Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 22: Kelly Turns The Tables

What the fuck did you just say? You heard me. You are my VP’s stepdaughter and, that makes you family. I looked him dead in the face and said. “You son of a bitch.” I knew by claiming her as a family in front of club members she would be pissed but it was done. I had found a way to get her back.

After all these years you have decided to claim me as family. I looked at him furiously. He knew I had no choice now. Fine I will be there, but you will be sorry. That also means that you have two choices. Here it comes they all thought. You accept my claim, or you give me our child after he or she is born.

Now I was furious. You bastard I yelled. Get the fuck out of here. I will give you your answer tonight. In front of the club members. I arrived at the MC. Everyone was surprised to see me. Savage stood up and said. I have claimed Kelly as a family. Everyone looked at me and noticed the anger on my face. They knew I had no choice. I claim Kelly as my woman.

I stood up and said. Savage is a sneaky son of a bitch. After all these years he has given me no choice but to be here and accept his claim however, it is my right to put some things in place first. I pulled out the paper and read it. If Savage ever cheats on me in any way, I have the right to leave with my child. I do not have to share his bed or stay in the MC. but will perform my duties as expected. Once Savage can prove that he can be faithful then and only then will I sleep in his bed.

Then laughter broke out in the club. Fuck Savage, I believe she outsmarted you. She might have just done that, but she will wear my property patch as I will hers. Savage’s mother glared at him. He was going to hear it good from her. Just then she stood up and said. Savage your one stupid fool. Did you really think that by telling Kelly she was family she was going to forgive you so easily and you would have her in your bed and club just like that?

You are going to have to work hard to get her to trust you. What you just did should have been done when she first moved here. Instead, you did not have the fucking guts to just tell her how you really feel. Dottie and I have decided to take things into our own hands. Get them, boys. I was grabbed and so was Savage. Take them to Savage’s room and lock them in. Until you two can be honest with each other you will remain in that room. We will bring you your food. But until you make this right you will not come out of there.

We were shoved into Savages room and the door slammed and locked. What the fuck just happened. I turned and looked at Savage with hate and anger. This is your fault we are locked in here. I watched as he walked over to the bed and lay on it with his hands behind his head. Say something dumb ass.

He just grinned at me. It is my fault I will admit that. Savage, you are getting on my nerves. I always have darling. God, right now I could kill you. You don’t’ want to kill me. You never did. You might have wanted to do other things to me but kill me, never. You do not hate me either. You do not know shit I said.

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