Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 12: Savage Calls Kelly A Whore

I sat back and watched her when one of the club whores walked over and whispered in her ear. I saw her smile and then they both walked to the jukebox and then to the stage taking off their shoes. They started working the poles and fuck me if she did not have every single man in this bar’s dick has hard as a bat.

Then I said something I will regret. So, while living with the Viking MC you have become a whore. Everyone gasped and looked at me in anger. Especially the Viking MC members. My mother walked over and slapped my face. How dare you talk to her like that. If you had gotten to know her, she might still be here. You didn’t have the guts to tell her you liked her, so you lost her.

I walked over to Jim and said. I’m going to a motel. I do not have to be talked to that way especially by that ass wipe. I will see you in the morning. I watched her walk out of the club and heard a bike start and ride from the club. After she left the party was not as fun. Soon the women walked out back and sat by the fire. Savage’s mom said. He is jealous but he doesn’t know how to fix it. I’m sorry Dottie.

Then we men walked out and I heard Jim answer his phone. Ok, I understand. I know where to find you. You just be careful. Fine. Love you too. I wondered what that was about. Her birthday is in five months she will be 18 years old. I know that I fucked up. I bought a cabin in the forest in Kentucky. I loved my cabin. The Indian village was about one mile from my cabin. I was also a 10-minute drive from town.

There is an MC here, but I don’t go to their club. I work at the Tattoo shop and I am very good at what I do. I changed my name to Spitfire. My tattoos are becoming known all over. I had eye surgery and did not have to wear glasses anymore. I walked into the shop and Rebel said you have a busy day today. You have 10 people scheduled. Your first is a Valkyrie from our club. She will be here in 5 minutes.

I walked back to my space and started sitting up. I do not talk much unless I must. I lost the sparkle in my eye. I felt unloved but for my mother and siblings. I felt like I was not good enough for any man. I did not date. In my time off, I boxed and kept in shape. I finished setting up with the enforcer’s Valkyrie walked in. She introduced herself as Jane. I am Spitfire. I know. What tat do you want? This butterfly. Here on my left shoulder blade. When I finished, she smiled and said it is beautiful? it looks so real. Thank you she said as she walked up front to pay.

Rain is here. I worked on the bear tattoo for Rain and she was happy with it. I finished the tattoo for the day. I decided to go to the store and get something to eat before going to the cabin. I started to clean up my equipment when the door opened.

Is Spitfire here? I am from out of town and would like for her to do a tattoo for me. Sure, just a minute. Send him back I said sighing. He walked in and had his back to me. He was taking his shirt off. I want a Wolf tattoo on my back. Lay down I said. I knew it was Savage. He did not look at me.

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