Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 2: Kelly Talks To Donna

I started thinking about how she would look holding our son. I must stop thinking like this. Mom and Donna were watching me smiling. A club whore was walking by and I grabbed her making sure that Kelly was watching and started to kiss her. I looked away from Savage my stepfather’s president and the club whore. For some reason, it hurt that he was kissing her and looking at me.

I lifted the baby and burped him. I then sat looking into the woods and had my head leaned back against the chair rocking him to sleep. My brother walked over and took the baby over giving him to mom. He then took my hand and walked me over to get a plate of food. We sat down and started eating and when we finished, I walked over and whispered to mom that I was going home.

She kissed my cheek and told me she would be home soon. As I walked over to Beast, I thanked his president for having me over and kissed Beast on the cheek and said I was going home. I felt eyes watching me as I walked out of the yard towards our house. I walked in locking the door behind me and walked up the stairs to the attic. I grabbed sweatpants and a t-shirt and walked into my bathroom. I showered and put on my P.J.’s then walked to the kitchen turning on the light.

I made a pot of coffee before sitting at the table. I sat down near the window to feel the breeze. I got up and poured my coffee before sitting back down at the table. I was reading the information about the school, I would be attending when my cell phone rang. I picked up and heard Elizabeth’s voice. We talked for a while before I hung up and went to bed.

Donna walked to school with me since the weather was nice. We talked about who is who and how some of the boys are always picking on the girls. I was not excited to be at a new school. I may not talk at home, but I don’t take shit from anyone at school. A friend of mine was bullied bad and one day she tried to harm herself. Bullying is not something I tolerate.

I was thinking about Savage, Donna's brother. I already know what Savage thinks of me. I heard him tell his mother, I did not belong in his club. He can kiss my ass because I do not want to be near his MC. He doesn’t know me and what I can do. I have my friends and MC family. Jim from the Viking MC and his members and Steve and Elizabeth from the Black Knight MC. They are all I need. I don’t need the Hellhound Warrior MC.

I heard mom telling Beast what she heard Savage telling his mother about me. She was pissed off. Beast could not believe that Savage said that I did not belong there. Well, he does not have to worry. I won’t be going over to his club again any time soon without an invitation. I don’t go where I am not wanted.

Donna asked me what was on my mind. Donna no offense. But I heard what your brother said about me. I don’t belong around his club. He doesn’t have to worry. I don’t like him either. I have other MC’s who are my family. The Viking in Florida and Black Knight in Virginia. I don’t need him or his club. Moreover, he doesn’t know me that well to judge me and think I am some weak fucking girl. I have been through enough hell to last me a lifetime. I don’t want to be anywhere near him.

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