Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 3: The Girls Go To The Club

The minute we entered the school, the boys were on us like white on rice. Not interested in a boyfriend. No thanks, I said. during lunchtime, we were sitting at a table when a girl walked in and I heard people telling her “you need to go somewhere else bitch, you’re too ugly to sit with.” I was furious. I stood up and walked over to her taking her tray and said. Come sit with us. Those people are not worth knowing. You would rather know us.

I then walked over to the table of girls that were being rude and looked at the leader. I picked up her carton of milk and dumped it on her head. The one fucking thing I cannot stand is a bully. One day you will be fat and ugly and poor and that girl over there will be rich and you will be working for her. So, you might want to be nice to other people bitch.

I then turned and walked over to the table with people clapping their hands. I found out her name is Tammy and she doesn’t have a mother and her father works all the time. Her father is rich but the kids at school have not put her last name with the name of the company many of their dads work at. We were talking and having fun and then I yelled! Makeover tonight. I hate to start school on a Friday but there it is.

I looked at Donna and asked, “do you ride a motorcycle?” Of course, she said. I grinned and said I have one too. Do you know how to ride I asked Tammy? No, but I want to learn. Good, you will tonight I said. You are coming to my house after school. We are going to teach you to ride a motorcycle. After school, we walked to my house. We saw Savage and Beast working on bikes. They watched as we walked up onto the porch. Beast walked over and asked how was your first day?

I laughed and said. I know you most likely got a phone call. I did he said smiling. I won’t yell at you because you did it because someone was getting bullied. I gritted my teeth and said, “Like I will listen to you anyway after what I heard your president say about me.” I turned and walked into the house. I did not see Donna give her brother an angry look.

We walked in and saw mom. Honey, what are you doing today? We are going to give Tammy her riding lessons and a new style. Be careful she said. We walked upstairs and I pulled out an outfit for Tammy and then we sat her down and cut her hair and put makeup on her. We then dressed her in lather and walked out back and got my bike out of the garage.

Tammy said, “I can’t ride that.” Yes, you can. You will learn it is easy. She did learn to ride and then looked at us and said. Let’s go buy me my own bike. We jumped into my car and drove to the Harley Davison Shop. She picked up a bike that was good for a beginner.

Donna said let us go to the club tonight. Tammy and I said we are game. Well then, Donna you go home and grab an outfit, and Tammy and I will find one’s from my closet to wear. I heard Donna yell, “I’m coming up.” We dressed in our outfits, did our makeup, and looked at each other grinning.

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