Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 14: Beast and Savage Are Looking For Kelly

I want Kelly. But finding her has been hard. She has been gone for five years now. She was 17 when she left. She would be going on 22 now. We sat down and beer was placed in front of us. What can I help you with Savage I asked? I said we are looking for my VP’s stepdaughter Kelly. I would have eventually claimed her, but she left the club when she was 17. It has been five years now. Beast showed Rider the picture of Kelly.

We watched as he looked at it. He never showed emotions. I think she looks like the woman calling herself Spitfire. I have never met this girl. She is a beautiful girl that is for sure. You are free to show her picture around the club, but I assure you that she has never been here. Thank, you Beast said. Her mother and siblings really miss her.

We continued to sit and talk, as I looked around, but I did not see Spitfire from the tattoo shop. I just got a tattoo from Spitfire. I don’t’ see her here. You won’t see her here. She has never been here, nor has she wanted to come even though we have invited her to family BBQ. She lives somewhere in the forest close to the Indian village. She stays to herself. She does not like people.

If you need to talk to her how do you get in contact with her? A friend of a friend makes that contact. She likes her privacy, and no one knows exactly where her cabin is. We are not going to find Kelly here. Or they are hiding her out. But I don’t detect any deception from Rider. I must run to town so feel free to talk to the members and see if any of them can help you I said standing up and walking out of the door.

I rode to my sister Donna’s house and told her what was going on. She looked away from me fast. Donna do you know something I don’t. Ask grandfather I said. Alright, I will. I walked out and got on my bike riding to the reservation. As I pulled into my grandfather’s driveway, he met me at the door. I knew you would come to inquire about Spitfire.

Some men are looking for her. Her stepfather and his president. We cannot let them know she is here. When and if she wants to be found she will be. It is written in the stars for her to be here right now grandson. She is not healed yet. Her soul is still fighting. Her pain is still too great. Fine, I won’t let them know she is here. That is for the best.

Maybe you should ask them why she disappeared. I will tell you this much. She said that Savage told his members she did not belong with his MC. That she was not family even though his VP is married to her mother. That bastard. He made her feel very unwelcome. He even called her a whore. I was furious I knew for a fact she was not a whore. She never let a man get close enough to her to let them get to know her. The choice will be her’s to go back home to her mother or to stay here.

I grinned at grandfather and said. You know what her choice will be don’t you? I do he said grinning. It will be done before they leave here. She will watch and wait. Never fear. I was in a tree watching the MC. I could see inside the club. Savage paid no attention to the whores. But that did not mean anything. I will make him suffer and beg for me to let him claim me. I grinned and jumped down from the tree.

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