Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 33: Savage Wants Kelly Back

Jim grinned at them. Well, we three would not have cheated on them so they would still be with us. And you Savage, you treated Kelly like shit the day you met her. You only wanted her back because of the baby. You really did not want her. I do not feel one bit sorry for you. What are you going to do now because she can now accept someone else’s claim?

I would go after and beg her to take me back, but I do not fucking know where she is. Well, I cannot help you there I do not know either. All I know is that she is depressed. She is under a doctor’s care, but they have some concerns about her delivering the baby safely. Do not fucking talk about it Savage growled. I don’t want someone else telling me she and or the baby could die. Just shut the fuck up about it.

I don’t need anyone else reminding me about what can happen. Believe me, I am counting the days to when she gives birth, and my phone rings telling me Kelly died, or the baby died, or they both died. I got up and stormed out of the club getting on my bike and just riding to clear my head.

I arrived at the cabin to find my grandfather sitting on the porch drinking coffee. I turned off my bike got off and walked up to the porch. Without looking at me he said. Get a cup of coffee and come sit down. I did what he said and walked out onto the porch. As I sat down in a chair I asked, where is Kelly?

Leaning on a tree over there. I am worried about her Rider. She has not laughed since she has been here. I hear her cry a lot and at night she does not sleep. She walks into the forest at all hours of the night. You met Savage, you tell me how he could force her to leave at 17, then take her back and then cheat on her?

Grandfather, white men do not care about their woman. If they find one, they like, they have sex with them. They lie to their women all the time. They are not like us. We are taught to remain pure for our woman and when we find her to take only her into our bed. To pleasure only her.

I do not understand white men any more than you do. I just pray that Kelly and her child are alright. We continued to watch Kelly. After about 10 more minutes she walked over and up onto the porch sitting down on the swing. Hello, Rider she said. Hello Kelly. How are you feeling? Fine, she said to me.

We all sat enjoying the day when my VP rode into the yard and parked his bike. He nodded for me to come over to him. As I got to him, he said. Let’s take a walk. He got off his bike and we started walking over to the end of the yard where we could not be heard. What is up I asked? We got a call at the club 10 minutes ago from Jim. And what does he want?

Savage is on a rampage. He wants Kelly and his child. So, does he know she is here? Not yet he does not, and the club members are bound and determined that he does not find her. No one but us knows about this cabin so he should not be able to find her. Not one member is willing to give her up to him. She has tattooed most if not all the club members and their women.

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