my racing heart and rapid breathing. I'm left feeling confused and scared and horrified at what I see. I don't understand why I keep having this same dream. I used to just have it once in a while but they are now more frequent and happen nearly every night. Maybe it's time I ask someone.

I lie there a little while long and then decide to get up and start the day. I head into the bathroom and run a hot bubbly bath adding lavender and chamomile to it in an effort to forget the nightmare that haunts me. Maybe I'm just reading too many books. I should try and cut down the amount I'm reading and see if that helps.

For centuries I have been confined to Heaven for my safety. I've been told I have ruthless and savage people who want to take me and keep me locked away. They will use my body in whatever way they please, they will rape and torture, torment and oppress me their heart's desire. They want to break me. To desecrate my body, shatter my will, pollute my mind, crush my spirt and annihilate my soul. They want to use my wings to gain entry into Heaven and if that were to happen, then heaven only knows how many angels would be slaughtered and would perish until they gain complete control here.

That can never happen, so I'm forced to hide away here until the threat is over. I have not been told why or by who, only that I need to be protected at all costs and the only way to make sure that happens is to stay in Heaven until the threat is over.

Archangel Michael will not tell me the reasons why they are out to get me specifically, only that I am special — again he wont tell me how. I've asked thousands of times to no avail. There is nothing special about me other than me being the sister of the angel of death. I am just an ordinary angel.

That all ends tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am finally allowed to descend to Earth to start helping and guiding humans in their time of need, just like I'm supposed to do.

All thanks to my beloved brother, Azreal. He has managed to persuade the other Archangels to let me descend. Obviously there are stipulations that's goes with it.

I can only descend with my brother or another Archangel. Azreal must stay with at all times, although, I do get my privacy when I am with

my charge.

I'm not sure how he was able to convince them but whatever he did or said I am extremely grateful and forever in his debt. After all, what use is it being angel if I cannot help people in their time of need.

I can almost taste the freedom.

Heaven isn't all that bad though, I have everything I could ever need. I don't have any friends preferring to keep to myself and not be constantly judged, but Azreal visits me as often as he can. He is the angel of death. Which sounds terrifying but he only retrieves their souls when their time comes and takes then to their destination. Be that Heaven, Hell, Purgatory or the Void/Abyss—I shudder at the thought of the other places.

Purgatory is a place of a suffering and torment if a a soul is still waiting to be judged but also a place of punishment for demons and angels alike. When a demon or an angel dies, their souls get taken to the void where they're trapped in the nothingness for all eternity. Once a soul is in the void, there is no way out. Just imagine. Floating around in nothingness for all eternity. Azreal is the only being to have ever entered as he has to escort the souls there. He won't talk about it to anyone, therefore, no one else knows for sure what it's like.

My brother is the person that keeps me sane. He's funny, sweet, kind and loving when he is with me and has the biggest of hearts and the most beautiful soul. He is tall, dark, and brooding. His turquoise eyes — just like mine — glisten like a tropical ocean which stand out against his thick prominent brows, ivory skin and hair the colour of dark chocolate. His lustrous locks falls with slight wave to his broad shoulders. His slightly broad and nose along with the light stubble that surrounds his strong jaw and pale pink lips make him a dangerously handsome.

He is the one who brings me most of my books to add to my extensive and exquisite collection. I adore books, there is nothing better than curling up somewhere with passionate romance novel or heart pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller. Those are my favourite types. So without him, my life would be very lonely indeed.

Although, Archangel Michael does also come to visit me. He always brings me some sort of gift but if I'm honest, I don't want them. I have told him countless time's not too but he keeps bringing things. He likes to take me for walks, talk about things for hours on end and even just sit in silence whilst I read. I do whatever he wants as he does accept no for answer.

Azreal has said that he's trying to win a small place in my heart as he wants me to to rule Heaven by his side. That is categorically out of the question. I want no part of it. There is something about him that scares me and I just can't put my finger on what it is. There's something deep in his eyes that chills me to my core. I really don't know why he is interested in me, he doesn't need anyone and I want no part of ruling anywhere.

My little home is beautiful. The most perfect and picturesque little slice of heaven all to myself. It's a little English style country cottage with creeping ivy snaking up the outside walls. Inside the quintessentially old fashioned country decor and furnishings making it cosy and warm, with the added extras of a lot of plush cushions, throws and rugs. A large stone fireplace proudly takes it's place along the far wall of the living room, where I love to curl up with my books. My very own library takes up most of the cottage, it's filled to the brim with hundreds upon hundreds of different styles and genres, new and old, Classics and modern.

My quaint little cottage is sits in the middle of an extraordinary forest of my own design, surrounded by magnificent ancient oak trees, orange and cherry blossoms trees with weeping willows too. There's an endless array of wild and exotic flowers mixed with sunflowers, lilies and roses of all colours. wild jasmine spread throughout that perfumes the clean crisp air. Flowers float in air along with the random petals and feathers gently swirl around in the slight breeze.

The sight is magical, glowing with every colour that nature has to offer, so beautiful and peaceful, it fills me with joy.

Just beyond the forest are snow topped mountains that give way to a magical waterfall with its own lagoon. The spray of the iridescent water that cascades over a cliff top creates permanent a rainbow that's shines brightly. The crashing of the water on the rocks echoes the forest along with the birds singing, crickets chirping, bees buzzing and the sounds of the small animals going about their day adds to tranquility and peacefulness of the place. Every time I step foot outside it tantalises all my senses at once, exactly how I felt the very first day I created it.

It's home and I love it.

If only I had someone to share all this with then I would be perfectly content and happy to spend the rest of eternity here. I dream of one day finding my one true love, a soulmate. Someone who will love me deeply and passionately. I want someone who I can share my mind, body and soul with. I yearn for that heart skipping, breath stealing, knee weakening love that can only ever be imagined. Sadly, that's all it will ever be is a imagined. A dream. Angels do not fall in love and do not have soulmates, we are here to help, serve and protect. This is why I am so different from all the other angels. I long to love and to be loved.

All is not lost though, I might not be able to find love but I now have the next best thing. Now that I can finally descend and help people who are in desperate need.


First stop London.

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