Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 24: Kelly & Savage Go To the Cabin

I watched as she rolled off me. She did not move far away instead she threw her leg and arm over me. Kelly are you alright? we did not hurt the baby, did we? No, we did not hurt the baby. We are fine. I smiled down at her. Will you stay with me, Kelly? We must go to my cabin. Why? My Wolf is there. You are what? My wolf. I cannot leave him alone.

Maybe we can stay there a few days alone without the members around. I would like to see where you have been living. I own a cabin. We can go tonight. I watched her smile. We can take my truck. If they let us come out of here, I heard her say. They will let us out when I tell mom we are going to spend a few days at your cabin. That made me happy. I want to be with him just the two of us and no one else around.

We got up and took a shower and got dressed. Her mom left a dress and clean underwear and a bra for her. I watched as she slid on her shoes. I called my mom and she came to let us out. I saw a smile on her face. We are leaving I said. We are going to spend a few days at Kelly’s cabin. We will be back on Monday I said as I took her hand and walked out of the room and down the hall.

We walked out the front door and I lifted her into my truck before shutting her door and walking around getting in. I started the truck and she told me how to get to her cabin. When we arrived, I was surprised. I never knew this cabin was here. It was a nice cabin. As we entered, she dragged me to her room where she proceeded to take my shirt off me, and we made love most of the day.

I was so stupid for letting her go all those years. We could have been doing this for the past five years. I cannot get enough of her. I love this woman so much. Soon we will be parents. Not that I do not want our child I just wish that it could be just the two of us for a while. It did not work out that way. I liked how she dragged me to her bedroom.

I know she loves me. She has loved me since she was 17 years old. I will never let her go now that I finally have had her. But, I can't let her know that while on runs out of town I have one whore that I still have sex with. I am not saying that Spitfire can't satisfy me she can. I just like women. I lied to her about not being able to talk to her. I feel bad about that. But, I can't let her take my child from me.

We got up and showered again and walked out to the kitchen to fix something to eat. She walked over to the back door and opened it. I saw this huge wolf walk in and go to the corner where he started eating before he walked into the living room. Where did you get that wolf from, I asked her? I found him alone in the forest. His mother had been killed. I hand fed him and he has been with me ever since. About four years now. He is protective of me. He will be protective of our baby as well.

The club members might have to get used to him because I am not leaving him behind. His name is Spike. I would not dream of making you leave Spike behind. He is your wolf and he belongs with you. Yes, he does I said.

We made some breakfast. After eating we washed the dishes and then walked into the living room to watch some tv. We made love on my couch for three hours. I cannot get enough of Savage. I still cannot bring myself to tell him that I love him yet. But soon I will.

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