Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 31: Kelly Leaves Savage

Because both he and Savage got caught cheating. Not only is Dottie throwing Beast out. Kelly left the club. She is on a private plane to god knows where. You are kidding? No, we are not kidding. All hell just broke out in this clubhouse. One woman is gone taking Savage’s baby with her. Dottie is kicking Beast out of the house. Who is next I wonder?

I really was not on a plane. I was headed back to Phantom Territory. I woke up and grabbed my phone. Rider, Kelly is on her way here. We must keep her away from Savage. She is always to be protected. If anyone asks about her, we have not seen her, and we do not know where she is.

I need you to get several of your boys here. We need to remodel the old cabin in the woods. You know the one. We are on our way I said getting up and taking a shower. I walked out to the club and said. Let’s go boys. Grandfather has a project for us. It needs to be done in two days. We headed to pick up grandfather and drove the five miles behind my grandfather’s cabin.

When we arrived the yard around the old cabin was cleared and the old cabin cleaned out. We need to have two bedrooms. One for Spitfire, and one for her baby. We all stopped and looked at my grandfather. Spitfire is coming back, and she is pregnant. Riker will explain everything later.

This cabin must be brand new. Kitchen, living room, laundry room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. We only have two days to get all of this done. We also need the electricity put in as well as all new wiring. It was day two and everything was done. We had put in brand new furniture, washer, and dryer, tub, sinks, stove refrigerator. Everything. Nothing was left out.

We heard a door slam and then saw Spike running toward grandfather. We watched as Spitfire walked into grandfather’s open arms with tears flowing down her face. You are home now child. I told you that you would return and bring your child with you. We all looked at her. She was indeed pregnant. We noticed that she did not wear Savages patch or his mark. She was single.

Give Riker your keys he will drive your car down here and they will unload everything for you. Come sit with me on the porch. As we finished, I saw she was asleep on my grandfather’s lap. Take her to bed Riker. I picked her up and she felt so light even though she was pregnant. I carried her to the bed and lay her gently on it and covered her up. Go to town and bring back Lee’s Chicken with all the fixings for all of us he said. Take her car he said handing me the keys.

I just sat there looking at Beast unable to take in what just fucking happened. How the hell did she find these pictures? How did she get that whore’s phone number? How did she know that I was cheating and find the proof? How could I have been so stupid I sat looking at the pictures on the table. Then I heard my sister say. Savage, I thought you were different.

I never thought my own brother would feel the need to stick his dick into another woman. She gave you a second chance and you destroyed her. The doc Peggy looked at me. Savage I must tell you something. I slowly looked at her. What do you have to tell me doc Peggy? I saw her sigh. Kelly is considered a high-risk pregnancy. What the hell are you talking about?

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