Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 19: Kelly Is Pregnant

I opened the box she wanted me to give to Savage. I lifted the pregnancy test out of it and saw it was positive. Kelly is pregnant and Savage is the father. I walked down the hall and opened the door. I saw him with the whore. I threw the pregnancy test at him. What is this he asked? You had sex with Kelly. She is pregnant. You are going to be a daddy.

I said turning and walking out of his door. I looked at the test and read positive. Kelly is pregnant. She got pregnant the night we slept together. I am really going to be a father. I was grinning. I have her now. I yelled mom she has to come back now. She is pregnant. She looked at me with sad eyes. Why are you looking at me that way?

Did you not hear me when I said Kelly was here, but she is gone now? Then I realized what she was saying. Kelly saw me with the whore. Now you get it. Yes, she saw you in bed with the whore. Dammit, Savage when are you going to learn. It is biker law she must come back or give me the baby I yelled. Then my mother yelled back she does not have to do that. She is not a member of this club or any club. She is not claimed by you. She does not have to follow the biker laws. You fucked up Savage.

She does not have to give you her child. She can raise the child on her own. She can make you have a DNA test. She can move to another country to get away from you. She hid from you for 5 fucking years right under your nose. She can disappear again. All I could think was she saw me fucking that whore. I cheated on her. Well, I did not but in a way I did.

I was working at the shop when she called me. I will not be in for a couple of weeks. If you want to know why as Savage or any club member, they will tell you why. I hung up the phone and lay in bed crying. What the hell did Savage do to her this time I wondered then I got a ding and watched the video of Savage getting yelled at by his mom. Kelly is pregnant with Savage’s baby and she caught him fucking a whore. Fuck it is going to get rough around the club again.

I did not have to work. I am wealthy. I own tattoo shops around the world. I invested my money wisely. I did not drive to our town but got in my car and drove to the town that was 30 minutes away. I went shopping and bought enough food to last a year. I had the men load the truck and I drove back to the cabin. I drove into the garage and unloaded the meat and put it in the freezer. I then started carrying all the grocery bags into the house.

Once that was finished, I drove the truck to the shed and parked it. I then walked into the garage shutting the garage door before walking into the cabin. I called around for a midwife. I found one who liked her privacy and lived about three miles from me.

She also lived alone. She was my age. She agreed to come to the cabin to meet me. I explained my situation and how I ended up pregnant. I understand she said. I story is so much alike. I too have a man I once loved at that MC. I heard they are looking for me too.

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