Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 34: Rider Hides Kelly

No one but us knows about this cabin so he should not be able to find her. Not one member is willing to give her up to him. She has tattooed most if not all the club members and their women. Laughing he said. Those members that have women have been threatened by them.

They told them if anyone of them gave Kelly up they would be sleeping on the couch for years. They all love her. I know they do. Fine, let me know if he comes to the club and I will be there. All you must do is tell him I am on a run and expected back sometime that night.

I watched him walk to his bike climb on and ride away from the cabin. I watched as the midwife car pulled into the yard. She waved to me as she walked onto the porch. As I started across the yard I watched as she and Kelly walked into the cabin. After about 30 minutes she walked out and asked to talk to me.

I walked her to the car, and she said Rider you should know that Kelly is very high risk. She could lose the baby, or one if not both could die in childbirth. Her stress and depression are affecting her and the baby. She knows this she said getting into the car. Thanks, I said shutting her door as she got in. That son of a bitch. He caused all of this.

I refuse to let her die. I looked at my grandfather with concern on my face. Kelly has not said one word to us about her being at high risk. I walked over and sat next to her on the swing. She had the heart monitor out. Do you and grandfather want to hear the heartbeat?

I grinned and said I would. I put the things in my ear and my eyes got wide. That is the baby I asked. Yes, it is. She grabbed my hand put it on her tummy and felt movement. I looked at her with even wider eyes. I felt joy and calm thinking that I wish this was my baby and she was my woman.

I grinned and said. He or she is active. The baby continued to kick and move around. The baby continued to kick and move, and she said. He or she likes you Rider. I find that amazing. Every time you are here and he or she hears your voice this happens. It is like he or she wants your attention.

I sat there next to her with my hand on her belly amazed that such a little tiny creature was in there. Of course, he or she likes me. I am here every day so he or she likes my voice I said. My phone rang and I stood up and walked down the steps of the porch.

Ok, let him know I will be there in about three hours I said hanging up the phone. Kelly, you must stay here. Do not leave and go to town. Why? Beast and Savage are at the club. He is demanding that we hand you over to him. He does not know for you are here.

The members are refusing to tell him anything. They are protecting you. That is unless you want to return to Savage. No, I do not. He had his second chance and he continued to cheat every time he was on a run. I will not go back.

That is all I need to hear I told her. I sat back down, and she asked. Aren’t you going to the club? Not yet. I am on a run. I heard her laugh. Grandfather and I looked at her amazed. This is the first time she has laughed since she has been here.

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