Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 35: Savage Goes To Riders MC

Kelly, that makes you happy. What? That you are making him wait for three hours? Yes, that and we refuse to give you back to him. Yes, it does make me happy she said. My heartfelt light. She did not want to go back to Savage. She wanted to stay here. I do not know why I felt happy that she wanted to stay here.

What I did know was that she trusts us. She trusted my MC to keep her and her child safe. I had left Kelly and was on my way to my club. I pulled in shut my bike off and walked into the clubhouse. I grabbed a beer before walking to the VIP table and sitting down. I looked from my VP and enforcer to Savage and Beast. If looks could kill Savage and Beast would be dead by now.

What is going on you two I asked looking at my VP and enforcer. Those two fuckers are accusing us of lying. About what? Kelly. What about Kelly? They said we are hiding her out. I started laughing. And just where the fuck would we be hiding her? Feel free to check my clubhouse and compound. We will not stop you I said.

We know that you have her. Is that right? Well, I can tell you that Kelly has not come here, and she is not staying in this clubhouse. None of us has seen her. Savage do you really think that she would come here to hide knowing that we would most likely be one of the first places you would come and look for her?

Ask anyone in town if they have seen the woman who used to live here in this town and work at the tattoo shop. Go ahead. Nobody is stopping you. Then get the fuck out of my territory and don’t ever come back unless we invite you. Here let me help you. I said with anger. I stood up and yelled shut the fuck up.

Now listen here. Has anyone seen Kelly the woman who used to work in our tattoo shop in the clubhouse at any time since she left town? No, we have not seen her. Has anyone seen her in town? No, we have not. Are we hiding her anywhere? No, we are not. There you go, Savage. Now either search the property or get the fuck off my territory right fuck now.

I glared at him and watched him, and Beast get up and walk out of our club. Beast said, she is not here and bet she has not been seen in town either. And I think he is right. She would not go where we know she once lived. Fuck, I don’t know where else to look for her. Maybe she did leave the country.

We have to see if a private plane landed in Jim’s territory three days after she left our club. Agreed Savage said as he sat on his bike started it and drove out of Rider’s compound. They will not be back my VP said. And you even convinced me we have not seen her. I sat back down and wondered why I was so pissed off.

That bastard thinks that she is going to go with him so easily. She no longer trusts him. And we know she does not want to see him. We continue to keep her safe I said drinking my beer. My heart was breaking even more as we rode back toward my MC. It feels as if Kelly and the baby are a dream and that I will never see her again. I went home and the first thing I see is another fucking slut meeting me like she had the right to. Just who the hell is this one I have never seen her before. Get the fuck away from whore I said. She just looked at me and then said. I greet all the men as they come home to the club. Not Beast or I. Sorry president I did not mean to offend you.

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