When Heaven and Hell collide

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~Chapter Eight~

"I have more care to stay

than will to go."

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


What's happening to me right now? I feel like I'm in a dream. Is this real?

Walking into this ball was like a dream, the atmosphere was electric and exciting and all the hairs on my body stood on end accompanied by goosebumps and shiver of delight running down my spine. Beautiful women dressed up in beautiful ballroom gowns in all shapes, materials and colours with masks to match their outfit. The handsome men all wore suits or tuxedos again all in different colours. The masks everyone wore were also different, some were delicate lace like mine but others were fully opaque. Some hide half the face some hid their face fully.

There were people dancing around to the enchanting music that was calling for me to join them. Some people were standing around watching everyone else and chatting amongst themselves whilst others were sitting at the tables and chairs that were situated around the black walls.

"This is amazing," I breathe. Looking around still in awe.

"I know, Lucifer likes to go all out with these types of things." Azreal replies.

The black walls gave way to red panelling around lowers parts with gold edging, that matches the red floor, four huge crystal and gold chandeliers adorn the ceiling. Red linens clothes are neatly placed on the tables with various golden centre pieces. A stage lies along the back wall with an orchestra playing their instruments happily to the guests and a singer in the middle with the most stunning voice singing away. There is a bar over to my right that is calling to me, I want to go there and I want to have a proper look at it but something is stopping me. We step into the room fully and start to walk along the edge of the dance floor when someone calls Azreal...

All the sounds of the music and the laughter and chatting disappears. Everything around me goes silent as I am smothered in an unknown feeling quickly raging through my entire being.

The moment I heard voice my heart started pounding in my chest threatening to break free. My stomach was filled with butters and I suddenly couldn't breathe. His deep velvet voice penetrated right into my soul and everything in the room disappeared. When I finally gained control of myself again and I turned around I felt dizzy with the strangest feeling. My knees went weak and I prayed that they wouldn't fail me now. The epitome of evil was nothing like I had imagined. He was breathtaking. So beautiful it hurt to look at him. I got so lost in those deep dark eyes of his I thought I would never be to find my way out but I felt complete. Whole. Like my soul finally found its missing piece. I don't want to find my way out of those eyes. I could stay lost in them forever.

His mask was red and only covered half his face but I didn't need to see it all to know how heartbreakingly beautiful he was. His hair was black as midnight styled and swept back, full lips smiling the most sinful of smiles and calling out to mine begging for me to taste them. I wanted too, if I wasn't so in shock right now I probably would have but I couldn't move, I was frozen. I wanted to feel the stubble rub against my every part of me. I could see his his strong broad shoulders in the peripheral of my vision and I dare not look any further down as I would look like a complete creep, and we couldn't have that now could we. His sharp black suit fitted him perfectly from what I can catch with a black shirt and a red tie . I snapped my full attention back to him as his melodic voice rang through my soul.

"Grace." He whispers and small inaudible whimper slips through my throat. I hope no one noticed. Goodness that would be embarrassing to say the least!

He took my trembling hand and I struggled to keep myself upright. My whole body lit up like the sun and heat of a thousand infernos rippled through my body but it wasn't painful and then another tiny whimper escapes. It was pure sinful pleasure. I wanted this man. I have never wanted anything more in my life.

Oh heavens, what is happening to me right now.

"Ma Reine, I am Lucifer, it's my pleasure to finally meet you. I had no idea that Azreal had a sister, if I had known that I would of made your acquaintance a lot sooner," he speaks again and 'swoon' I am actually swooning right now. I'm not sure I can fine the words to reply to him. My body is not working right now. I am a puddle on the floor.

"A-A pleasure to meet you too, L-Lucifer," I managed to stutter out. Gosh now that's embarrassing!

Then he asked me to dance, I wasn't sure I could actually dance right now but I nodded and he led me to the dance floor.

I shouldn't be doing this, I shouldn't be dancing with the devil, I shouldn't be feeling like this for the devil, although, I suppose this is what he is, what he does.

He's pure sin. Temptation. And oh boy, was I tempted right now. I wanted to to unspeakable things to this man. I blame my romance novels on that thought.

He pulls me close to him and I forget how to breath. I want to spend the rest of my life in this mans arms, I have never felt more alive or more complete in my entire life.

Oh snow balls, what am I thinking. I can't feel this way about Lucifer, I can't sell my soul and give in to this forbidden temptation.

So I try to distract myself from these thoughts and say to him "This is my first time at ball, It's beautiful."

He smiles. Oh goodness it's glorious a smile.

"Thank you, ma reine. Is that why you are so nervous? I hope I do not scare you, that is last thing I want to do," he replies and I can see the fear and concern in his eyes after he spins me around.

I really do feel like a fairytale princess right now.

"You do not scare me as such, well... you should but for some reason I'm not scared, nervous maybe is more the right word, I think," This brings a huge smile to my face. "It's my second time to leave heaven, I'm not really supposed to be here. Azreal brought me to celebrate my first time helping a human this morning."

"Ah, I see." He leans down and whisper in my ear, "and why do I make you so nervous?"

My breathing accelerates and I feel light headed as as breath hits my ear and lips gentle brush across my skin. "I-I'm not sure," I breathe.

My whole body has turned to jelly and if he wasn't holding me so tightly against him I would be a puddle on the floor.

He lets out a little chuckle still next to my ear, I can take it much longer, I think I might actually combust. All this heat scorching through me is too much.

Finally he straightens and asks "May I ask how have you only left heaven twice?" He questions.

I'm not sure I should be telling him this but I just can't to stop myself. Although, I can't stop the feeling of being nervous and slightly panicked either but for the strangest of reasons I feel like I can trust him with my life. I don't see evil or 'the devil', I see a man. A heartbreakingly beautiful man — I wish I could take off his mask and see his face properly. I feel completely safe in his arms like nothing in the universe could hurt me.

I feel at home.

"I-I have some very bad people looking for me and I've had to stay in heaven for my safety. Michael said that they want to take me away and to do unspeakable things to me and want to take my wings to gain entry into heaven, to slaughter the angels and take over. I couldn't allow that to happen so I never left. But finally Azreal managed to persuade them to allow me to help people on earth. They agreed but only if my brother was with me at all times. And only for my missions."

He looks angry, very angry, but I still don't feel scared. I don't think it's aimed at me. I can see hurt there too.

"Grace, I will never let anyone harm you in any way. I promise you that."

Why would he promise me that. Why would he care what happens to me. He has no reason to and is not supposed to care about anything.

"Why would you make promise like that? You don't know me," I question.

"I might not know you personally, but I know for certain that no one is out to get you in the way you've been told. Would you like to know the truth, ma reine?" He responds.

Oh goodness, what does he mean? What truth? What reason would Michael have to lie to me?

I nod nervously with a sinking feeling deep in my chest.

"Then come with me and I will tell you everything," he whispers.

I follow him in the a room after checking that Azreal can see exactly where I'm going.

We sit down on the stone steps in a huge room, at the top of the steps sits a Thorne of skulls and and bronze. Either side of us lava runs past us. It's very daunting and sinister looking. The hairs on my arms and neck stand on end whilst goosebumps creep across my skin.

He's still holding my hand.

"Grace, this is going to be difficult to understand and even more difficult to believe, but please just know that everything I tell you is the truth and I would never lie to you or try to trick you in any way."

Oh dear. "Okay." I take a deep breath and wait for him to continue. My heart is pounding like war drums on a battlefield.

"Sixty years ago I went off on a little trip to wreak a little havoc and entertain myself. I ended up in France where I came across some witches, one of them bargained for her daughters soul to be returned to her from hell and in return she would give me information on a prophecy about myself. It turns out I have a soulmate."

"But that can't be right. Angels don't have soulmates." I interrupted.

"We don't, no, except for me. The prophecy states that Lucifer and his soulmate, will bare a miracle child. The child will bring about the end to the endless bloodshed between Heaven and Hell and peace will be bestowed." I gasped. He carries on. "I didn't believe it at first either, so I done some digging, called in a few favours and it turns out that it's real. For sixty very long excruciating years I've tried to find her, all I new was her name. I searched everywhere. Myself and a few other trusted demons scoured the earth several times. Every clan, coven, pack, world and territory, even Heaven. I still couldn't find her.

"Today though, I had a visitor who actually new who she was. He's the one who's been keeping this prophecy a secret and was trying to hide her from me and keep her for himself." He growled the last part, anger burning inside of him. I sat there shaking continuing to listen and trying not to interrupt.

"He actually made the mistake of giving away what she was, which made all the difference. It turns out that she's an angel. So after this visitor left, I started to prepare my army to go to Heaven and get her, we were going to go during the ball tonight. But as it turns out, there is no longer any need to do this because my soulmate actually found me, she walked walked in here tonight like a nothing I have ever seen before, she took my breath away with her beauty. And now that I have her I don't think I could ever let her go."

He brings his hand up to my face and strokes my cheek with his thumb.

"Why are you telling me this?" Not understanding or believing what I'm hearing. It's too hard to take it all in.

"Do you want to know what her name is?"

I just star at him not knowing what to do or say.

"Her name is...Grace."

I gasp, my hand shoots over my mouth. How could this be possible? It can't be.

"It's you Grace, you are my soulmate." He sees the shock on my face.

"How? I-I don't understand, how can this be?" I question.

"So you see there was someone out there looking for you but not for the reasons you've been told. Michael wanted to keep you for himself, he doesn't want peace."

"This is just so much to take in." Oh gosh, is it true? Could it be true? I've just met this man and I want I want to give him everything, I never want to leave him. It must be true, I've never felt this way in my life.

"What do we do now? Michael will come looking for me when he realises I'm not at home. He come by often to see me and bring me gifts but every time I tell him he doesn't need too come by and I don't want the gifts he doesn't take no for an answer. Azreal said that he wanted me to rule Heaven by his side but I didn't and don't want that."

He clenches his jaw and his hand tightens slightly around mine.

"You will stay here with me, as my queen and I will take care of you give you all the love you could ever imagine." He smiles and it makes me melt. "Michael is never going to take you away from me. You are mine Grace and I want you to stay with me, I've searched for too long to find you and now that your here I can't be away from you."

Tears fill my eyes. This is impossible. It's so much to take in.

I have a soulmate.

"I don't think, I don't think I want to go either." He smiles at me and pulls me onto his lap and into his arms.

"Fuck, your here, your finally here." He rests his forehead on mine holding the back of my neck and stroking my cheek with his other hand.

We stay like that for seconds or minutes, maybe even hours I can't tell. All I know is I feel safe and happy and right.

He gently strokes the back on my neck with his thumb sending shivers down my spine, our breaths mingle and our lips just centimetres apart. My breathing speeds up and a small barely audible moan creeps past my lips at the feeling of his hands caressing me. He hears it, and of a sudden his lips are on mine and my brain instantly stops. Time comes to a standstill. I can't think about anything but his perfect soft warm lips on mine. Heat spreads through me and all these new sensations fill my entire body. His kiss is so soft and gentle that I can barely stand it.

It's perfect, absolutely perfect.

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