Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 21: Savage Claims Kelly As Family

Get her out of this club I said walking away from her and to my room. I heard her screaming you cannot do that. I am pregnant. I stopped and turned and looked at her. Do you really think I will claim that child? I will not. I have a child that will be born in five months. I do not care about what you are carrying between your legs. It is not mine.

I continued to walk to my room where I locked my door and lay on my bed. I knew I was not the father of her kid. I always wrapped it up with the whores. I did not wear a condom with Kelly. She will be the only one to carry my child. I fell asleep dreaming of Kelly. I arrived home and got out of my car and walked into the house. I had just got back into town from my medical appointment and was tired.

I lay down in bed thinking about how much I wished that Savage were with me. But he did not want me. He never did. I had to work in the morning. I got up and got dressed and headed to work. My hand started to shake when I heard his voice. Is she here? In the back. I heard him walking down the hall. I had my back to him.

Kelly, we needed to talk. I did not say anything to him but lead him to the office and shut the door. What do you want Savage? I am not in the mood to fight with you. I still did not look at him. I don’t want to fight with you either. Kelly. I want you to know that I cannot get you out of my head. You have been in my head since you were 17 years old.

I cannot lie to you anymore. I thought you were too young for me. I tried to fight it. But I cannot fight it. Not anymore. I want you to give me a chance. No. Why not? I will not live with knowing that every time my back is turned you will be with a club whore. I will not. I am better off raising this child alone. I heard him step closer to me. Are you sure about that?

I am sure. then the turned me around and pressed my back against the wall. He leaned down toward me and I turned my head away. Then I felt his lips on the side of my neck. He started licking and sucking my neck. I tried not to moan. But then I pushed him away from me. I affect you as much as you affect me, he said. He pushed himself against me. Feel just what you do to me.

Stop it Savage I said as I shoved him away opened the door and walked down the hall. I knew how I made her feel grinning to myself. I was going to be where she was. You need to come to the club tonight. What the hell for. I don’t belong to your club remember. Oh, honey but you do. You are my VP’s stepdaughter that makes you family. I stopped dead in my track.

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