Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 40: Dottie Leaves Beast

When I finished with each room upstairs, I walked down to the kitchen making a pot of coffee and sandwiches for the children and myself. As they sat down, I looked at them. I have decided that we will be leaving here. I am going to divorce Beast. He cheated on me as you know, and your sister went through hell with his president.

She is married now to Rider, the president of the Phantom MC. We are going to live in the same town as Kelly. I do not know if your brother will stay here or leave with us. It is his choice to make. We all sat looking at her. Then we all said. We go with you mom. We liked Beast but he did cheat, and his president did treat Kelly bad. Good, I said.

Now, I have already boxed everything upstairs. I just need you all to carry the boxes downs stairs and sit them in the hallway. We will start working in the living room, dining room, and then the kitchen. I will call your sister and have her find us a nice house or cabin in the woods. I want you to be ready at the last minute to move out of this house.

Now go get ready for bed you still must attend school. They all put their dirty dishes in the sink and made their way to their rooms. I picked up my phone and called Kelly. I told her what we needed, and she agreed to start looking for a house or cabin in the woods with 6 bedrooms, and three baths. I hung up the phone and then got up and washed the dishes before going to bed myself.

The next day I talked to Rider and told him mom was leaving Beast and going to divorce him. She is looking for a five-bedroom three bathhouse to move into. He stated he had just the house for her in the woods. He has a friend who just moved out of the country and he would be willing to sell it to her for about $50,000.

Ryder stated that he knows that Beast has a lot of money and her mom could get a settlement of that amount or more from Beast. I know that mom would not take all his money. Besides she has money of her own. My grandparents left a lot of money when they died, and I can help her if she needs it.

I do own a lot of tattoo shops remember. If that is what you want to do, then that is up to you Kelly. It is your money. Contact your friend. I watched as Rider walked away to his office. I walked into my office and called my brother. Tempest, I have a buyer for your cabin. You are asking $50,000 correct? Yes, who is it? My wife’s mother and her 10 children.

Fine sale it to her. I will have my lawyer meet at the cabin in two days. You do still have the keys? Yes, I have the keys. She is divorcing Beast for cheating and the way their club treated my wife when the moved to Beasts MC. Bastard deserves this. Dottie is one looker for her age and a good woman. By the way. I plan on coming home for Christmas. I want to meet this wife of yours and the twins.

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