When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Four~


We step out onto a hard concrete floor at the top of a high tower block. The unwelcoming sight of a dull, somber grey sky looms all around us, suffocating gusts of wind smother us with the icy cold drizzle of rain that sinks into in my skin and straight through to my bones. It whips my long dark hair around with it and tendrils snake and stick to my dampened face from the wet frigid rain. My long white silk dress twists and flutters in all directions, chilling my skin causing me to shiver.

I can't see very much from up here on the bland building, only similar buildings that are the same height as us or higher. The landscape is shrouded by the mist of the rain and low coverage of clouds. It's bleak and miserable. I can hear the sounds of engines, sirens and the honking of horns. It's loud and turbulent. The claustrophobic and oppressing smells of fuel, exhausts and smoke smother me. It's a shock to my system. Overwhelming and overbearing.

But my charge needs me.

Dylan needs me right now and that's all that matters. That's what I need to focus on.

Helping him.

Now that I've stepped through the portal I have all the information I need on Dylan Evans. He's 20 years old. In his first year of university, studying to be a doctor. He lost his family a month ago in a car accident on their way to see him and his new flat in London. They never made it. Unbeknownst to them, a tree fell across the country road they were driving along due to the storm that same evening. His mother, father, 10 year old sister Maddie and baby brother Issac died instantly as they rounded the corner and crashed into the tree.

Dylan blames himself.

"Okay?" Azreal's deep voice pulls me from my thoughts with squeeze of my hand.

"Yes, just a bit overwhelmed. I'm ready." I let go of his hand a take a step forward out the shielding cloak of heaven's portal.

"I will come back when you are done. I have some business to attend too. Good luck, Gracie, you will be fine. Just trust in yourself." With that, he disappears.

I look around for Dylan and spot him behind me sitting on the edge of the small wall looking down. The longer strands oh blonde hair that sit on top of his head are soaking wet and blowing in the wind. He had his back to me and doesn't appear to have noticed my presence. His light grey t-shirt and dark jeans are saturated. Goose bumps cover his pale wet skin.

"Dylan?" I call out softly.

No reply.

"Dylan?" I call again.

"Go away," he replies. Voice croaky and deep and strained.

I slowly make my way over to him and try and radiate my love and hope out to help him. I take a seat on the ledge next to him and swing my legs over. I sit there quietly next to him.

We sit there quietly for a short while.

"I said go away." his face is a picture of calm and serene but the dejection in his eyes and voice is evident. His cobalt blue eyes are red and tired from crying, surrounded by dark circles and thick golden brows. His pale skin is sodden from the rain masking any signs of tears. Large droplets of rain drip off the end of his straight nose and chin. All of the muscles in his face and body are relaxed as if it's a normal thing to be sat in the rain on top of a tower block. But I can see and hear the silent screams grief and sorrow and pain deep inside of him. He looks exhausted and has clearly given up. I need to help him.

"Dylan I'm not leaving you up here by yourself, I've come here to help you."

"I don't need your help."

"Do you think your family would want you to do this?" He finally turns and looks at me with pure anguish and raw agony contorting his face. He's tortured and lost in the vail of darkness that's taken hold of him.

"My family are dead!" He yelled. "How would they even know? They are dead because of me! It's what I deserve, I killed them!" He's leaning towards me thrusting his thumb to his chest, tears filling his eyes voice cracking with emotion.

"I know they are gone, I know everything thing that happened, I know everything about you. I know that you think that it's your fault but it's not. It's no ones fault. That's why I've come to help you and make you see that it's not your fault." I say calmly.

"How do you know?! Again, who are you? What makes you think you know anything about me! You know nothing about what happened!" He shouted.

"I know everything Dylan. I know about the accident, how they collided with a fallen tree on their way to see you. But that doesn't mean it's any fault of yours. You have to stop torturing yourself, Dylan. You have an amazing life ahead of you. You are going to help and save the lives of so many people. It's your destiny. Would you really want to throw all that away? I know you are in a very dark place right now and can't see past the pain and heartache of why has happened and that's ok, it's ok to hurt and feel the agonising torture from losing the people who you love and loved you back. It's ok to be angry too. It will take a while for you to overcome and heal from what has happened but it will make you the man you are destined to be. You are a going to be a saviour, encompassing love and hope for everyone around you and every life you help, save and change. You will get through this Dylan but it will take time and right now, you need the help of your friends who are waiting for you to call them back and let them in. Don't push them away." As I say this I let my lustrous wings unfurl.

Shock marring Dylan's face at the sight of them. Eyes wide with droplets of rain dripping off of long golden eyelashes, mouth gaping open and his breathing is halted.

"You're - you're - you're an angel?" He stutters in disbelief.

"Yes Dylan, I am." I reply.

"I-I-I don't understand, how... how can you be real? How are you here?"

"I am here to help you. I come those who are in desperate need and help show them the way." Seconds later a raging sob wracks his long lean body shaking him to the core.

After a Few moment, Dylan leans forward and whispers "I'm sorry..."

My heart stops and leaps into my throat, I reaching out to try grab a hold of him when he leans back and swings his legs around and slowly makes his way off the ledge. I let out the the breath I was holding whilst thinking he was about to jump off of the building.

"Why are you sorry?" I ask. Swinging my legs back around and lowering myself to the wet ground.

"I don't know. I just feel like I should be saying it, sorry to you, sorry to my parents, to Maddie and Issac. Sorry to my friends. I'm just sorry." He responded. Tears filling his eyes once more and the rain hiding their fall.

"What is your name?" He adds.

Taking another deep breath I reply "it's Grace."

"Thank you, Grace." With that be walks over to the door of the building and opens it, he turns back around nods his head and a small sad smile plays on his face, although it doesn't reach his eyes I can can tell that he's going to be okay.

The door closes behind him.

Azreal appears next to me startling me with him deep, booming voice.

"I told you you could do it, Gracie. I never doubted you for a second."

I turn to look at him and smile. Relief filling my entire body along with the sadness of knowing how much pain Dylan is in and the exhaustion of this mornings events.

"Come on," he said. "It's time to celebrate and I have a surprise for you." With that he takes my hand and instead of using the portal this time he uses his powers and the next thing I know we are back in Heaven.

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