Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 27: Kelly Is Shot

Look, lady. I have been trying to avoid your breast in my face, but this is the last straw. You are disrespecting not only my wife and myself but yourself. Please pull your shirt up I am not interested in your breasts. The only breasts I am interested in are my wife’s. After we paid for everything Savage loaded the truck and we headed to the club.

Once at the club, he lifted me out and had the prospects carry everything inside. I walked over to a table and sat down, and my usual coffee was placed in front of me. We were enjoying the quiet and peace then gunshots flew through the club and I screamed. I hit the floor in pain. A prospect covered me and started firing out the window as men ran outside firing their own guns.

I must have passed out because I was hearing my name screamed. I felt myself being lifted and I was carried to the doctor’s office. I woke up a few hours later with pain going through my shoulder. I sat in a chair next to her bed. I was going to kill Demon and destroy his club.

The MC’s had not left yet, and they are coming up with a plan. I cannot leave her side until I know she and the baby are going to be alright. Doc said the bullet had gone through her right shoulder. She was going to be fine. I saw her open her eyes and I smiled. Baby, you are going to be fine.

What about the baby? He or she is fine. I thought I lost you when I saw all that blood. We are going to war. We are going after them. No one-shots my woman or tries to kill her or mess with my club. I want you to sleep, baby. I will be in my office if you want me. I kissed her and she closed her eyes. I stormed down the hall and to my office.

Someone tell me that you have found out where those fuckers are hiding. We did as a matter of fact. The men are preparing for war. We walked out to the building and grabbed the weapons we preferred. I want Demon alive. We all do. He is not going to get away with this we all promise you that. We got on our bikes and rode to Arizona. We found the building and surrounded it. We set the place on fire and killed most of the Demon’s men. Jim’s MC captured Demon and he was tied up and thrown into the back of the van. We were headed home.

I will be loving my woman tonight if she is not in any pain. No one, but no one is going to hurt her again. I am a selfish bastard. She is the love of my life. That bastard tried to kill my woman. I will find out if he has one of his own. Mark my words I will bring her here to suffer right next to him. I will not hurt her but some of the women will.

As we arrived home, we found that the women had cleaned up the mess and the clubhouse was back in order. I walked in and straight to our room where I saw Kelly leaning against the bed watching a movie. Her arm was in a sling. I walked over and took my shirt off and boots and lay down on the bed and looked at her. I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

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