Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 20: Kelly Returns To Work

I have been gone for 7 years. Wow, I said. The men in that club sure are stupid, aren’t they? It took you one year to realize that you loved Savage. He knew from the start and ran you off. Then you have sex with him and do not even remember it. But you woke up naked in his bed. Now you are pregnant. She examined me and said. You are pregnant. I would say you will give birth in October. We will send you to the town over in two months for an ultrasound.

We then had a cup of coffee before she got in her car and drove out of my driveway. I was laying watching tv when I fell asleep. I hid away for three weeks. I decided to return to work. Thank god you are back they said as I walked in. Your customers are calling nonstop wanting tattoos. I started with my first customer and finished with my last at 6:00 pm. We locked the door and sat in the back room. Now for the gossip.

The MC is angry that you are gone again. Savage is in a foul mood. He is on a run right now and expected back in the morning. He tells any whore that comes near him to fuck off. I cannot help what he does now. If he was serious about wanting me, he should never have had sex with that whore I saw him with. So, is it true? What are you asking me? I am asking if you are pregnant, and Savage is the father.

It is true. I will give birth in October. He is pissed that he cannot get you in the club. His mom told him he fucked up when he let you go the first time. He forgot that you are not a member of his club or any club and do not have to follow the biker laws. He cannot take your child from you since you will not go to the club and be his woman.

I had to run to the store for mom and was not happy about it. I just got home from the run and I was tired. As Beast and I got off our bike I saw her come out of the store. I stared at her belly. She was showing. Hell, I had not seen her for four months. She is carrying my baby. I want her in my bed again for good. But I was stupid. I thought she did not belong to my club.

I chased her away and lost that right to her. Beast saw her as well. We watched as she drove away. I was even more pissed now that I had seen her. She should not be going through this alone. I should be at her side. I got off my bike and we walked in and got mom what she wanted before returning to the club.

As we returned to the club the whore, I got caught with stepped in front of me. Get the fuck in your lane I growled at her. But Savage, I just wanted to welcome you home. And just what do you think gives you the right to welcome me home? You are not my woman. You are a club whore. A club whore that you have been fucking.

I laughed and said. Did you think you were the only one? You are not. Now get the fuck away from me. Seeing her stand where Kelly should be standing just pissed me off. As a matter of fact, I think you believe that you can do what you want. Beast I want this bitch sent away from this club. Send her to one of the chapters in the morning.

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