Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 10:: Dottie Finds Out Kelly Left

I watched as Donna walked by the house and frowned. Why didn’t Kelly bring her home? Donna, I yelled. Why didn’t Kelly bring you home from school? What do you mean? She wasn’t at school today. But her car is gone. I ran up to Kelly’s room. Her bed was made and then I saw the envelope. I opened the one addressed to me.

I sat crying. She left last night. I had not realized just how bad she was feeling. Savage hurt my little girl. He made her feel unwelcome. I yelled out the window and said “Beast get your ass over here right fucking now. “I walked into the house and Dottie walked over to me with fire in her eyes. If I would have known how your President would have treated my daughter, I would never have married you.

You swore to me that we would all be welcomed into the MC as family. You lied to me. Everyone but my daughter was welcomed as part of the MC family. Kelly left. She went to live with the Viking MC. She said that she will not stay where she is not wanted. She said at least she is family to Jim’s MC. So, until you fix this and get my daughter home where she belongs you don’t sleep here.

You sleep over there with your MC family. The MC family that doesn’t know the meaning of family. But Dottie Beast said. I screamed loud enough that the whole MC heard me. Don’t you dare fucking but Dottie me. My daughter is gone. You lied to me about your MC welcoming not only me and our son but my children. All my children as a family. Well, Savage proved you fucking wrong about what family is supposed to be. Pack your shit and go live with your fucking MC because until my daughter his home and treated right you won’t live here, I said throwing the letter in his face.

I had just arrived at the Viking MC and got out and shut my door. I walked in and Jim said. What are you doing here? Moving in I said grinning. At least you all treat me as part of the family. Well, you know where your room is, he said. I handed him my car keys and he handed them to a prospect and said. Unload her car and take her things to her room. Jim hugged me and said. I can’t believe Savage treated you like that. You are welcome here if you want to stay. We then walked over and sat at the table. Just as I sat down a cup of fresh coffee was placed in front of me.

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