Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 30: Savage & Blaize Are Caught

I held my phone up in the air and the whole club heard her. Savage I called you not more than an hour ago to let you know about the party this weekend. You said you would be there. What you did not tell me was that you have a woman and she is having your child in two weeks. I hate cheaters. You told everyone here that you were single.

Oh, and is Blaize there another woman’s voice asked. Honey, I do not do married men either. I hope your wife is there with you. Every one of the men from that MC comes to this MC’s on a run and fuck the club whores. Thank you for being honest I said. And yes, my mom is with Blaize right now who will no longer be staying in the house if I can guess right.

Oh, and Savage, remember the agreement with me. If you cheat, I will leave and take my child with me. I am leaving today. Mam, I am so happy that for once a woman did not lie about her relationship with a married man, or man who has a woman. Goodbye. I hung up the phone and then all hell broke out.

I turned and looked at two prospects and said. Get me some boxes. The prospects stood up and walked out to the shed. They came back carrying the boxes. Take them to Savage’s bedroom. I followed behind them. I packed all my clothes and personal items. I then packed baby clothes and blankets.

I called them back in. Please get the stroller and the portable crib and put them in my car. Once it was packed with everything I walked over and said. Do not look for me and do not call me. I said taking the battery out of my phone. I then walked out without looking back. Several club members saw the tears flowing down my face.

I called for Spike and opened the back door. I was headed home to my grandfather and my cabin. I first drove to Jim’s to have them check my car for any trackers. They did find three of them. They dismantled them. I stayed the night and then I left in the morning. Everyone looked at Savage with anger. His mom yelled at him. So not only is my son a fucking cheater, He is a liar as well? You lost your woman and your child. Did you think she would not find out about you cheating?

Cheating always comes to light. Too bad, you cannot ask your father all about that. Then I bet you thought she did not mean what she said about leaving you and taking her child with her if you did ever cheat. Savage, you are one fucking fool. You did not even get her to accept your claim or your property mark. She is not able to choose another man. She is my woman. She cannot take another man. Yes, she can. Well, I will always know where she is.

We have three trackers in her car. Then my mom really laughed. And you do not think she already thought about that. Just then Savage’s phone rang. You son of a bitch. I removed all three of your trackers. You had your second chance. Do not go near my sister again if you can find her. My men took her to the airport. She is on a private plane and you will never see her again.

No one noticed that Dottie had left the club. She was over at the house throwing all of Beast clothes out of the window. She then called a locksmith to come and change the locks on all the doors. Then several club members who had been on a run walked in and asked. Why is Dottie throwing you stuff out the windows Beast?

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