Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 23: Savage & Kelly Are Locked In Savages Room

Just as I was walking past him, he reached out grabbed me, and pulled me down onto the bed. What the fuck are you doing? Get your hands off me. I am going to do what I wanted to do to you the first time I laid eyes on you. I watched as he rolled me onto my back and leaned over me. I looked away from him, but he brought my face back to look at him and he slowly lowered his head. I felt his lips on mine.

I refused to open my mouth for him. He reached up and rubbed his thumb on my nipple and I moaned. He shoved his tongue inside my mouth. He started kissing me. My arms slowly moved up and around his neck. I grabbed his hair and pulled, and he moaned. This is what I wanted from him all those years ago. He pushed himself against me. Soon he had my dress off me and I was laying in just my bra and underwear. His shirt followed.

As we made out, I became wet. I wrapped my legs around him. He removed my bra and sucked on my nipples and slowly shoved his hand inside my panties and put one finger inside of me. I gasped and moaned harder. Let me make love to you Kelly. I shook my head and he gently removed my underwear and soon he had his lips and tongue on my clit. Savage, I gasped. I knew she was about to reach her orgasm and then I took her flying through the heavens and back down to earth.

I slowly rose above her placing my cock at the edge of her velvet sheath and slowly pushed myself inside of her letting her adjust to my size and length. Fuck she was tight. I slowly shoved myself and out of her. Soon she was moaning, and I felt her tighten around me and squeeze me and I shot my cum in her. I rolled off her slowly getting my breath back.

Kelly, I have fought my love for you because I thought I was too old for you. I was wrong. I love you; I have loved you from the time I saw you get out of the car. I wanted to drag you over here to the clubhouse and into this very room and strip you naked and make love to you over and over and hear you scream my name. I was wrong for making you feel as if I did not want you here.

I wanted you here in my bed under me. I can’t fight this anymore. I love you. I know right now you can’t say it back. But I cannot let you go again. I had to do something to make sure you stayed here. Please understand. The only woman I ever was around was club whores. I never dated; I did not know how to talk to you. To let you know I liked you. I did not know how to ask you to go out with me.

I just knew how to get you to stay even if you hated me. I woke up and realized that Kelly had crawled on top of me in her sleep. I noticed she was still sleeping. Then I felt something move in her tummy. My eyes widened. Is that our baby moving I wondered? I did not move instead I enjoyed having her on me in my arms and in my bed.

I remembered last night with a smile. I had made love to her most of the night. She still had not told me she loved me, but I understand why she did not. She is scared I will leave her. I have made her feel vulnerable. I felt her slowly move and she lifted her head and looked at me with sleepy eyes.

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