When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Three~


I step through the towering golden gates of the City of Angels struggling to keep my elation under control. I don't come here very often as I have no need and being around so many other angels makes me feel uncomfortable but when I do, the sight always leaves me breathless each time. It's beautiful.

The homes and other buildings are made from blue and honey calcite, copper and bronze that reflect the light back catching the eye. Fountains of marble, ruby and emeralds perch in a magical lake in the centre of it all with it's luminous blue water and mist that gently swirls around and kisses the surface. The sapphire ground winds its way throughout the city and up to the magnificent castle that is made of amethyst and snow quartz with gold vines that wrap around the many towers.

The castle is where the archangels and portals reside as they need to be guarded at all times. The archangels have the power to just poof themselves where ever they want to go but the rest of us has it use the portals so they know who's come and going and where.

I look around and see angels going about their day all around me. Some are flying up above, others are casually walking to their destination whiles others are sitting. Most completely ignore me but some send me not so nice glances and I can't fathom what I have done to earn them. But today I pay them no mind, today is special and I am not going to let them ruin it or make me feel bad about myself.

With a smile from ear to ear, I unfurl my beautiful wings and take to the sky.

Soaring up into the fluffy white clouds and up to the castle. I'm too happy to be uncomfortable right now, being able to leave like normal angels might even land me a friend or two as well.

Excitement bursting out of me soaring across the sky taking is the view below me.

When I reach the golden doors to the castle my excitement starts to dim, giving way to nervousness. I'm not sure if it's the fear of knowing that if I leave the safety of this place behind me and the people that are looking for me could find me, the fear failure or just the unknown, probably a combination of all of them. I take a deep breath pushing it back down inside and I head inside towards to the the crystal lined hallway.

My beloved brother Azreal is standing at the end of the corridor relaxed, leaning against the wall next to the bright white light of the portal. His dark chocolate brown hair falls in slight waves across his shoulders, his dark brown leather armour wraps around his broad torso with his bare muscular arms folded over his chest. A black belt wraps around his lower waist with a large gold sword sheathed at his side. The same leather armour trousers encases his leg that are crossed over at ankles and an ornate dagger in each black leather boot.

He looks up and a big beaming smile adorns his handsome face when he sees me.

"Gracie, how are you this morning? All ready for your first taste of freedom?" He asks.

"Good morning, dear brother. I'm okay but the nerves are starting to make an appearance now that I'm here." I reply.

"That's understandable, it's a big change for you but you'll be amazing." He smiles.

"But what if I fail, Azreal? What If I can't do it? What if they don't want help or what if those people find me and take me away? I've never been to earth before, I don't know what to expect or do." I can feel the panic starting to bubble back up in my stomach into my chest.

He unfolds his arms and legs and pushes himself off of the wall, opens his arms and walks over to wrap his strong arms around me surrounding me in his warmth and love, and I feel safe. I know he wouldn't let anything happen to me but still.

He pulls away slightly after a moment and looks down at me.

"Grace... look at me." He lifts my chin up with a finger. "I promise you, I will not let anything happen to you. No one will take you away and you will not fail, that I know for certain. You are the most kind and compassionate, loving and most caring being in all of the universe. Stop doubting and getting yourself all worked up because it won't do you any good."

I smile softly at him and nod.

"Besides," he says. "I have so much faith in you that I even made a bet. If you win —which you will— I get free beer for a whole decade and you know I never lose at anything. I was pushing for a century but Neo wasn't have any one of it." He laughs and taps me on the nose.

"You what!" I shriek. Then realise where I am look around and me sure no one heard us, "Azreal, what were you thinking! You know that's a sin, if anyone found out you could be severely punished. What in the heavens were you thinking!" Pushing away from him and start pacing the hallway trying calm my erratic heart and breathing. "Does everyone think I'm going to fail? Is that why you done it?"

"Relax Grace, it's fine, no one will find out and even if they did they wouldn't do anything about it, I'm the Angel of Death and an Archangel at that. No one cares about little indiscretions like those. And no, no one thinks you are going to fail. Not many people even know. I initiated the wager but Neo really didn't want to take it as he knows he's going to lose. I had to use my powers of persuasion on him." He said with a wink and a grin.

Taking deep breaths I try to pull myself together.

"Right, now is not the time for this. We will talk about this later. You're in big trouble Mr, Big trouble." I tell him stabbing my finger into his chest.

I turn around and place one hand on my forehead, the other on my hip and blow out a long breath.

Azreal is still smiling when I turn and look at him.

"Okay, deep breaths," I whisper to myself. "I can do this, everything will be fine."

"That's the spirit, sunshine. Ready?"

He laughs and holds a hand out for me to take.

I furl my beautiful white wings with hints of pale silver and lavender glistening through my soft silky feathers. They sweep across the floor, brush along my back until the disappear between my shoulder blades. The desire to keep them out and just wrap them around me and hide myself away is strong. But I have to be brave. Someone desperately needs my help right now and I can't let them down.

I reach out and take Azreal's hand. His long fingers curl around my tiny hand swaddling me in his warmth and easing my wavering confidence.

"Yes, I'm ready." I reply.

With one last deep breath we step into the portal, surrounded by the warm and the blinding brightness of the white light.


Hi everyone,

Sorry about this chapter, I ended up deleting my original one which was way better when I tried to copy and paste it from my notes onto here after I had edited it and made changes. So had to redo it from scratch and couldn't remember what I had written. Now they are all getting backed up properly.

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