Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 16: Kelly Here's About Herself

Everyone took it well. I was booked with even women and they all loved the tattoos. I had been working for a week when one of the club whores said to me. Our president and VP will be back tonight. I hope they found Kelly. Since she has been gone the club has not been the same. I never met her, but they said she used that ring at the VP’s and the scarfs, and she was a kickboxer.

They also said she was nice to everyone, but Savage did not make her feel welcome. Savage is an ass and mad all the time since she has been gone. No one can get close to him especially women. They said that he fell in love with her the minute he laid eyes on her, but he was too old for her. So, he had to make her hate him. Apparently, he did a great job at that since she has been gone for 5 years now.

I hope if he ever does find her, she makes it difficult for him and gives him a run for his money. I grinned as I planned on doing just that. It took me a year to find out that I had fallen in love with Savage and hated him for making me feel as if I was not good enough for him. He made me lose my self-esteem, caused my depression and now it was his turn to suffer even more. The final humiliation was him calling me a whore in front of his club members and my family. I was not a whore. It brought back my rape and beating.

Well, I do not need a man. I can live without him if I must. But can he live without me? Can he take me ignoring him? Take thinking that I do not want him. I am exceptionally good at hiding my emotions. Soon, Savage. Soon you will see me again. And when you do. You will not believe what you see. And you will not like the woman I have become because of your rejection.

Lisa and I decided to go to the new dance club in town. It was also one the bikers went to. When we walked in word spread that Spitfire was in the club. Lisa and I continued to get looks. I did not mind as every now and then we heard. Spitfire reminds me of someone I used to know. We drank and danced and were having a good time.

A club member snapped a shot of Spitfire and sent it to Savage. Look who is at the new dance club. We just walked off the dance floor when Lisa said. Plan B is now in place. That meant that my mother, brother, Beast, the enforcer, and his woman, and Savage was here. I felt my mother and brother’s eyes on me.

I walked to the bathroom and my mother followed me. As she shut the door, she looked at me. Kelly. You are back. I am not called Kelly anymore. I am called Spitfire. The famous tattoo artist she asked. The very one. She hugged me and asked. Why have you not come home to see me? I can’t mom.

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