Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 25: Savage Gets Angry

It was Monday and I had to go to work. We will come back this weekend. We put Spike in the truck and dropped him off at mom’s house and I got into my car and drove to work. We worked through the day and finished around 6:00. I drove to the club. As I got out of my car and entered the club everyone said hello. I walked to Savage and my room and took a shower. I changed into maternity jeans and a top before going out to the club.

As I walked over to the VIP table he stood up and kissed me. Your vest should be here this week he said. I smiled and said that’s fine. As we sat down the door opened and three men walked over to the table. Hello Savage. We have come to discuss something with you. What do you want Satan? I have a proposition for you. What would that be? Work with us and we will not take your woman from you.

I watched as Savage stood up and said in the coldest voice I have ever heard. I will not work with you and if you think you can take Kelly from me, I will kill you first. I watched as the man started to shake. Do not ever threaten me again Satan. And do not make the mistake of thinking that If by chance you got my woman, I would not hunt you and your MC down and burn you to the ground.

You just put a nail in your coffin. By threatening my woman. Just where is your president Satan? I will not tell you. It does not matter I will find him but you three made a big mistake coming to my club. Take them to the cells. I walked down to the cells with Beast. As I entered, we walked over to the cell Snake was locked in. Demon should not have sent you to my club Snake.

Now tell me just what made him to that? We are on shutdown until further notice so if he wants a war, he is getting one. Your MC has been gone for a long time. I don’t believe that you and Demon know that we are legit now. We no longer run guns, sell drugs, and we are not into prostitution. So, what is it that he thinks he gains from us?

You’re lying. He screamed. I leaned against the wall and said: “I have no reason to lie.” We have been legit we are into business. We own night clubs, tattoo shops, and have other businesses that keep us above the law. We do good things for our community. Not saying that if we must go to war we will not because we will. So, again what is it that Demon thinks he can gain from my club?

Not a fucking thing if you are legit. OH, we are legit. Well fuck he said. I guess your club had not gotten the message yet. Almost every MC around here has gone legit. And we will not stand for any 1% errs from moving in. So, you should return from where you came from.

And if my wife disappears you do not know the trouble you will bring down on yourself. She is related to half if not all the MC’s. You will have a war you cannot win. Now, give me a phone number to contact Demon. He told me the number and I dialed it. Demon listen and listen well. I have your men in my cells. You do not come into my MC and threaten it or my family.

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