Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 32: Kelly Could Die

having a high-risk pregnancy means it’s more likely that Kelly or your baby will have health problems during pregnancy, birth, or after delivery. These could be very minor problems, but in some cases, a high-risk condition can be life-threatening for Kelly or her baby.

Especially now. OB-GYN and women’s health expert at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, says that stress and stressors directly affect a person’s health, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. “Stress quietly and silently affects us, and if you are carrying a passenger in the womb, there are negative consequences affecting both of them,”

doc Peggy, are you telling me that due to all this that just happened has added to her high-risk pregnancy? Yes, I am. She is now stressed and then you can add depression on top that. She and or the baby could die during childbirth. I stood up and grabbed a table throwing it to the floor yelling fuck what have I done?

I might have just killed Kelly and my baby. I threw chairs against the walls and went berserk. Club members grabbed me to stop me were thrown across the room. Doc Peggy calmly grabbed a bottle and needle out of her bag. She filled the syringe and said. As many of you that can get him to the ground and hold him still.

When they were able to get Savage onto the floor doc Peggy jammed the syringe into Savage’s arm. After about 15 minutes she said you can let him go now. Help him to his room and onto his bed. He will be out for a few hours. The club members are having a hard time taking in everything that happened.

Kelly could die, the baby could die, or both could die because of the stress of catching Savage cheating. His mother and sister are so angry with him right now that they don’t feel sorry for him. They are worried about Kelly and the baby. God knows where they both are right now. Is she alright they wondered?

Beast walked out of the club and saw his clothes on the ground. He looked at three prospects and said. Go get boxes and pick up that mess and bring it to my room here at the club. I looked at the house and turned and walked back into the club. I fucked up too and I can’t deny it. As I walked in Donna looked at me and said. Remember this Beast. Once a cheater always a cheater and she walked out of the room.

It has been a week since Kelly left and Dottie threw Beast out of the house. It was quiet in the club and no one felt like having a party. We were all sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves when we heard the rumble of bikes coming down the road toward the clubhouse. No one got up to find out who it was. The door opened and Jim, his VP, enforcer and 10 prospects walked in.

Shit, they said as they walked in, did someone die? They might as well have a prospect said looking over to the VIP table. So, is this what happened when Savage and Beast got caught cheating? It is and I am beginning to hate it here. I need to go on a run or something to get away from here.

Jim and his VP and enforcer walked to the VIP table while the prospects grabbed a beer and sat at other tables. As they sat down Jim looked at Savage and Beast. You two look like hell. So, would you if your women kicked you out of the house and left you.

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