Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 4: The Club

It was 9:00 pm so we grabbed our money and put it in our pockets and headed down the stairs. Mom said you girls be careful. Call if you run into trouble. We are taking Johnny with us so don’t worry. As we walked out the door, we hard wolf whistles. Then fuck Beast is that your daughter. Savage I think that the other one is your sister, but we don’t know who that beautiful girl is with them.

Just where the hell do you think you are going girls asked Savage? None of your business Savage. It most certainly is my business. You are my VP’s stepdaughter. That’s right. I am his Step...Daughter, not his daughter. We walked to the car and one of the club members said. She is not so innocent after all Savage. I also think she hates your guts. You really pissed her off. Just what did you do to her? Not a fucking thing I said. But I did. I said she didn’t belong here.

My mom looked at me and said. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Then a prospect said “did you know she has scars on her back, and she had bruises on her neck when she moved here? It looked like someone choked her. I looked over at Beast. Is that true? It is. At her old school, one of the MC’s president’s son wanted Kelly. She didn’t want him. So, he and his boys kidnapped her, they had her for a week where they repeatedly beat and raped her. When they were finished, they threw her out in front of her adopted brother Jim’s MC. The Viking MC to be exact.

She almost died. So, she is familiar with MC’s? Laughing I said hell yes, she is. Her other brother is the president of the Black Knight MC in Virginia. We are allies with both MC’s. So, in other words. Don’t piss her off. That is about right. They are protective of her. And Kelly, she can fight if she wants to. I have seen her beat men’s asses.

We were sitting at the table drinking when my phone rang. Savage, your sister, and two of her friends are going wild here at the club. They are dancing on the bar. There is a new MC here at the bar and there might be trouble. I heard one of the girls is your VP’s daughter. Shit, the president of the club has just climbed up on the bar and dancing with her.

Who is he? You won’t like it. Who is he? Renegade. That mother fucker better get away from them. We are headed that way. I told Beast what was going on and Terry. We headed out of the club with 10 of my members to the Wild Rider Bar. When we walked in there they were. Fuck she looked good but what pissed me off the most was Renegade rubbing up against her.

That mother fucker is touching something that didn’t belong to him. I saw Beast getting angry. He is touching my daughter where he shouldn’t be. Under her breasts. Tank walked over and said, “I don’t mind them being here but now is not a good time.” Not with them here. I don’t want my bar destroyed. Those guys are not liked around here. But I run a club, so they came. The minute they walked in Revenge laid eyes on your daughter Beast. He wouldn’t leave her alone. Just then the music stopped, and the girls yelled hey we were dancing to that.

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