Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 18: Savage Figures It Out

I stormed out of the club and got on my bike. I stormed into the shop and asked. Where is she? Back there. I walked to the back and looked at her. I was angry. If you did not want me to remember who you were you should have done something with the tattoo Kelly I said. Fuck. I forgot about the tattoo. And your point I said not showing any emotions.

You knew we have been looking for you for 5 years. When you gave me my tattoo you knew who I was. I knew. But you did not say anything. Why should I do that I asked? I told you I was looking for the girl I loved, and you did not say a word. Not one dam word I yelled. Again, why should I Savage? You rejected me, you called me a whore. Last night I knew subconsciously who you were. And if I had not been drunk, I would never have let you within a mile of me let alone your bed. So, what do you want Savage a standing ovation that you finally after 5 years found me and fucked me?

No, I want you home at the club where you belong. I laughed at that and said. Did you forget what you said when I was 17 years old? She does not belong here. Go the fuck away Savage. You can stop being an ass to your club members I am back. Maybe not back at Beast’s house but I am back in town. You are one stubborn bitch. There you go again calling me names.

Leave Savage I don’t need you to downgrade me anymore then you have. I walked around him and told my boss I am going home. I walked out leaving Savage standing there watching me leave. Fuck Savage is it really Kelly the girl you loved since she was 17. The girl you made hate you, the girl you called a whore. And last night you ended up with her in your bed. The very stubborn female. You do realize you called her a bitch.

I covered my face with my hands. Why do I always put my foot in my mouth? She left me again. I drove to my cabin and walked in slamming the door behind me. That fucker called me a bitch. He makes my blood boil. Why did I come back here? Then I ended up in his bed. We have avoided each other for two months. I was talking to my mom at the shop when I ran to the restroom.

This has been going on for a few weeks now. Mom, I think I am pregnant and its Savages. Her face got white. Mom what are you hiding. I had to tell him. I took the pregnancy test and put it in a box. I drove to the club and walked in. I thought he should know. I asked where he was, and they said his room. I walked to his room and knocked on the door.

I opened it to see him fucking a woman. I shut the door and walked back to the Beast. Please give this to Savage he has a right to know. I handed him the box. I then turned and walked past his mom. Kelly, you are back. Not anymore. Not after what I just saw. I have been replaced after we had been together one night.

I turned and walked out of the door. What the hell is she talking about? I walked to Savage’s room and opened the door. Fuck Savage. You are fucking a whore when you want Kelly. By the way, she was just here. She saw you two.

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