Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 39: The Wedding Day

We were getting dressed at grandfathers and he was going to walk me down the aisle. A prospect told us it was time. As I walked down the aisle on my grandfather’s arm you could hear she looks so beautiful. She is wearing the traditional wedding dress of Rider’s tribe.

As I reached Rider the judge asked who gives this bride away and grandfather said: “I do.” He then placed my hand in Riders, and we turned and looked at the judge. When he got to the part does any object to the marriage sever men said they better not if they know what is good for them and we all laughed.

Well, then I now pronounce you man and wife. Let me introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Wind walker. You may now kiss your bride. Rider and I kissed and were lost in it when we heard. If you keep that up Rider you need a room. I am married to Rider now and there is not a dam thing that Savage can do about it.

After the reception I said. Now, we can call my mother. We heard the phone pick up and my mom’s voice saying can I help you. Mom I said. Kelly, is it really you? It’s me. Mom I wanted to tell you that I am legally married. I married Rider Wind walker the president of the Phantom MC. I also want you to know you are the grandmother of and twins.

I had a boy and a girl. I wanted you to know that I am fine, and I am happy. Tell Savage to call off his dogs as he has no claim on me now. I love you mom and hung up the phone. I looked at the phone in my hand and then I started laughing. I laughed until the tears flowed down my face.

I walked over to the club and yelled Savage call off your dogs. What are you talking about Dottie? You lost. You should have claimed her from the beginning. She is legally married. What the hell do you mean she is legally married? She got a marriage license and a judge legally married her by the law.

You lost her for good. Not only is she married legally. She is now claimed biker law to Rider the president of the Phantom MC. They just got married. She made my day. You should never have cheated on her. She has been with that fucking club this whole time. No, she has not. She has been nowhere near that club.

I watched the look on Savage’s face. And the baby? She had twins. A boy and a girl. Rider adopted them legally. Maybe one of these days’ you guys will learn that fucking another woman is not worth losing your woman and children over. And the woman you all seem to want to fuck could have an STD.

You are all lucky you never brought it back to your women. We always cover it up that is why we never got caught. Well, let me remind you. When you cheat. You always get got. Sooner or later. I turned and walked out of the clubhouse past Beast without saying a word to him and into the house.

I had made up my mind. They treated my daughter like shit. They both cheated. Now it’s Beast’s turn to lose something. Me. I proceeded to my bedroom where I started to pack my clothes and things, I wanted to take with me. I then moved to each of the children’s rooms packing their belongings.

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