Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 15: Kelly Goes Home

I walked to my bike got on and rode to grandfathers. I walked into his house and said. It is time to put the plan in place. I will close the cabin and move to Virginia. I will get my cabin ready and apply to work at the tattoo shop in town. I will stay clear of Savages MC. I hugged my grandfather and said. I leave tonight. I’ll call you. I love you grandfather.

You will return someday with your child. I turned and walked out of my grandfather’s house to pack my things and leave I let my boss know the plan is being put into place and I was leaving. I arrived back in Virginia. I unpacked everything and got settled into my cabin. Wolf went exploring. I drove into town and saw the tattoo shop was open and were hiring.

I walked in and said I am looking to apply for the position. And who are you? Spitfire. The girl’s mouth dropped open. Are you shitting me? No, I am not. I just moved here. Boss, she yelled. What do you want? This woman said she is Spitfire and wants the job. I walked up front and said do you have your design book. I handed it to him. You, are her alright. You are hired. I said I work Monday to Thursday. Off Friday, and the weekend. No problem. You got it. Fine I will start on Monday.

Would you like to come to the club and meet Savage, my president? No. I will not come to the club. I prefer to come to work and then go home. I really do not like to party. I am not saying that I don't go out every once in a while but I mostly prefer to stay home. What made you move here may I ask. I smiled and said. My best friend moved here. She talked me into it.

What is her name I might know of her? Her name is Lisa and she is a social worker here in town. Yes, we do know her. She is the worker for several of our club members who are foster parents. We have been friends for over 5 years. I met her when I would visit my grandfather. She is a wonderful girl. Yes, she is he said.

Well, I am going to the store and run some errands. I will be here at 9:00 am on Monday. Good-bye. Well, fuck me. I had the famous Spitfire working here. I will have a lot of business when that gets out. I have to say she is beautiful. But she had this sadness in her eyes and a standoff attitude toward men. Word had gotten out she was here, and she was booked from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

I walked in on Monday and was informed that I am fully booked all week. I was not surprised because I am good at what I do. Several of the single men tried to flirt with me but I did not talk to them as usual. All I would say is not interested. Not that you are not a handsome man just that I once went through a rough time.

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