Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 11: Silient Treatment

Savage, Beast, his enforcer, and Kelly’s brother walked outside to see the Valkyrie’s sitting together along with Savage’s mother and sister. As we walked toward them, they turned their backs to us. It has been one month, and the woman has not talked to any of us. Even the club whores are giving us the silent treatment. We walked to the bar and grabbed a beer.

How long will this go on Savage asked? The prospect said. Until you bring Kelly back and show this MC means it when we say we are family. You treated her like shit from the day you laid eyes on her. Grinning he said. The Viking MC is coming for the party tonight by the way. And, Kelly is coming with them. I think tonight is going to be very interesting.

Just then the news came on and it was about the female kickboxing. We have Raven the raining female woman’s champion kickboxer here along with her opponent Red Hawk. So, the fight is scheduled for five months from now. It is a long time coming for you two to fight again. How do you both think it will go? Red Hawk said “Who knows. Raven is good. We both know each other moves so it is something that can’t be predicted until the fight ends.” I agree with Red Hawk. She is just as good as I am.

We do know each other’s moves, and, in the end, I could lose my belt or keep it. We just do not know now. Then Beast said. I didn’t know she was defending her belt in a few months. Her mother didn’t say anything to me about it. We need to buy front row tickets Savage said. Go take care of that right now Beast. We watched him walk to Savage’s office. I finished my beer and went to my room to shower and get ready for the party.

Just as I finished dressing, I heard the roar of bikes coming toward the club. I walked out into the club to hear good to see you, Kelly. She was standing close to Jim’s VP. I did not like that. It made me angry. I looked at her and my breath caught. Fuck she was even more beautiful. My dick stirred in my pants. She walked over and sat with her mother, my mother, Donna, and the other Valkyries.

I walked over to the table and asked. When are you coming back home, Kelly? She looked at me with anger and said. This is not my home. You made that plain when you told everyone I did not belong in this MC. I am at home. I live with the Viking MC. They know the meaning of family. She then turned her back on me. She had changed. She was harder. She was not going to let me in.

I did not give her a chance to get to know me now she was not giving me the chance. She really did hate me. Mom walked over to me and said let us take a walk. Savage, why did you do it? Do what? Tell people she was not family; she did not belong with this club. Why did you push her away? I am too old for her. Really, that is why you did it? I don’t believe that. You thought she was a kid and did not know about the MC life and that is the truth.

I don’t think you can fix this Savage. It will take a long time for her to forgive you. And it can’t be fixed if she stays at the Viking MC. It still won’t be fixed even if she came back because she would not come over it and she would remain as far away from you as she can get.

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