Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 29: Kelly Searches The Bedroom

We walked into the club, but I noticed that something was wrong. Savage was not paying any attention to me. Who was calling him that he could not answer the phone? He always answers the phone no matter who calls. Mom and Savage’s mom asked what was wrong. When I told them about the phone call they said? I would not worry about it.

But Savage’s mom did not say anything. What does she know that I do not? Is he seeing another woman? Did he meet someone while on a run? I walked to our room and started going through his jean pockets. I found a piece of paper. It had a phone number but no name. I took it into the nursery and placed it in the small box on the shelf.

I then went back into the room and went through the drawers. What is he hiding? I opened the drawers and looked under them. Then I looked at the pictures. I took them down and opened them to look for anything that was hidden behind them. Nothing. I walked into the closet and stood on a chair looking at the shelves. I then saw a box shoved behind some clothes.

I took it down opened it and carried it into the nursery and slid it under the dresser and against the wall. I continued to search for whatever I could find to go through. I searched the floor of the closet and as I leaned on the floor one of the boards creaked. I moved. I made a note to open it when he left the club. I walked out and sat down as Savage and the men walked in.

I walked over to sit with him, Beast and mom. As I sat down, I laid my hand on his leg. He removed it. Mom saw what he did. I asked are you alright? I am fine he snapped. Beast lifted an eyebrow. Do you want to go to the cabin this weekend I asked? No, I do not fucking want to go to the cabin. I just want you to leave me alone. I looked at him and stood up walking away.

What the hell is going on Savage? You are treating Kelly like shit. Nothing is going on. Really, well you sure are not yourself. I walked to the nursery and opened the box I found on the shelf. Then I saw pictures of four different women all dated while he was on his runs this past month. Then I called the phone number. Hello, I heard a woman say. Hello, I found this number in my husband’s jeans pocket. Who is your husband? Savage.

What she yelled; He did not tell me he was married. He is not only married but we are having our first child in two weeks. Well fuck. Honey, I am sorry I do not mess with married men If I had known I would not have called and told him about the party at our clubhouse this weekend. Would you do me a favor if I put you on speakerphone so Savage cannot lie? Not one dam problem.

I hate fucking cheaters. I put her on speakerphone. I walked out to the bar and threw the pictures of the women on the table in front of him, mom and Blaze. Savage, you are fucking cheating. You have been cheating every time you go on a run. Where did you get these? It does not matter. And that phone call you got earlier I have your girlfriend on the phone. I do not know what the hell you are talking about. Really, Savage, the whole club heard.

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