When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Five~


It's the day of the ball and everything seems to be running smoothly so far. I was in a fantastic mood up until now. The day started out great.

I went on a little outing this morning. A brief trip to New York. Nothing fancy. Thought I might snag myself a little entertainment and a soul or two to torture in the coming days. Maybe even someone to torture if I have time.

I popped in to see one of New York's mafia bosses. Just to stir the pot a little and rattle some cages as things have gotten quite quiet lately. A bloodbath is now inevitable.

Then a little visit to Wall Street and had a little fiddle around there. It was nothing major but needs must. Should be getting a little influx of ripe new souls soon enough. After all, my time was limited today and I didn't want to completely crash the market this time.

Now, on my return to my humble abode of the dammed—now this a was a big surprise— I found Michael, waiting for me in my throne room looking all dolled up in his holy-than-thou gold suit of armour. Blonde hair perfectly swept back and styled. Looking like he just fell off a magazine cover. Prick.

"Michael! Oh what a delight it is too see you here... in my home... with the unholy and unworthy lowly demons. To what do I owe this displeasure to, brother?" I announced, striding up to my throne and taking a seat. Crossing my ankle over my leg.

Michael stands before me. A serious expression on his pretty face.

"Lucifer." Michael replies curtly. "I came to see how you were doing, it's been a while hasn't it? I thought I would just pop in."

I laugh. Hilarious. He's fucking hilarious.

"Okay, okay, cut the shit we both know that's not the reason, I have no time for small talk."

"Straight to the point it is then. Well Lucie, here's the thing. I have been hearing a lot of stories about you in recent years and thought It's time to pay you a visit and have a little chat." Smug bastard.

"Oh really? And what would that be? Hmm?" I ask rubbing my chin. "Because I can't actually recall doing anything so diabolical that would warrant your interference in the last century. You didn't even show up when I started the First World War and even the second... nothing. You've even ignored the famine and Ebola plaguing the third world countries. So what could possibly warrant such an ostentatious visit?"

I lower my leg and lean forward elbows on my knees, eager to hear what he has to say.

"Well," he clears his throat. "There seems to be a lot of talk about a prophecy and what not, I came to see how much you new?"

"And why would I tell you anything?" I ask. With a raised questioning eyebrow.

"Who told you about of prophecy? You wasn't supposed to find out about it, so, someone has been talking about things they shouldn't of been, they need to punished...severely." Is that a little anger I see coming through?

"Hmm, well that's not my problem if your people can't keep their mouths shut. I was always going to find out Michael, it's not as if something that big could be kept from me for the rest of eternity. But as you can see I have not found her yet. But I will... soon." I inform him.

Michael laughed.

"No Lucie, you won't. Do you know who she even is yet? Or what she even is? Because I do." He smirked.

"I will find her Michael, I can promise you that. And now I can take a stab in the dark here and say that she's an angel?" I grinned. "Thank you Michael, you have just given me all the information I need. Grace, hmm my very own little angel. And to think... I wouldn't have found that out if you hadn't of come down here. Funny, you've come all the way down to the fiery pits of hell to give me all the vital information I need to find her. Should of just left it be." I winked.

Michael's face dropped. Shock evident.

"How do you know her name?" He whispered

"Ahh," I tapped my nose, "now that would be telling." The wickedest grin spreads across my face.

Soon my angel. Soon.

"You will never find her. You will never get to her." He snarls.

Oh Yes, he's definitely angry now.

"Come now brother. You know very well how I will always get what I want and this is even written in the stars." I stand up "There is nothing or no one that will keep us apart." I hiss.

"You will never have her!" He roars.

A little chuckle escapes me.

"Oh! I get it." I smile and sit back down with a sigh "My brother happens to be in love with my soulmate, am I right Michael? Are you in love with Grace? Is she that special that she has two angels in love with her. She must be mind blowing considering angels aren't meant to fall in love. I'm even more excited to see her now that she's made the great archangel Michael fall to his knees. How does she feel about you? Is she in love with you too?"

He looks away.

"How are keeping her from me? Is she locked away? Are you holding her against her will? Does she even know about me?" My anger is now starting to rise. "You can't hide her forever, especially now that I know where and what she is."

"Like I said Lucifer, you will never find her and she will be mine, not yours." He shouts.

"Goodbye Lucifer."

"NEVER!" With a deafening roar I erupted into flames throwing a huge fireball straight at him. He disappeared before it can hit him.

"Azazel! Cain! Get the fuck in here now!" I roared.

They both appear in front of me.

"Oh fuck." Azazel whispers when he sees me in flames.

"What's happened?" Adds Cain.

"Michael has just paid me a little visit. He's just informed me that my Grace, is in fact an angel and that's he's keeping her from me. And here's the kick in the balls, he's going to make her his! My fucking soulmate! He's taking my fated fucking mate!"

"What?!" The both cry out in unison.

"Does she know about you? That you're her actual soulmate?" Azazel asks.

"I don't fucking know!" I yell. "If he has told her then he's definitely poisoned her mind against me or he has her locked away. I would of found her by now otherwise."

"Shit. What do you want to do?" Asks Cain.

"Assemble an army, we are going to Heaven. I will burn it all to ash and decimate every last one of them until I find her."

"Fuck Yes!" Cain shouted "been craving another angel battle, it's been a while." with that Cain disappears.

"Don't worry we will find her Luce. I would happily give my life and soul for my queen." Says Azazel.

"I'm going to get ready for the ball. There are bound to some of Michael's parasites lurking around keeping tabs on me. We leave before the ball is over, if they think I'm there then they won't be expecting us when we arrive."

"Excellent, I will go help Cain prepare the demons and meet you at the ball." He then disappears in a poof of smoke.

I take some very long deep breaths to try and calm this raging fury deep in the pits of my soul enough to extinguish the flames.

She will be by my side by the morning. I repeat to myself

Flames out, I make my way to my room and get ready for the ball.

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