Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 17: Play The Game

I am going to make him suffer. He rejected me. He called me a whore. You realized that you loved him, didn’t you? I did. But I could not stay mom knowing I loved him and watch him with the whores. I am older and smarter now. Because of him, I am not a nice person. I have no heart now. I will not give you away. Not yet. Alright. Good.

I walked out and sat down at my table ignoring the table next to us. I did not even look over at my mother. But she was playing the game. She continued to look at me occasionally with a confused look on her face. Lisa and I continued to dance and a few times when some bikers came up and danced with us, we could hear a growl.

I do not know what it is, but I did not like those men dancing with her. She was nothing to me. I knew she was a tattoo artist, but we did not even know each other. Why am I feeling this way? It is the same way I felt the first time I laid eyes on Kelly. The woman never looked over at our table. She never looked at me like most women did and were right now. I cannot take my eyes from her.

I asked a prospect to ask the women if they wanted to join us. He walked over and asked, and Lisa and I said sure why not. I was surprised when they agreed. I thought she would take the empty seat next to me, but she sat between two prospects. Occasionally she would talk to them but most of the time she listened to the conversation going on. Then Lisa asked. Dottie, did they find any trace of Kelly yet?

No, they have not. 5 years. We have looked for 5 years but nothing. Any sighting the men have gone to check it out. No word from her either. I only receive one letter three years ago. By the time they got to that town, she was already gone. I miss her so much. I just want to hug her again. To look at her face again. I want to know if she is happy. Is she married? Does she have any children?

By the time we ended the night, I was wasted. I remember we ended up at the MC partying and then nothing. I woke up and opened my eyes. I looked at a man’s back and said. Fuck. It was Savage. I was naked. I slowly got out of his bed and got dressed. No one was awake. I called a cab and went to the dance club and got in my car and drove home. Fuck me. I fucked up. I had sex with Savage and did not even know it.

I rolled over in my bed, but she was gone. I had sex with Spitfire. I had not looked at a woman since Kelly left. I knew that there is something I am missing. Spitfire seemed like Kelly. What the hell am I forgetting? I was eating breakfast when it hit me. The tattoo Kelly had on her shoulder of a broken heart. Spitfire has it. Spitfire is Kelly.

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